Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blue Christmas

Here's my Christmas post... let's all just ignore the fact that it's a few days late. Oh and while you're reading enjoy this Christmas song from the A Fine Frenzy Christmas EP.

I can't believe it's almost a new year! This year is flying by... I'm not ready to be 22 and responsible for more things. Anyways, my car being broken has put a damper on some plans but I've still managed to have some good times. Tuesday I lounged around all day then drove to Grand Rapids to visit Allyssa/pick up my cousin and her fiance from the airport. Dinner was great (as it always is) and the roads weren't crappy so that's always good. I got back pretty late but kind of got to sleep in before going to meet an old friend for lunch.

It's weird seeing people when so much time has past. I don't feel like I've changed much, but then when you're talking about the past it just seems like another person altogether. After lunch I went shopping with my mom and she got me a little present (her main present is helping me pay to get my car fixed eek!). Before I go further here's a little recap of xmas presents:

1) Season 1 of Sonny With a Chance from a roomie (Yes it's a Disney show... it's great).
2) Awesome t-shirt from a roomie.
3) Two PostSecret books from a roomie.
4) Time Turner necklace!!! from an old roomie.
5) The Gwen Stefani perfume I wanted from my aunt.
6) NFL replica Peyton Manning Jersey (so legit!) from Carey.
7) Sweater I wanted from my cousins along with a necklace.
8) Replica Kill Bill Samurai Swords from Alison (Uber-legit).
9) Various monies and gift cards from various people.

All-in-all it was a great xmas! Seeing the family was awesome and I think I did pretty good getting everyone things they'd enjoy, especially the Bon Jovi tickets I got for my mom!

Christmas Eve we got a huge snowstorm and churches were closed so I just went to bed early so I could be well rested for Christmas with my mom's side of the family. We ate, opened presents, watched Elf, A Very Sunny Christmas, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (side note: my aunt looks identical to the mom in Christmas Vacation... it's awesome). After I left my family I went to my friends to play some Rockband then we went to see Sherlock Holmes, it was great! Very entertaining.

Yesterday was my dad's side Christmas celebration. I love seeing all the babies. They are adorable. When I asked Tyler (2 1/2) if he needed help with something he looked at me and said "No thank you... I got this." I could spend all day hanging out with those little kids. I left pretty early though because I could tell I was coming down with something. I can't believe I'm getting sick this close to New Year's and my birthday. So ridiculous.

Anyways, I just want to let everyone know that starting yesterday my Top Ten's of the Decade lists are being featured for a week on EGB so be sure to check those out! Seven days of knowledge being thrown at you, just look for my name in the byline. I hope your Christmas' were awesome what was the best gift you got?!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I See You

Firstly, I really, really, really want to live on Pandora. Not the radio station, the setting of the movie Avatar. My friend Liz and I just went to see it and it was Amazing. The 3D was some of the best 3D I've seen and I just loved it. At 2 hours and 40 minutes it could have dragged on and on, but I left wanting more. I considered hunting down another showing immediately, since I didn't I had to settle on the theme song as my blog song and home to see it again soon. It gets my vote for a tie for best movie of the year with (500) Days of Summer, but they're completely different movies and both great for their own reasons.

Anyways, I wanted to get in a quick update, not only about Avatar but about what I've been up to. Although before I get to that I just want to take a moment to recognize that the world lost a great actress today, very suddenly, too suddenly. Brittany Murphy has always been up there on my list of favorite actresses. As much as people harped on her for maybe not being the most intelligent person there was not one of her movies I didn't like. Whether it be Clueless, Girl Interrupted, Just Married, I even enjoyed Uptown Girls (although let's keep that on the DL). I was shocked that she could be taken at such a young age. It has been a terrible year to be a celebrity, but we'll never forget all the awesomely hilarious moments Brittany Murphy has given us.

Back onto a cheerful topic, my weekend. I'll start by just telling you how it was... it. was. awesome. I packed up and headed home on Thursday and almost as soon as I arrived I headed over to the church for wedding rehearsal. The rehearsal went smoothly, everyone was just having a great time and we were done in like half an hour so we headed over to La Cantina for dinner. It was really fun, our bridesmaids gifts were baskets full of great things and the food was delicious. Our high school happened to also be at the restaurant for an awards ceremony so I got to say hello to a lot of my old teachers which was fun.

After dinner we headed over to the bar to relax with a little smaller of the group. Jill and I snuck some wine in, which we had after the drinks we purchased along with a few shots throughout the night. Tyne was hilarious, Kate called saying she would be late and Tyne (unaware of the time) asked the bartender if they were still serving... it was 9:45. There were also some shenanigans with Christmas bulbs but that story is for another time.

Friday morning we were all told to be at the hair dressers by 11:30, which was much earlier than I wanted to be but I'm glad we all were there it was fun to hang out and talk and relax for the day. It took over 4 hours for all 7 bridesmaids and Tyne to get our hair done so we basically headed straight to the church from there. I managed to make it down the aisle without tripping and the wedding went off without a hitch.

The reception was a great time. Tyne has 14 brothers and sisters, many of whom I'm friends with so I got to see a lot of people. Our unofficial bridesmaids song was "Friends in Low Places" so when the DJ played it everyone got a great performance by us. Tyne and Doug left before midnight to head to Detroit to catch an early flight to Sandals in the Bahamas so I came home relatively early and began the tedious process of getting all the bobby pins out. I have really thick hair so I expected more than other people but it was just ridiculous. Jill, who had a similar hairstyle, had 33 bobby pins I had 61... 61!!!! Almost too crazy.

I spent all of Saturday relaxing and recuperating from the semester, AKA not getting out of bed. I continued this until this afternoon when I did some grad school stuff and then went to see Avatar with Liz. All in all it was an AMAZING weekend and I couldn't have been happier to participate in Tyne and Doug's wedding. Tyne is one of the kindest people I know and I am so glad she found someone who makes her as happy as Doug. And for those interested in pictures I will post them on Facebook soon so if you're not already friends with me click the link at the top of the page and if you are already friends with me, keep your eyes open for them.

