Saturday, January 31, 2009

F is for "Flipside"

I'm going to do this whole letter list thingy. I asked Mandy and she gave me the letter "F." So I started with the title of the entry, a nice little ditty by The Click Five (after the new singer). So here is my top ten favorite things that start with the letter F.

1. Fender
I like to think I can play, but it's debatable I
suppose. I'm not lucky enough (read: rich enough) to own a Fender, but a girl can dream.
2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
I could probably watch this movie everyday and never get tired of it. Well that might be an exaggeration, but I really do love it.
3. Fruit Salad
I really, really dislike regular salads for
the most part, sometimes I can deal with them, but rarely. However, I can eat fruit salad like nobodies business.

4. Felines
I love cats, and I blame it on my mother.
When I was little she couldn't say no to me and I had at least 10 cats at one time I think. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs as well, but I love to cuddle up with my kittens when I go to sleep.

5. Facebook
AHHHH! I know it's horrible, but I can't help it. It's possibly the most addicting thing ever. And to fuel my addiction, anyone who reads this feel free to friend me. >>Jeanette Benzie<<

6. Fudge
Preferably Mackinac Island fudge. Also preferably on everything I consume.

7. France
It was a tough call between this and Fuji, but seeing as I have actually been to France I decided to go with it. In all honesty I like Russia better, but sadly that doesn't start with an "F."

8. Faux Fur
I love animals too much to wear them.

9. Foo Fighters
Who doesn't like the Foo Fighters, that's really the question here.

10. Frozen Yogurt
Almost as good as ice cream... almost.

Well there you have it, that's my list. If anyone wants a letter ask me :)

P.S. As a side note Steve Martin is hosting SNL, I love Steve Martin.

Champagnes For Celebrating (I'll Have a Martini)

I'm going to keep this short because I'm about to crash.

I didn't do much today, other than the usual (read: contemplate the meaning of life and wonder if I'll ever find someone).

I actually did detach myself from my homework enough to go see "Revolutionary Road" today, which was a fabulous movie, although I'm pretty sure I NEVER want to get married or have children after watching it haha.

After the movie I tried to get a bunch of homework done. Then my roommate Maria came with me to hang out with some friends of mine who I went to Russia with, Steve and Jason. We decided to play 100 cup beer pong, which amounted to 50 cups of orange juice and vodka for me YAY. I'd post pictures if I could figure out how. Anyways, long story short, I stopped when I realized I had enough, and Maria didn't, now I'm awake making sure she stays conscious for a few hours. There was a bunch of drama tonight that I will explain at a different time when I can type without concentrating so hard.

Hope you are all having wonderful weekends!

byeeee, Jeanette

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sex On Fire

Oh the adventures that Thursday nights in East Lansing bring. There are for the most part two types of college kids, those that go out on Thursday nights and those thats do not. I like to think of myself as a hybrid, only it's not like I do both... so that was a bad description.

I had classes for 11 hours today (read: hell) but I always look forward to Thursdays HA. After my excruciating day my roommate Maria and I went out, not to get drinks, but to get slurpees from 7-11... pretty much the most amazing thing ever. After downing a big gulp and deciding that if at all possible I would like an IV of mountain dew/cherry slurpee constantly in my vein, we sat around for a while until I decided that I wanted to dye my hair.

We arrived at Meijer shortly after 11:00 P.M. (crazy kids these days) this wouldn't be so sad if it had not been the 3rd week in a row Meijer had been our Thursday night destination. After buying hair dye, some pops, orange juice, and some Winnie the Pooh band-aids we were heading out the door. We decided to go out the doors closer to where the car was parked in hopes of avoiding the arctic tundra outside.

We went through doors that looked kind of closed and when we were in the purgatory in the middle of the doors we were STUCK! The doors to the outside would not open and neither would the doors to get back in. I stood around for about 3 minutes repeating "Maria! We're stuck!" while she repeatedly tried to stomp in front of the automatic door in hopes that it would change it's mind. Finally she had the good sense to tell me to try the door to get back inside and BAM it opened and we were free.

How used to things being automatic are we that when something doesn't open automatically we just assume the worse. If I am ever stuck in a cave I will die standing waiting for the rock to slide over.

Anyways once we walked to the other side of the store and then back to the car we were back at our apartment in no time and the hair dying process began. Maria has never dyed hair before, but it's not like it's hard, so I entrusted my head to her (results to be determined, I am sitting around in my bra waiting for the dye to sit in.) Well I feel like she got all my hair, along with my face and back and shorts and protective towel.

Long story short the only beer I had tonight was Root Beer, and that's the average Thursday night in the life of Jeanette. Hope yours was just as exciting!

P.S. Title song by Kings of Leon = great, check it out!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

6 months

I'm watching "Because I Said So" right now... and I love Johnny "once I saw you were a woman with profound static cling..." haha so great. We decided to watch it because one of our roommates hadn't seen it and I was on a Lauren Graham kick tonight. I think it's hilarious watching movies with Erin because she gets so involved in the stories. When the conflict took place in the movie Erin put her head in her hands and just mumbled "shit..." to herself. So great. If I had a mother like Diane Keaton I'm pretty sure I would not be able to survive, she is by far one of the most over controlling characters of all time.

