Friday, February 20, 2009


Man... I am stumbling all over these little sayings lately, maybe it's a sign? After reading this I got to thinking about who I don't need in my life, and who I need more than ever.

Usually I don't ever really dislike people (with a few exceptions... I mean, no one gets along with everyone.) However, certain people just push my figurative buttons some days. It drives me crazy when people say they have such a hard life, or their life sucks. Compared to what our lives would have been like had we not had the benefits growing up in America gave us, our lives are amazing and should be cherished even if we fall on some bad luck.

I had it great during my toddler years and through a series of unfortunate events the majority of my child years were spent acting and living like an adult. However, I am not one to talk about this, out of everyone in the world I think probably only 2 people know exactly what I went through, my mom (because she went through even harder times) and my best friend since kindergarten Alison (she's the only person I've ever felt wouldn't look down on me if I told her all of the things I tried to cover up from the rest of the world.) To this day I wonder if I will ever feel that comfortable with another person to just tell them who exactly I was and what my mother and I went through.

But like the quote says, you need to find those people in your life. My mom has always been my best friend, being the only child of a single mother can do that. And I know that I can do whatever I want and she will unconditionally support me. And with Alison, no matter how long we don't talk to each other the moment we are together it's like we've never been apart. There are so many inside jokes it's getting to the point people won't hang around with us because they don't understand when we say one word and start cracking up like hyenas (I never really understood that saying... not sure why I used it.) We always joke that our prospective husbands are going to be mad when our bridesmaids speeches are all "remember when..." stories.

I am making a conscious decision here and now to cut out those people who bring me down and find more people I can just relate and be me with. Let's see where this takes me.


P.S. Sorry about the super intro-spective topic... not usually my thing, but once in a while the mood to change strikes me and gets me thinking.

P.P.S. Title song, Geronimo by Phantom Planet (usually only known for "California" (The OC theme song) but trust me this song is better.)


Krystal said...

i liked this saying too! and i like your point, randomly dramatic people are to wearing on your mind and body and no one needs that, I think I've been thinking about this in the back of my mind because I've been avoiding drama people lately!

tkb17 said...

this was a pretty deep blog....I don't think you will ever be that comfortable around me to tell me what you've been through, but at least I can try to be another person in your life like that. Love you =)