Hope your weekends were as great as mine! Who else is loving the snow right now?!?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hold the Door

I made it! I'm done with finals! Ahhh this semester seemed so long, too long really. But this finals week was one of my least stressful ever, although I think that's because I stopped caring weeks ago. I'm just relieved I made it through unscathed. Now I just have to survive the craziness that is my life over the next few weeks. Care for a taste of my schedule (this is for me as much as for you!)

17th: Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
19th: Day of rest for my sanity
20th: Same as the 19th
21st: Lunch with a bunch of friends, work
22nd: Visit Allyssa in Grand Rapids
23rd: Friends Christmas party
24th: Mom's side Christmas
25th: Dad's side Christmas
26th: Best friends birthday
27th: Maybe skiing, snowboarding
28th: Work, resting
29th: Work (I have a lot of concert debt to pay off)
30th: Back to East Lansing
31st: New Years Eve party(ies)
1st-3rd: My actual break
4th: My birthday blowout
5th: My birthday!
6th-10th: Going back to Paw Paw to work and relax the rest of the break

Exciting times, I know, I know. Sorry I had to write that all out, I definitely would've forgot something if I hadn't. Anyways, the week was great, I made a roomie dinner on Sunday and we opened presents, I'm taking pictures of everything and I'm going to do a Christmas post. But the dinner was great and a much needed break to studying. Since that dinner on Sunday night I was a studying/cheat sheet making/test taking machine. Finished up this afternoon and spent the day being a packing machine and then hung out with Allyssa for a while.

Today I've been on an Armor for Sleep kick, so check out the title song. But if you're taking some finals make sure to listen to Tegan and Sara and only Tegan and Sara... for real, they got me through exams for sure. I'll be back hopefully Saturday with a wedding post!

Friday, December 11, 2009


And just like that it's almost Saturday again, unbelievable! So my life has been pretty much the same lately, classes, projects, and other mundane stuff. Wednesday's Glee finale was so great! I couldn't believe it. Thursday night my friend walked thru the blizzard to come enjoy the quality shows that always grace my television screen.

Today I woke up super early and went to watch the design presentation for Senior Design and get a glimpse of my life next semester. The outlook is bleak at best, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I bet you're wondering about the Silversun Pickups title song today. No? Not really? Well I'll tell you anyway, today Kaitlyn and I bought our tickets for MUSE ft. SILVERSUN PICKUPS in March! I wasn't going to buy tickets because I'm so broke, but let's face it... being debt free is for squares. So that means I am attending 3 concerts in 2 weeks:

3/13: Muse, Silversun Pickups
3/17: Bon Jovi, Dashboard Confessionals
3/27: Tegan and Sara (I'm most excited about this one!!!)

Not to mention that the 7th is one roommates birthday as well as Spring Break and the 15th is another roommates birthday. Those few weeks should be umm... interesting? To say the least. Tonight was fun, we had a mini Russia reunion and Olga made a full on Russian dinner, it was delicious. We planned on only staying for a little bit but ended up staying from 6:30-11:00 just laughing and telling stories about our trip. Olga brought me back some Stalin Vodka and I am so pumped to drink it.

The dinner made me realize how much I miss Russia, I seriously want to go back right now. If I could I would move and work there right after graduating. It's just a different kind of life... I'd really live anywhere that I want backpacking (except Milan... that place was straight up shady). Anyways, I'm sitting here not studying like I should be watching Reno 911! on DVD... I wish I had season 5 and 6 but no one will get them for me, maybe I'll switch over to Freaks and Geeks. Oh ALSO! Less than one week until the wedding so pumped!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Music Again

This song on Adam Lambert's c.d. is straight out of the 80's and I love it! As much flak as the 80's got for having cheesy music, I still love it. I hate so the weeks leading up to final so much, especially when my professors decide it'd be fun to give us a project a week and a half before the semesters over. I'm not letting it get me down though, I've had quite the interesting week despite that.

Tuesday I went to see a double feature with Carly, we started with Ninja Assassin. My summary of the movie, cheesy plot, cheesy lines, AWESOME action! The ninja assassin was such a badass as you can imagine, and having his shirt off most the time did not hurt matters. It was pretty entertaining. We waited around and went to see New Moon afterward, but we didn't want to give them money so we bought tickets to Planet 51 haha. My review of New Moon; 100 times better than Twilight, but still not a good movie by any means. I was bored out of my mind, although the New Moon novel is pretty boring so I don't know what I was hoping for. At least a few of the actors learned to act better. Kristen improved a lot, Robert, not so much.

The rest of the week was spent doing classwork and whatnot, does anyone else watch 30 Rock? This weeks episode when Liz was filming her Deal Breakers promo makes me crack up every time I watch it. Last night we had an Engineers without Borders bar crawl and it was a great time despite (or because) our shirts said "Touching People All Over" on the back. I'll post pictures on my Facebook soon, but let me just say this: I AM NEVER DRINKING AGAIN (this weekend) I had way more than I initially planned on haha. Here's
the tally from what I can remember, in order:

1) Shot of tequila
2) Pineapple and Vodka
3) Dirty Girl Scout
4) Cranberry and Vodka
5) Kamakazi
6) Pineapple and Vodka
7) Irish Car Bomb
8) Jagerbomb
9) Irish Car Bomb
10) Jagerbomb
11) Pineapple and Vodka
12) Something my friend got me that was pretty much straight Vodka

As you can imagine I was feeling wonderfully this morning. When I got home last night I was eating a cookie then changed and couldn't remember where I put my cookie, this morning I found it.... in my purse. SHENANIGANS. Once we finally started functioning around 2:00 we went to see Brothers, that was one intense movie, not like intense action, but intense subject matter and emotions. Here and now I'd just like to profess my love for Natalie Portman, I almost used The Natalie Portman Rap for the title song today because she's one of my idols. Intelligent, beautiful, hilarious, all the things I want to be. One of my goals is to make a rap video this awesome.