My friend bought some of those Strap Perfect things that like pull your bra straps together (and I seem to be talking an awful lot about bra straps not the norm I promise you) anyway, she sent me one with the directions and a note wishing my ta-tas well. I just put it on for a second, but I can assure you that the "full cup size increase" is a dirty lie... half a cup size at most ha.

I also got my Bender Ball in the mail today (read: I give in really easy to informercials.) I did the whole ab workout, it only took about 18 minutes, and I could definitely feel the burn, however, I'm about as active as a sloth besides some random basketball sessions so I'm sure that any amount of physical activity could have this effect. I'll keep you posted.

Nighty night, Jeanette

P.S. Click on the title for a wonderful little song by Hey Monday

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Church Channel

Great song in the title! Check it out ASAP! Like right now.

So we are watching Scrubs right now and it's great. I would just like to throw that out there. Some of my other favorite shows (in order): It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, America's Next Top Model, The Office, Nip/Tuck, Scrubs, MXC, Veronica Mars, Heroes, Reno 911, etc. Those might not be in order, but it's close. Oh! and I can't forget Tool Academy and Sarah Silverman Program. Okay... I'm making a decision, I've made my decision, decision made... I'm watching less television (read: I'm going to continue my bad habits).

Let me give you a quick recap of possibly the funniest conversation that took place a few hours ago, not that I really remember what I said because I was on the edge of the vast crevasse that is sleep. Let me preface this story by saying that our apartment's temperature fluctuates like no other, one moment it is cold enough to see my breath and two seconds later I'm throwing articles of clothing of like nobodies business. Now that I have set the story up I will explain what happened. I was freezing while watching t.v. (go figure) so I grabbed my blanket and laid back down on our coach, which by the way is like sleeping on a cloud (if I knew what that felt like...).

So I'm just relaxing watching CSI: NY, which is on 24 hours a day, and I was barely conscious, only awake because I am always so embarrassed when someone walks through the door and I'm like drooling. Anyways, my roommate walks in (from here on out the story will be from her point of view) I sit up and look at her and this conversation actually happened:

me: I've already seen it.
Erin: Umm.... What?
me: I already saw it.
Erin: Saw what?
me: What I'm watching.
Erin: What are you watching?
me: I don't remember.
Erin: Ok... I'm confused.
me: Yeah...

I guess it doesn't sound as funny as it was so that was a waste of time haha. Well I'm off to avoid work by playing guitar. Do yourself a favor and listen to the title song.

I'm sorry you had to put up with that, Jeanette

Monday, January 26, 2009

Careless Whisper

Big post coming your way prepare yourself, get comfy, get a popsicle... whatever you do before a long read. Hmmm... I had several things to write about but now it's not coming to me.

OOOO yeah, first things first, earlier my roommate was trying to take a tylenol and it was probably the most entertaining thing of the year thus far. It literally took her an entire bottle of water to take one dime sized extra strength tylenol. It was like watching a 3 year old. Anyways my mind that is overflowed with pop culture led me to think about that scene from "Baby Mama" where Amy Poehler can't swallow the prenatal vitamin. AHHHHHH I love it. It's such a great movie, and I didn't like it the first time, but it just keeps getting better. I have been in love with Tina Fey since she started on SNL, I like to think it's because we have a similar sense of humor, but I'm sure that's wishful thinking.

Next topic (let me insert a warning to guys here, you might not find this discussion interesting). Don't ask how this particular subject came up because I honestly only remember the madness that ensued. So it came about that I cannot clasp my bra behind my back, instead, like I assumed most people do, I clasp it in front and spin it around. Apparently though, not all people do it that way. We then realized it was 3 fronts to 1 back in our apartment and started calling every girl in our phonebook asking everyone about their method. Soon we started to lose count and several people asked if we were drunk. We have decided it's close to 50/50 possible leaning toward the front (read: normal) claspers. In an interesting turn of events it also seemed like the front claspers were from the west side of Michigan and the back claspers from the east.

My request to female readers: back clasper or front w/the spin around??

From the sounds of my blog I seem pretty lame, I try my hardest not to be haha. Can't fight your true lameness.

Well I think I have rambled on enough for tonight... WAIT!!! PUMP THE BRAKES!! Did anyone read about the woman in Los Angeles having 8 babies?? AND she didn't know there were 8, they were expecting 7! So crazy, fertility drugs freak me out, I know they serve a purpose, but I don't get why people who don't really need them use them. <> That's the link for anyone who cares to read about it.

Well that was my last factoid. Class in 8 hours wonderful.

Love, Jeanette

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fear Of Flying

Before going any further with whatever useless things I'm about to write about I would like to just state that the band featured in the title (A Rocket To the Moon) was one of my great discoveries of 2008, so listen now!!!

Mario Lopez is haunting my life and I would rather he didn't. I just started flipping through channels and there he was on "America's Best Dance Crew"... why is this show so addicting, I can't look away ahhhh! Whoa, a group just went and I'm pretty sure none of them have bones... at all. ( ) I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that.

