Monday, January 26, 2009

Careless Whisper

Big post coming your way prepare yourself, get comfy, get a popsicle... whatever you do before a long read. Hmmm... I had several things to write about but now it's not coming to me.

OOOO yeah, first things first, earlier my roommate was trying to take a tylenol and it was probably the most entertaining thing of the year thus far. It literally took her an entire bottle of water to take one dime sized extra strength tylenol. It was like watching a 3 year old. Anyways my mind that is overflowed with pop culture led me to think about that scene from "Baby Mama" where Amy Poehler can't swallow the prenatal vitamin. AHHHHHH I love it. It's such a great movie, and I didn't like it the first time, but it just keeps getting better. I have been in love with Tina Fey since she started on SNL, I like to think it's because we have a similar sense of humor, but I'm sure that's wishful thinking.

Next topic (let me insert a warning to guys here, you might not find this discussion interesting). Don't ask how this particular subject came up because I honestly only remember the madness that ensued. So it came about that I cannot clasp my bra behind my back, instead, like I assumed most people do, I clasp it in front and spin it around. Apparently though, not all people do it that way. We then realized it was 3 fronts to 1 back in our apartment and started calling every girl in our phonebook asking everyone about their method. Soon we started to lose count and several people asked if we were drunk. We have decided it's close to 50/50 possible leaning toward the front (read: normal) claspers. In an interesting turn of events it also seemed like the front claspers were from the west side of Michigan and the back claspers from the east.

My request to female readers: back clasper or front w/the spin around??

From the sounds of my blog I seem pretty lame, I try my hardest not to be haha. Can't fight your true lameness.

Well I think I have rambled on enough for tonight... WAIT!!! PUMP THE BRAKES!! Did anyone read about the woman in Los Angeles having 8 babies?? AND she didn't know there were 8, they were expecting 7! So crazy, fertility drugs freak me out, I know they serve a purpose, but I don't get why people who don't really need them use them. <> That's the link for anyone who cares to read about it.

Well that was my last factoid. Class in 8 hours wonderful.

Love, Jeanette


jenziebenzie said...

test comment... test??? not really sure what I should write here... if it works I suppose I should write a thanks to Emily for noticing it and Mandy for the fix :)

Mandy said...

It works. :)

I cannot clasp it in the back for the life of me! I tried once, in a really awkward situation, and I was so embarrassed. Front and spin around all the way!