Now all I have to do is pass finals and I can relax! Hope everyone is having a great time prepping for the holidays!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kings and Queens of Promise

Jared Leto is almost too hot, I could just look at him all day... sorry zoned out for a second just looking at him haha. Here's a little Thanksgiving gift for all my Blogger ladies.

Anyways, I hope you all had an amazing holiday! I spent my week catching up with friends, it's so weird going home. I went to the bar for drinks Wednesday night and it was a Paw Paw High School reunion, now don't get me wrong, I loved growing up in Paw Paw, but I'm definitely over it and about 90% of the people I went to school with. Thanksgiving dinner was great, watched the Lions game and did some homework while hanging out with the family.

I probably should've taken a nap but I didn't really get tired after eating (guess I didn't eat enough turkey, eh?) I spent the night watching a Ghost Whisperer marathon until Alison came over around 11. Once she got there we watched a bunch of YouTube videos to pass the time until 2:30 a.m. when we left to start our Black Friday shopping tradition. We left at 2:30 and I was back in bed by 10:00 a.m. we're so incredibly skilled. Here's a summary of everywhere we went:

Kohls, Target, Office Depot, Best Buy, the Mall, and Art Van (free fake snuggies for the first 100 people... oh yeahhhh).

I didn't wake up until 4:00 p.m. I grabbed some food and packed up my car. I went to help my mom out and worked at the movie theatre until it started, once it started I took my popcorn and headed upstairs to watch the movie. The movie playing was the new Christmas Carol, it was a lot creepier than I expected! I wouldn't take a kid to it, I however, enjoyed it. After the movie was done I filled up my tank and headed back to East Lansing.

It was pretty dead here, and still is, but I've managed to get a lot done so that's good. All in all a great break, I'm about to finish it up my break with a group meeting, exciting I know. Does anyone else feel extremely unprepared for the new year?!?!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do Better

Sorry it's been a while... again. Do you ever get the feeling everything is just hitting you at once? That has been my life lately. I can't even remember everything that has gone down since last Thursday but let me see if I can do the highlights. Friday night after class got out I headed home to go to Tyne's bachelorette party... I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding on December 18th. So many hilarious things went down, as I'm sure you can imagine. Here's the best of the best:

1) Tyne wearing underwear on her head throughout dinner.
2) Tyne running up to the 15 ft santa yelling "I'm gonna grab his balls" while families walked around haha.
3) Her asking the bouncer who looked like Chris Daughtry for his autograph.
4) Her getting kicked out of not one, but 2 bars.
5) Her approximate drink total (I wasn't around her all night) 2 cosmos, 1 martini, 4 shots, 7 cranberry vodkas.
6) "Jeaneffe, do nov poosg fach picturesh... faceboocc" Translation: "Jeanette, don't post fat pictures on Facebook"

As you can see it was a great Friday night. Saturday afternoon however was not so good. My cousin had called earlier in the week to tell me that our great grandma had been given 2-5 days to live so Saturday I stopped over to see her. She was always a tiny person, like 5'2" tallest, but when I went to visit my great aunt Louise said she weighed less than 69 pounds and she obviously wasn't talking or anything, it's always tough to see someone like that. So I said my goodbyes and headed back to East Lansing, and sometime during the hour and 15 minutes it took to drive home she passed away. At least she's at peace now. She lived a great live:

Mary Amelia Brand, 97 years old, 4 children, 16 grand kids, 14 great grand kids, 4 great great grand kids.

So I went back up for classes and tests Monday and then headed home again yesterday to attend the funeral and whatnot. After the reception I went to see Blindside I probably would have cried had I not spent all day crying. It was your typical feel good, warm the heart, sports movie. I love Sandra Bullock, I believe I said it before but she can do no wrong in my book.

Today I found out that after December 9th Glee will be on hiatus until April 13th because of American Idol... I have NEVER been so pissed at American Idol haha. Now I really have a good reason to start watching Modern Family because Glee was keeping me from watching it.

Anyways tomorrow is Slapsgiving (Never again will I call it Thanksgiving, thank you HIMYM) I'm so excited for food and Black Friday shopping. My best friend Alison and I always go out at 3 a.m. for shopping. Good times. What else... oh the title song is by Say Anything, I love them. Oh and thanks everyone for checking out my first article on EGB!

If you get that comic then we're on the same page haha.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let's Go To The Mall

Well hello there, it's been a while but I have a few good things to report. I'm happy to say that I am done with my GRE and while I didn't do as good as I wanted to do everyone keeps telling me I did great (530 verbal, 650 math) I can't believe I blew math ugh. That puts me at 1180 which isn't near the average of the schools I applied to. But enough on that, I'm over it. In order to cheer me up I watched some of one of my favorite television shows of all time, which leads to the title video. So if you love HIMYM and Robin check out the Robin Sparkles video.

On another note I have some great news, I mentioned a few posts ago that i might have some exciting news and whadaya know it turns out I do! For a while I have followed Every Girl Blog for a while now, I found the articles and all the contributors great. I think I initially started following a contributor... Danielle maybe... on Twitter. Anyways, for a while I've been thinking of asking to be a contributor and I finally did!! I passed the test and I'm now a contributor!!! You can click here for my first article. I'm so excited!!!

Anyway, Thursday night television is the greatest... Parks and Rec, The Office, 30 Rock, It's Always Sunny In Philly. After all those were over, we watched some Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. All in all the day took a turn for the better when I sat down and relaxed. Now I am regretting this because I have a test to study for. I'm ready for break! Luckily I get a mini break tomorrow at a Bachelorette Party, I say mini break because I volunteered to DD but this is fine by me because of said test I have to study for.

Hope everyone is having a good day. One last thought, can we talk about how great "The Wedding Singer" is?!?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

This is a summary post of what I've done until I have time to post something real.

