Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sex On Fire

Oh the adventures that Thursday nights in East Lansing bring. There are for the most part two types of college kids, those that go out on Thursday nights and those thats do not. I like to think of myself as a hybrid, only it's not like I do both... so that was a bad description.

I had classes for 11 hours today (read: hell) but I always look forward to Thursdays HA. After my excruciating day my roommate Maria and I went out, not to get drinks, but to get slurpees from 7-11... pretty much the most amazing thing ever. After downing a big gulp and deciding that if at all possible I would like an IV of mountain dew/cherry slurpee constantly in my vein, we sat around for a while until I decided that I wanted to dye my hair.

We arrived at Meijer shortly after 11:00 P.M. (crazy kids these days) this wouldn't be so sad if it had not been the 3rd week in a row Meijer had been our Thursday night destination. After buying hair dye, some pops, orange juice, and some Winnie the Pooh band-aids we were heading out the door. We decided to go out the doors closer to where the car was parked in hopes of avoiding the arctic tundra outside.

We went through doors that looked kind of closed and when we were in the purgatory in the middle of the doors we were STUCK! The doors to the outside would not open and neither would the doors to get back in. I stood around for about 3 minutes repeating "Maria! We're stuck!" while she repeatedly tried to stomp in front of the automatic door in hopes that it would change it's mind. Finally she had the good sense to tell me to try the door to get back inside and BAM it opened and we were free.

How used to things being automatic are we that when something doesn't open automatically we just assume the worse. If I am ever stuck in a cave I will die standing waiting for the rock to slide over.

Anyways once we walked to the other side of the store and then back to the car we were back at our apartment in no time and the hair dying process began. Maria has never dyed hair before, but it's not like it's hard, so I entrusted my head to her (results to be determined, I am sitting around in my bra waiting for the dye to sit in.) Well I feel like she got all my hair, along with my face and back and shorts and protective towel.

Long story short the only beer I had tonight was Root Beer, and that's the average Thursday night in the life of Jeanette. Hope yours was just as exciting!

P.S. Title song by Kings of Leon = great, check it out!


Mandy said...

Ewww Root Beer. I think I even like normal beer better than root beer (aka I hate them both!).

You can have the letter....... "F".

One of my friends from the UK is from Michigan originally. Haha.

Also, about Metric, I like their stuff too, I love a few of their songs. But it's more when I'm in a dancey mood.

jenziebenzie said...

ooo thanks for the letter, and I'm right there with you in the disliking beer boat. i never understand when people just want a beer... so weird

I'll get to the letter F tomorrow! haha