Friday, January 23, 2009

DINNER at the money table.

I just woke up from one of the best naps of my life... a solid 2 hours and 15 minutes. I love naps, I mean who doesn't, but I'm pretty sure I like them a little too much. Today was a pretty unproductive day, I mean clearly i just took a 2 hour nap haha. I probably could've done absolutely nothing had i not had class in the morning.

Speaking of class, sometimes I wonder if instead of coming to college I should have just followed bands around being a roadie. I could have followed around bands like the Early November (featured in today's title). While I feel like this would have been much more fun and entertaining I don't think it would have been a solid life decision.

Tonight I am hoping I can catch "The Changeling" playing on campus because I am a horrible failure of an Angelina Jolie fan and have yet to see it. It's a sad day in my life when I have seen "My Bloody Valentine 3d" but have yet to see a serious movie with some sustenance.

Beside being addicted to naps I am about 115% sure I have an addiction to the following things; movies, tv, rock band, ice cream, and chocolate. Wow... I should probably weigh about 750 pounds with those addictions. Good thing metabolisms exist, also, laughing burns carbs right? yeahhhhhh.... I should probably put a warning at the beginning of this post that it is entirely pointless.

Well I'm going to attempt some productivity.

Adios, Jeanette

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