-Went to my friend Allyssa's basketball game, then out with her family for dinner afterwards.
-Out to the bar, then to a friends for beer pong.
-Went to see Men Who Stare At Goats, was pretty funny, I love Ewan.
-Loving the Michigan weather right now.
-Playing some guitar.
-Mom visited for dinner.
-Took a few tests.
-Applied to grad schools, studied for GRE.
-Played broomball and only got slightly injured.
-Beat the entire Beatles Rock Band game in one very long sitting with Jessica.
-Saw 2012, pretty typical end of the world movie, great effects though, descent flick.
-Watched a few too many Lifetime movies.
-And hopefully watch the meteor shower tonight.

That's it on my end, hope your weeks are going well!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Hundred Times

Guess what today is?!?!?! It's my one hundredth post!!!! I was about to post this weekend real fast and I decided that I would wait and actually put some thought into it. As I was trying to think about something awesome to do I decided to just copy Mr. O and his musically themed 100th post. For my 100th post I'm going to talk about my top 10 followers and songs that remind me of them. So without further ado...

1. Mr.O : Since I stole his idea I decided to start with him. Mr. O hasn't been around since the beginning but he's more than made up for it. He leaves great comments and his blog isn't too bad either. I probably love it so much since it's strongly based on music as is mine. Mr. O and I have since taken our love for music to the next step and exchanged phone numbers, we often text about concerts and whatnot. If that doesn't make him awesome enough for you get this, he has a show on the radio. AND if that isn't enough he even let me make a set list once. Basically... he's one of the coolest dudes you'll find in the blogging world. I happen to know that his favorite band is Taking Back Sunday so obviously I had to go with one of their songs, I've been digging this video lately, so I went with:

2. ____J: How did I come across good 'ol Jamie's blog you ask? Well since you are so interested to know. Mr. O is actually the cause, you see Jamie is Mr. O's best friend. Now we are pretty much bffs, Facebook, texting, you name it. She also has great taste in music, I pretty much knew we would be blogger friends when she expressed her mutual love for Tegan and Sara. Her blog is great definitely check it out. Because we both love Tegan and Sara (and because I can play this on guitar) for her:

3. Lola Lakely: Sticking with the people who know Mr. O theme, next on my list of favorite followers (which is in no particular order) is Ms. Lola Lakely. She also has an awesome taste in music, which I know because she has been shooting me suggestions for bands to check out. But more important than that she is hilarious! I would venture to say her blog is one of the most laugh out loud blogs I read on a regular basis. She often has guest bloggers and even they are hilarious it's pure craziness! I bet at least Mr. O could've predicted a Muse song headed Lola's way, not just any Muse song... one of my favorites:

4. Ana From Far Away: Ana's blog is an amazing place to find inspiration and put yourself in a happy mood. She is always writing about finding the best in any given weird/unhappy situation. She is also a great follower, so I recommend you hit up her blog if you haven't already. Because Ana always puts me in a good mood she gets a song by Amy McDonald that I think she will approve of.

5. A Million Miles From Everywhere: I don't quite remember when or how we started following each other but I do know I'm glad it happened. While I'm not always the best commenter... I tend to forget sometimes... she always sticks with me. Commenting and keeping up the great posts. So for her some old school Fall Out Boy:

6. Jenni: Jenni is a great follower and a great blogger, she always posts interesting things. Not only that she is my in state "rival" she is a U of M fan and I am a MSU fan (obviously). But it's all in good fun and I have to stick with my people you know. I'm holding out on the day when I can have one of those awesome "I-met-a-blogger-friend-in-real-life" posts, I'm not giving up hope. For Jenni one of the bests songs that mentions Michigan (not many to pick from):

7. Just Add Walter: Just Add Walter is probably one of the busiest bloggers I know. She is blogging all the time with hilarious stories and tons of awesome contests (I have yet to win one, but I'll keep trying). Her last post about a incident involving Dr. Pepper had tears literally streaming down my face from laughing. Fun fact Just Add Walter is from the South, which makes me slightly jealous. But I digress, the first song that came to my head was a little ditty by the eternal classic Cheap Trick:

8. For the Love of Pictures: I love this blog, and blogger for that matter. Not only does she post daily blogs with wonderful pictures, but she is so great she won a contest of mine! I like to think I can take interesting pictures now and then, but really I can't, not the case with FtLoP, the posts are wonderful. So my song choice:

9. FWB: Krystal has been with me right from the beginning, one of the first blogs I followed and one of my few early followers. Her blog posts are interesting and thought provoking AND she has an awesome dog (by awesome I mean I might steal it). She is another Tegan and Sara lover which pretty much means we are bffs as I've stated above. She also used to live in Michigan! Speaking of living she is prepping for a big move, BIG MOVE. So head over to her blog and check it out! For her I've decided on a song called Moving to Seattle because it's the closest I could come to moving to Switzerland:

10. Brent: Last but surely not least is a relatively new follower Brent! He is an aspiring screenwriter living in California (me=jealous). We've had a few convos about great television shows like How I Met Your Mother and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and he hooked me up with a site to watch the episode I missed last week. Also his Halloween costumes, yes costumes, were amazing. AND as if that weren't enough he is managing a great band. So head over to his site. As is evidence by his blog Brent is a great writer so for him a little Spitalfield:

So there you have it, I'd like to thank all my followers, not just the ones in this post and I hope I can keep doing something right to keep you guys around. I've made sure to link all of the mentioned blogger's sites so go check them out and make sure to check out all their songs (YouTube links for your convenience) Also check out the title song by Hit the Lights, I saw them this summer and they were awesome.

One last HUGE THANKS to everyone for sticking with me and helping me get to this point. You're all amazing.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You're So Last Summer

I'm totally getting two posts in this week, ohhhh yeah. What have I done, I feel like there was something. I couldn't have been lame all week could I have. OH WAIT... that's right, I went to see Anberlin/All American Rejects/ Taking Back Sunday on Tuesday. Yep, I'll give you a second to get over your jealousy, because you're only going to get more jealous as the post goes on. While you're getting over your jealousy check out the title song by Taking Back Sunday. Seeing them play it live renewed my love for the old TBS.

