Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Name Is Jonas

привет everyone! It's me! Jeanette, The title of this entry is my feeble attempt at spreading musical love to everyone by titling each entry with a song and then posting a link where the fabulous-ness can be experienced. So todays title comes from River and the rest of the greatness that is Weezer. (I make no guarantees as to how long i can remember to do this)

This is my first entry here (obviously) and it feels a little strange writing it, not knowing who/if anyone is going to ever read it. It took me a long time to decide if this was something I wanted to do and lucky (or not lucky) for you I have decided to write some of the nonsense that runs through my mind on a daily basis.

What to talk about besides that...hmmm... oh yeah, possible the most awesome thing to happen in 2009 (note that it has only been 2009 for a few weeks, but that should not distract from the awesomeness) BARACK was sworn in two days ago. Is it appropriate to write Barack...I feel like I'm on a first name basis with him haha so we'll go with that. He is by far the most rock-star president we have ever had... with a name like Obama how could you not be. In his first day he put a suspension on all activity on Guantanamo prosecutions, which is something he actually said he would do! I knew that eventually a president would follow through with something!

It was amazing to watch the inauguration on tv, had I not been stuck in Michigan going to classes I would have jumped at the opportunity to go. I feel nothing but hope about the next 4 (read: 8) years with Barack taking the wheel.

On that note I should probably get ready for aforementioned classes :) Be sure to check out the video links to the right, it is one of my great passions in life to laugh, hence I spend a good majority of my time searching the internet for videos that make me giggle. I will be constantly updating those to spread the laughter.

Peas, Jeanette

P.S. One year without Heath Ledger is too long.


justin said...

no, my name is jonas.

Anonymous said...

You hooked me in with this title. My nickname is Jonas. It happened because Weezer. Lovin' it.