Saturday, January 31, 2009

F is for "Flipside"

I'm going to do this whole letter list thingy. I asked Mandy and she gave me the letter "F." So I started with the title of the entry, a nice little ditty by The Click Five (after the new singer). So here is my top ten favorite things that start with the letter F.

1. Fender
I like to think I can play, but it's debatable I
suppose. I'm not lucky enough (read: rich enough) to own a Fender, but a girl can dream.
2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
I could probably watch this movie everyday and never get tired of it. Well that might be an exaggeration, but I really do love it.
3. Fruit Salad
I really, really dislike regular salads for
the most part, sometimes I can deal with them, but rarely. However, I can eat fruit salad like nobodies business.

4. Felines
I love cats, and I blame it on my mother.
When I was little she couldn't say no to me and I had at least 10 cats at one time I think. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs as well, but I love to cuddle up with my kittens when I go to sleep.

5. Facebook
AHHHH! I know it's horrible, but I can't help it. It's possibly the most addicting thing ever. And to fuel my addiction, anyone who reads this feel free to friend me. >>Jeanette Benzie<<

6. Fudge
Preferably Mackinac Island fudge. Also preferably on everything I consume.

7. France
It was a tough call between this and Fuji, but seeing as I have actually been to France I decided to go with it. In all honesty I like Russia better, but sadly that doesn't start with an "F."

8. Faux Fur
I love animals too much to wear them.

9. Foo Fighters
Who doesn't like the Foo Fighters, that's really the question here.

10. Frozen Yogurt
Almost as good as ice cream... almost.

Well there you have it, that's my list. If anyone wants a letter ask me :)

P.S. As a side note Steve Martin is hosting SNL, I love Steve Martin.


Krystal said...

I LOVE Forgetting Sarah Marshall - I just watched it a week ago. (and i love facebook). and i enjoyed all your comments! you're hilarious. I like reading about your meijer trips because i went to college in Grand Rapids and we always went there too!

Mandy said...

Cool list! :) I haven't seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Maybe I should watch it next weekend when I'm housesitting?

Cecilia said...

I've never heard of The Click Five before. When the song started, I was expecting it to be typical boy band material but it had an interesting twist to it. I'm back to check more out after I finish commenting... I've realized that everytime I listen to your songs, I have to allot an extra few minutes to account for the time I spend clicking around YouTube looking for more. YouTube is so dangerous.. and you're my enabler. haha

By the way, I'm envious that you went to France! I've never taken a trip to Europe before, and I'm dyyying to go!

jenziebenzie said...

krystal: let's be facebook friends

Mandy: definitely watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but not around children or impresionable young minds.

Cecilia: sorry about the enabling, but at least you are hopefully getting good music out of it! Also definitely go to Europe, and if you want a list of everywhere I went this summer and where to go and where to avoid I can get that to you in no time :)

tkb17 said...

"Peter go back to your room. Go back to your room Peter. Peter go back to your room!! STALKERRR!!!!" Looooveee that movie. I own it and have watched it at least 19,324 times.