So concert was good. It was my second time seeing Anberlin, they played a free show here two years ago and they started the concert off with a bang. My friend was really only into All American Rejects but I saw him getting into Anberlin. There was a quick set change and AAR started they played a really good mix of old and new songs, and they played for almost an hour which was awesome. I was a little put off by Tyson's insistence on using the word fuck in every sentence but hey, what can you do. A ton of people took off after AAR played and the set change took forever but finally Taking Back Sunday started playing. The show was great. They played for just over and hour, took a request from a guy in the crowd, but oddly did not do an encore.

Here comes the part you're gonna be jealous of: My friend left right away because the concert went from 7:30-11:30, I decided to stick around and do my usual thing of meeting bands (I'm oddly lucky when it comes to that). First I headed over the what turned out to be the Anberlin bus, While there I met Joseph, Nathan, and Deon of Anberlin. They said Stephen wasn't coming out so I headed over to the other two buses.

Me, Joseph, Nathan, and Deon from Anberlin (I love me some Nathan!)

When I first got there security was shooing people away but I kind of just hung off to the side and eventually they went away. This is when I proceeded to go ahead and meet Tyson Ritter of AAR, the rest of the band was on the bus so I headed over to the TBS bus.

Me and Tyson Ritter (seemed pretty cracked out... but I like the peace tattoo in the web of his fingers)

All of the band was chilling outside except Adam so I talked with the rest of the band while waiting for him to come out. Everyone was really cool, they just hanging out talking about touring and stalkers, etc. Eventually Adam came out and I talked with him for a little bit. Now for those who don't know I talk music with Mr. O all the time so I know his favorite band is TBS, so I thought it'd be a nice little surprise to call him up and put him on the phone with Adam... and man, it turned out to be a great idea, Adam couldn't talk long because he was getting swarmed by fans, but it's the thought that counts right? So there you are all caught up on my life!

Top to Bottom: Me and Matt. Me, some random girl, someone I don't know, another Matt. And lastly... myself and Adam Lazzara.

So there you have it... that is how I spent my Tuesday!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thriller (cover)

Hello all, before you get all excited thinking I posted a MJ song it's just a cover, but a pretty awesome cover. It's a small band called Nineball and they are pretty legit, found the bassist on Twitter and off and on we will @reply about music, so check them out!

Anyways, it has been almost a week yet again. This year is flying by, so let me get you caught up real fast:
Tuesday: Worked on costumes and homework.
Wednesday: Finished Lolita good, but super creepy.
Thursday: Homework and Thursday night television.
Friday: The festivities began.

So Friday we were going to go out but it was raining and my roomies were having a rough time recovering from the night before so we decided to just stay in and have people over to so we didn't have to leave, ingenious I know. We got our sink full of candy ready (really, a sink full of candy!) and we all got in costumes. It was a pretty chill night, I didn't even drink we just played games and had a grand 'ol time.

On Saturday I was going to go to my friends Rugby game but we couldn't find it so I ended up doing a whole lot of nothing during the day except playing some Sporcle with the roommates and preparing for Halloween at 139 Stoddard Vol. 2.

Volume 2 was a HUGE success, we had a ton of friends show up, lots of drinking games and pictures, the usual Halloween stuff. Needless to say it was a great time and there are tons of pictures. If you'd like to see them all they are on Facebook and the link is above just friend me! But here is a teaser:

Here is the turtle clan!

My best friend in the whole wide world, Alison, visited!

Group photo: Tay, Me, My BFF Allyssa, Danny, Aaron and Danny's cousin David.

Good times were had by all, the group from the photo above played a pretty amazing game Thumper. Anyways, the time change threw me off a little I was playing beer pong until almost 3 which was really almost 4, but we had to do it big, we celebrated a 21st birthday! Happy Birthday to Jordan! I didn't have much recovery time today we had to clean up and then it was the first men's basketball game of the season, which they won of course. We are ranked #2 in the nation so it's super exciting.

Allyssa (from the above picture) just came over and brought Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, interrupted my writing. The movie was good... in my opinion Land Before Time will always be the animated dinosaur movie closest to my heart :) Now I'm sitting here deciding which book to read next and watching some Futurama. Enjoy this comic, I've got big things happening this week Taking Back Sunday/All American Rejects concert on Tuesday!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Deep South

Almost another week! I swear I'm trying to post more, but at the same time waiting for something good to write about. And do I have a story for you! Life was pretty unexciting up until the weekend (isn't it always). So Friday night I went to see Zombieland FINALLY! And it was totally worth the wait, I want to watch it again, like right now. Anyway, I went to the movie with my old roommate Jessica and when we got back I met up with a friend from high school and we all went to the bar.

Well someone (aka me) was an idiot and didn't eat all day. And you know when you don't eat and your blood sugar is too low and then your hearing gets muffled and your vision goes black. Yep... that happened not once, but twice at the bar. The sad thing was that we left after that and I wasn't even buzzed. Waste of the cover charge. I'm alright, just a few bruises from the ground haha. This used to happen a lot when I was younger, but it hasn't happen in a while. I guess it just thought I needed to be reminded haha.

So I stayed up for a while being all embarrassed and assuring Jessica that I ate and was fine. Saturday morning I woke up and Maria and I went to the Halloween store around 11:00 I found the last piece I needed of my costume as did Maria. Then we went to Sam's Club to get large pops, they have the best ice there. We came back, got ready for the day and then headed out to tailgate around 1:00 p.m. The weather was terrible and alcohol can only keep you warm for so long so we all headed back to our townhouse. Once everyone was ready 12 of us piled in Maria's Explorer and I dropped 11 of them off at the game. The game was heart wrenching for me (happy for Krystal). We lost with 2 seconds left in the game.

Saturday night Maria and I watched some HIMYM, she is almost caught up and loving every minute of it. I slept until noon on Sunday and then did a whole lot of nothing productive. EXCEPT for my trip with Jessica to campus to take some beautiful fall photos. Examples below.

Just playing in the leaves.

I love East Lansing in the fall (summer, winter and spring)

Trust me, this is one river you do not want to fall into.