On a more intellectual level one of my friends had to go home this weekend for her grandmothers funerals. When she got back we were all talking about how you usually learn a lot of things at peoples funerals. It is sad that we don't really know, or take the time to know much about people until after it's too late, so in honor of that, if anyone is actually reading this leave a comment with something not many people know about you.

My fact: I was little Miss Michigan when I was 4 years old.

Well I could probably ramble on about pointless things for much longer, but I will spare everyone and stop now.

Much love, Jeanette

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Mario Lopez would host The Miss America Contest haha. He's prettier than most of the contestants. I also thought I remembered the show being a lot longer they flew through it, it went from 52 to 15! I was like whoaaaaa slow down kids!

I totally get the point of Miss America, but answer me this; if they are all about promoting healthy body images why was every single contest below size 2?!?! Whatevs haha go Miss Indiana, represent the midwest!

Top Ten Other Things You Might Have Done Today If You're Name Is Jeanette Benzie:

1) Woke up early (read: 11:30 a.m.).
2) Ate a completely inappropriate number of pizza rolls.
3) Watch my new addiction, "Tool Academy".
4) Attempted my soils homework, then gave up after one problem.
5) Attempted my structures homework, then immediately gave up.
6) Finally got your act together and showered.
7) Watched about 5 episodes of Nip/Tuck.
8) Had some yogurt.
9) Listened to lots of new music.
10) Miss America contest.

That was a lot of work to make it to ten, usually my days aren't that uneventful... well that's a lie, they sometimes are. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if there wasn't music, I don't think I could live. Friedrich Nietzsche said "Without music life would be a mistake." I could not agree more. It's so weird to just think about things like that, or how big the galaxy is... it blows my mind!

Sometimes I wish I had dedicated a little more time when I was younger learning to play guitar better. Or any instrument for that matter. Don't get me wrong, I can play a little, but mediocre is the best word I could use to describe my playing. On the other hand my Rock Band skills are amazingly awesome haha what a waste lol.

Well I am going to go hunt down something to eat or maybe go to bed, or better yet, I'm going to read "Are you there vodka, it's me Chelsea" it is such a fabulous book. I recommend it to everyone.

On that note I am Outtie 5000, Jeanette

P.S. I almost forgot that today's title song comes from the geniuses that make up Brand New, enjoy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

DINNER at the money table.

I just woke up from one of the best naps of my life... a solid 2 hours and 15 minutes. I love naps, I mean who doesn't, but I'm pretty sure I like them a little too much. Today was a pretty unproductive day, I mean clearly i just took a 2 hour nap haha. I probably could've done absolutely nothing had i not had class in the morning.

Speaking of class, sometimes I wonder if instead of coming to college I should have just followed bands around being a roadie. I could have followed around bands like the Early November (featured in today's title). While I feel like this would have been much more fun and entertaining I don't think it would have been a solid life decision.

Tonight I am hoping I can catch "The Changeling" playing on campus because I am a horrible failure of an Angelina Jolie fan and have yet to see it. It's a sad day in my life when I have seen "My Bloody Valentine 3d" but have yet to see a serious movie with some sustenance.

Beside being addicted to naps I am about 115% sure I have an addiction to the following things; movies, tv, rock band, ice cream, and chocolate. Wow... I should probably weigh about 750 pounds with those addictions. Good thing metabolisms exist, also, laughing burns carbs right? yeahhhhhh.... I should probably put a warning at the beginning of this post that it is entirely pointless.

Well I'm going to attempt some productivity.

Adios, Jeanette

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Name Is Jonas

привет everyone! It's me! Jeanette, The title of this entry is my feeble attempt at spreading musical love to everyone by titling each entry with a song and then posting a link where the fabulous-ness can be experienced. So todays title comes from River and the rest of the greatness that is Weezer. (I make no guarantees as to how long i can remember to do this)

This is my first entry here (obviously) and it feels a little strange writing it, not knowing who/if anyone is going to ever read it. It took me a long time to decide if this was something I wanted to do and lucky (or not lucky) for you I have decided to write some of the nonsense that runs through my mind on a daily basis.

What to talk about besides that...hmmm... oh yeah, possible the most awesome thing to happen in 2009 (note that it has only been 2009 for a few weeks, but that should not distract from the awesomeness) BARACK was sworn in two days ago. Is it appropriate to write Barack...I feel like I'm on a first name basis with him haha so we'll go with that. He is by far the most rock-star president we have ever had... with a name like Obama how could you not be. In his first day he put a suspension on all activity on Guantanamo prosecutions, which is something he actually said he would do! I knew that eventually a president would follow through with something!

It was amazing to watch the inauguration on tv, had I not been stuck in Michigan going to classes I would have jumped at the opportunity to go. I feel nothing but hope about the next 4 (read: 8) years with Barack taking the wheel.

On that note I should probably get ready for aforementioned classes :) Be sure to check out the video links to the right, it is one of my great passions in life to laugh, hence I spend a good majority of my time searching the internet for videos that make me giggle. I will be constantly updating those to spread the laughter.

Peas, Jeanette

P.S. One year without Heath Ledger is too long.