Monday, February 23, 2009


Title song: Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold, wait for the chorus, best part!

Found this stumbling around. Why is the stumble feature on Firefox so great?! Nothing really happened in my life today, except the massive amount of things I found during stumble. Next one coming your way in 3-2-1-

This just reminded me of a story from my childhood. It was such a traumatic event! So I live in the tiny, tiny town of Paw Paw on a farm with something like 15 acres. When I was a child I had tons of cats and dogs, mostly because my mom couldn't say no. So one day we are driving and see a sign saying "Free Pigs" the farmer was giving away the pigs because they were runts. So my mom lets me take two runts and I proceed to name them Arnold and Sebastian. After a while we couldn't keep them at our house because they were just getting out of control. So we put them at our friends farm down the road with his other pigs and cows. I would go over every morning and feed them and play with them, we were very close. So, long story short, I wake up and get ready to go see my pigs, I get dressed have some breakfast and then my grandma goes "Jeanette, you can't go see your pigs today." I of course don't understand and go "huh?" She then informs me that the bacon we just consumed was in fact Arnold and Sebastian... and now Jeanette does NOT eat pigs!

WHO DOES THAT?!?!?! I still get sad thinking about it!

What else did I find today... let's see...

This just reminded me of my post the other day and made me want to give another shout out to my best friend Alison! No matter how much drama other people continue to cause, or how many bitchy, snide comments I get from the rest of the world Alison is always there. And I pray to God everyday that that never changes.

So if you haven't told your best friend in a while, tell them now!

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