Anyways, after this little adventure I had some delicious pizza and called it an early night. Class all day today, super sucky, I'm so ready for this semester to be over! I was sitting around playing guitar when Allyssa and I decided to go see Saw 6 so we had to hurry over. It was pretty crazy, the usual gore and twists and turns. They left it open for another, but I kind of wish they'd stop. The movies are entertaining, but enough is enough. I'm so excited for Halloween!!! Can't wait to see everyones costumes.

Oh and the title song is by Cartel, I'm really digging their new cd, especially this song, makes me want to live in the south!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It has been a week?!!? Where did the time go? Truth be told I was waiting to update until I went to see Zombieland but apparently that is never going to happen and I don't want to keep anyone waiting haha. But I have one more exam tomorrow so I'm going to keep this short, with another installment of "You might be Jeanette if..."

-You've watched one to many late night movies on cable this week.
-You saw "Where the Wild Things Are" and loved it.
-You got some possibly great news (Waiting until it's confirmed to share it!)
-You watched Drag Me To Hell not one, not two, but 3 times.
-You went to Midnight Madness for the last time to support your friends on the team!

And that is my life in a nutshell. It was a pretty chill weekend in general. Thursday I made the mistake of watching "Primevil" until 3 a.m. it's pretty much just a movie about a huge killer crocodile that lives in Africa, but as a plus I learned some sweet defensive strategies. Friday I had a test, was long, but went alright. Friday night I went to Midnight Madness, it's pretty much a "get to know your basketball teams" get together. They fill up the Breslin Center and introduce the MSU men's and women's team. I have a few friends on the women's team so I went and hung out there with my friends parents, good times haha.

After that I stayed up watching "Team America" until around 3 a.m. again, needless to say I didn't wake up for tailgating on Saturday. The game was good, we won woot! I worked on homework all day until I went to see "Where the Wild Thing Are" with my friend Danny. It was different from the book but it was still pretty amazing and extremely beautiful. After the movie I hung out until Allyssa came over, she brought over cupcakes and candy, and we had some ice cream. I think I gained about 5 pounds. Sunday was pretty lame, I watched "Halloween:
Resurrection" until 2 a.m., my sleeping schedule is so out of whack right now. Anyways, hopefully by the end of the week I can come back having finally seen Zombieland and confirmed good news.

Oh and the title song is by Hayley Williams of Paramore. It's off of the Jennifer's Body soundtrack, it is an amazing soundtrack!

OH AND!!! I can't forget, the Tegan and Sara album "Sainthood" leaked and it is amazing, AMAZING I tell you!

OH AND! I got an award from Ana it is the Awesome Post Award, I would like to pass it on to:

The award is over in the left column guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Since the last post life has been fabulously great. I have no complaints. Saturday morning I went and took that practice GRE, didn't do as well as I'd hoped... but hey, what is practice for? After the GRE I was 100% team serious study time. Other than the shopping break my roommate and I took.... a girl needs a break, you know what I'm saying? So I studied all day made some pretty awesome note sheets if I do say so myself, real high quality stuff.

Sunday I woke up got ready and headed to my friend Cara's so we could head to the D for the Paramore concert. OUR PLAN was to get to the concert early and wait and get right up front as it was Cara's first concert. However, this plan was foiled when we got there at noon and there was already a line, instead we drove around the ghetto of Detroit until we found our way out. We ended up hanging out at target for a while and then going to see a movie.

I wanted to see Zombieland, Cara refused, we saw Couples Retreat, it was not funny-->I was sad. I was pretty disappointed in it because I love Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell. It had so much promise, but I feel like all the semi funny parts were in the previews, AND I still need to see Zombieland! Anyways, then we went to Applebee's (which was oddly mentioned a lot in the movie) and I had the triple chocolate meltdown. MMMMMM. Then we headed to the concert.

We ended up getting an alright position and the concert was AMAZING as always, don't belive me? Boom goes the dynamite, watch that right there.

So concert was great, even if it was my 7th Paramore concert. We made it out of downtown Detroit pretty fast and I was back to my place by midnight. Didn't end up going to bed until around 2 a.m. even though I had two tests on Monday. You'll be happy to know that I had my way with both tests, yeah, I'm that good. So all in all it was a great weekend.

The title song is the first single off Tegan and Sara's new album "Sainthood" and it has been my jam lately so you're gonna want to go ahead and click on that title. OH! Speaking of Tegan and Sara... I may or may not be FINALLY seeing them March 27th... and by may or may not be I mean I totally am!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows that this is about the one band I really, really want to see and haven't seen. They are definitely in my top three and they are rarely on tour around here, but my luck has done me good and I couldn't be more excited!

So that is my weekend in a nutshell! Everyone watch that video and then listen to the title song. That is your homework alright? Good.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Can't Go Back Now

This whole blogging more often thing hasn't been going as well as I'd initially hoped for. I blame it on my lack of social life. School is really killing my rep, anybody else getting this? And being the smart person I am I thought to myself "I can barely find anything to write about in my blog so you know what I'm gonna do... I'm gonna get one of those Tumblr things." And that is what I did so if any of you have one lets be friends :)

Needless to say I did not see Toy Story 1 or 2, I can't find that extra 3 hours. So other then studying for the 4 tests I have next week not much has been going on. Oh wait! I made some major life decisions in the last few weeks. There was a career fair at school this week which means I had to decide if I wanted to get a job or go to grad school. After some intense thought as to what I wanted to do with my left I.... signed up for the GRE and skipped out on the career fair. That's right everyone, I am delaying being an adult as long as possible. Now I only have to pass the GRE and then apply for schools and you know... graduate. I've got a few schools in mind for grad school but more research must be done. One thing is for sure, I'm leaving Michigan... time for a new state.

So that's it in the life of me. Follow me on Tumblr if you're interested... or Twitter. Or friend me on Facebook if you feel like it (All the links are up at the top!). Oh and listen to the title track by the Weepies... if you haven't heard of them you are missing out.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fuct Up Kid

First of all. Today has been a fabulous day. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you. We beat scUM, sorry I mean, the University of Michigan. It's always fabulous to beat them. When I was looking at schools I considered U of M and went to the campus, but as with most of my friends who did the same we quickly realized that 90% of the people who attend that school have some weird superiority complex. I get being proud of your school, but there is no need to act superior to everyone else. Example: Last year I was at my friends house in Ann Arbor for the game and we were winning, by a lot actually... my friends and I were cheering but not bragging to them excessively, and as soon as the game ended and we had won every U of M student in the room turned to us and said "Well... our academics are still better so whatever." I mean really?!?! It's alright to lose sometimes. So beating them is a good feeling, makes me feel all warm inside.

Enough on that subject though. Yesterday I saw Whip It! with some friends. For those not in the know Whip It! is Drew Barrymore's directorial debut. And it was pretty excellent, really funny script, great cast, all together a good movie. It had pretty much everyone in it; Drew Barrymore (obviously), Juliette Lewis, Ellen Page (Juno), Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Marcia Gay Harden, Landon Pigg (Check out his c.d.'s if you haven't already), Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Wigg, Eve, Ari Graynor (Norah's best friend in Nick and Norahs), and a few others including Daniel Stern (Home Alone!). I would definitely recommend it, we were all laughing so much!

So all-in-all it has been a great weekend, I think there is some beer pong happening tonight and Toy Story 1&2 in 3D tomorrow. So excited Paramore in 8 days! Life is good. Oh and I posted the video of the stair incident on Facebook so check that out.

Oh and title song is an old Mest song, I've been burning through all their songs over and over, it's great to rediscover a band.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Day of My Life

So one reader of my blog, cough cough Mr. O cough cough, has something against Bright Eyes but he likes this video so I have done my best to spare him. I, on the other hand, Loveeeee me some Bright Eyes. So here you go.

I'm sure you are all dying to know what happened at the camp out and I am going to tell you. Rules of the camp out are that our tent has to be set up by 10:00 a.m. so we started packing up the car at 9 and got all set up and ready to go. Turns out Michigan decided we didn't need any weather or anything so we ended up spending the beginning of the camp out playing Euchre. By the end of the night we had played 13 games in total, my team winning 7 of them. Yep, that's how I roll, and this was just the beginning of my winning for the day, but more on that further on.

We went over to the ice arena to watch the game, which got pretty ugly pretty fast so we promptly left. I threw the good 'ol pigskin around for a while, better than most the kids on our football team I'm sure. The we all played Mad Gab for a while (of which I was on the winning team :)) At this point everyone was getting a little sleepy, minus Maria and I so we went to mosey around the area. We ended up by the inflatable obstacle course, which, as I'm sure you can guess, I won at. Not once, not twice, not three times, but four times! I'm so agile on the huge, thick skinned balloon you barely had time to be in awe.

After all that excitement we visited with some people and then played some Egyptian Rat Screw... which I won... three times in a row. Then I left to go play corn hole with some friends who were visiting the camp out. The two games of corn hole I played with them were my only losses of the evening. But it was alright because after they left I went and got Maria to play corn hole and I beat her not once, not twice, but three times (Seriously, it was a great night for me). After that we played some more Euchre and listened to Izzo talk then just hung out.

I tried going to bed at around 1:30 but wasn't tired so I read some then tried again. However some annoying kids were right behind me singing Backstreet Boys, which is all well and good, but not at 3:30 a.m. They finally stopped an hour later and I was like "great! I can go to bed" however, they immediately started talking. Now I'm aware that college guys aren't the most tactful or tasteful human beings, but they were being disgusting even for college guys. More disgusting sex situations than even I could handle, I mean really, we are in tents about 2 feet apart. And I was ignoring it just fine until they started talking about women's basketball, which led them to talking about my friend Allyssa. Luckily for them they stopped before I got up and punched every single one of them in the face.

I finally fell asleep about 5:30 a.m. only to be woken up at 7:00 a.m. by Coach Izzo with is damn bullhorn. We had the tent packed up by 7:45 a.m. back in bed by 8:00 a.m. All in all good times, only downfall is that now I think I'm sick, of course. But it was all worth it, and I can breathe a sigh of relief that I never have to do it again haha. Hope your weekend was just as great!

Oh and I plan on posting the stair incident video as soon as I get around to putting it on my computer haha.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Perspective

So I'm sitting here getting ready for Thursday night tv to start (SNL weekend update: Thursdays, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Community, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) I love all of them, especially It's Always Sunny haha. Anyways, I figured I better write today because this weekend I will be participating for the fourth time in the Izzone camp out. Which means I will probably also be getting sick for the fourth time. The campout is a requirement if you want to get basketball tickets in the lower bowl.

It's so great sitting right there practically on the floor, it's like being in the game. So the camp out starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning and goes until 9 a.m. Sunday morning, with random checks throughout the day. It's not really all that bad, it's actually pretty fun hanging out with everyone until it gets dark and freezing outside. So that is my plan for the weekend, it should be awesome. Might hit up the comedy club tomorrow, who knows. Here is a picture of the campout from my sophomore year.

I'm somewhere in there. But yeah, just cause I know you all were extremely worried... only 17 days until the Paramore concert :) Who's excited and has two thumbs? This kid!

Have a great weekend! Oh and I've been in a Panic! at the Disco mode lately, enjoy the title song.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeling Sorry

Oh my gosh, I am in love with this song!! Paramore's new album got leaked yesterday and although I have it pre-ordered it won't get sent out until next week so I downloaded it and it's all I've been listening to. Mostly this song. It pretty much describes my hometown. I love it when you find a song you can just relate to, what songs do you guys relate to most?

Anyways, this weekend was great. My friend Kerry from MDoT this summer came to visit. Friday night Kerry, Courtney and I went to Peanut Barrel for long islands, they will only serve two because theirs are very strong so once we maxed out there we went down to Buffalo Wild Wings for margaritas and shots. Then we headed back to Courtney's sister's place for beer pong, all in all a great night.

Saturday during the day we didn't do much of anything. But Saturday night we had a party at our place. How was it you ask? It was a great night. You know it's a good party when not one, but two people fall down the basement stairs. Just so happens I caught one on video haha. It was great to get everyone together and just hang out. But needless to say I got very little done so now I've had to be team serious all starting Sunday. Which was especially difficult last night, I feel like every show was new last night; How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, One Tree Hill, Big Bang Theory. It was a pretty busy evening. Good thing I don't have class today. I do however have to go work on a group project, ugh.

Anyways, I'm going to attempt to blog about 2-3 times a week starting right now. Last order of business For The Love of Pictures gave me the Dragon Loyalty award. So check out her blogs for her awesome daily photographs.

The rules of the award are:
1. If you have a blog, post it on your blog with a link back to the site who gave it to you.
2. Pass it on.

There were more rules but that's how I role. So I'm going to pass it on to some loyal commenters:

4. Jenni @ Absent Minded
5. Krystal @ FWB

So there you have it, thanks to these loyal commenters for making me feel all warm and bubbly inside :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome Home

Hey dudes and dudettes, I've been patiently awaiting your arrival, sorry it's a little messy we have all been getting into the swing of things (read: we've all been a little lazy [read: I... I have been slacking a little]). Anyway, come on in, this is the living room I have sat in approximately 5 times most of those while I was drinking. But that there is my All American Rejects got milk poster.

And what's this you ask? that would be our mini Michigan State basketball hoop and our board of roomie pictures. Some of these fond memories include the New Years I threw up every 30 minutes for 12 hours and me dragging Maria despite her resistance into the living room.

This is another wall of our living room with Carrie there looking seductively into your eyes and the wall of Allyssa, for those who don't know my friend Allyssa is on the MSU women's team and so to show my support I have a poster from each year signed by her... however, that bottom one she signed while intoxicated. It says something like "I <3 Tay, and the Aarons, and G-ma J and one more... Ginger Ginger Chicken Finger." That is the definition of classy.

Here is our kitchen I spend as little time as possible in. I am not gifted in the culinary department. I pretty much stick to Pizza Rolls and Taquitos. It's a good thing I have a kind of active metabolism.

Now what you have all been waiting for, MY ROOM!! I know, exciting, exciting things going on. So that is clearly the bedding I chose after all the debating. Let's see, what else, the bandana above the window is from the running of the bulls in Pamplona, my sweet sparkly lamps, some more pictures and tickets to random sporting events, the eiffel tower and whatnot. Doesn't my bed just look like the comfiest thing in the world... don't worry, you aren't imagining it, it really is.

And here is the view from my bed, that is my television where the roomies and I spend quality time watching movies and whatnot. I like to confuse people who come in my room by portraying badass with the Wanted poster and softie with the Phantom of the Opera poster. I like to keep my guests on their toes, do you feel confused? Good, that's how I roll.

Here is my desk where I do everything but homework. I actually do my homework sitting on my bed, because you know I like to have good posture. My calender actually has events on it so you are witnessing a rare event.

I know all of you (read: non-dudes) are always interested in the closet area of other non-dudes. So there it is, it is in fact color coordinated... sort of. I would say about 50% of the closet is band t-shirts. I have probably a few too many of those.

Here is a close up of above my desk. I just wanted to point this out because the board on the left is covered in concert tickets. Yes. Some would say too many, I would say not enough. Also note the middle picture on the right board, it features a bite-size Jeanette and my bite-sized best friend Alison. We were adorable.

I realized not that visible in the other picture was my sparkly pink guitar. You're welcome. Can I play you ask? I mean, it's debatable haha, I say yes, my roommates beg to differ.

I know you have all read me write about how many movies I have and here is the moment you've all been waiting for, the movie collection. Also my box sets, you can't really tell but the Twilight books are still in the plastic wrap. I'd read them all before the movie and purchased my own copies finally. Then we saw the movie and I have been too bitter since then to read the books again haha. Oh and there is my hat.

I don't really have a favorite movie row because they are in alphabetical order, courtesy of Maria.

So after all of those movies we move on to television series. I have every season of 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Desperate Housewives, Dinosaurs, Freaks and Geeks, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Kath & Kim, The Office, One Tree Hill, Reno 911, Samantha Who?, and Veronica Mars. Well I'm missing a few Reno 911, but I'm working on it as quickly as I can.

I am also missing a favorite book row because those are also alphabetized by Maria. This picture is missing a few because I loaned a friend both Chelsea Handler books. Anyways, I've read approximately zero pages since I've been at school that didn't involve steel structures.

I thought to end this post I would show you something you guys might remember. Looky there, my dog who goes by several names, I believe Ugly was a suggestion. Only now he's wearing a sorting hat! Also in this picture, my Wii, my shot glass collection, my Russian flask, and other random things.

So there you have it. That's the standard tour. I wish Tegan and Sara would come take the tour... Is that weird. Anyways, who's down for some ice cream and Rock Band or Mario Party, whichever works.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Alright, I'm not gonna lie... I want to BE Britney Spears right about now. I went to her show on Tuesday and I am just gonna throw it out there... she is most definitely back. I obviously grew up with Britney. To me it's always been Brit Brit... Christina is alright, and has a great voice, but she is not as great of a PERFORMER as Britney. At the concert they played this montage of all her videos and my roommate said "If I was Britney, I would watch that video over and over and be like 'Damn I'm good'" Anyways, I thought I'd go with my favorite Britney song every as the title video seeing as she didn't play it at the concert. She did do a pretty awesome cover of Alanis Morrisette "You Outta Know" though, that was awesome.

Yes, yes that is Britney riding on a swing made of men. Like I said... she's back.

Other than that concert I've just been doing homework and hanging out with as many people as I can. Oh my gosh today while tailgating I saw the cutest French Bulldog, which is one of the breeds I'm looking into for my first puppy, and I almost considered running away with him. I then decided that I was neither fast enough nor mean enough to take the dudes dog. His name was Leonidas though, which is a great name for a Spartan pup.

Did I mention I love puppies... and kittens... and any other baby animal. Also I love the new Used cd. Fabulous. Has anyone seen Final Destination in 3D? Is it worth going to?

I am quickly running out of comics. No good.