Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It was a big decision on which version of this song to post. Ultimately I decided against the Jeff Buckley version because I feel like most people know it. If you don't know it I am sad for you and definitely look that up. Know let's focus on Kate Voegele, for those of you who don't watch One Tree Hill she has a running charterer arc as Mia, an artist signed to Peyton's record label. Seeing her on One Tree Hill led me to look up her story, and then download her music. It's all good, click around youtube for some other stuff (there will probably be a lot of One Tree Hill clips, and yes Kevin Federline played her boyfriend.)

Anywho, One Tree Hill is a horrible addiction. So are energy drinks... I've been trying not to drink them so much, but today I was riding the struggle bus as far as staying awake goes and I gave in. I only drink red Amps so I had to wander around and find one and proceeded to act as if the cherry deliciousness was oxygen. Good thing I got it to otherwise I would have feel asleep drooling all over my Structures notes.

Oh, I almost forgot I was going to ask a serious question haha. Do you think it's normal for a person to be in a fabulous mood one night and the next day be the most stand offish person on the planet. I experience someone else doing this about once or twice a month. One night were laughing and the next day you'd think I killed their dog or something by how they are treating me. Now by no means am I a cheery person everyday, but I try my hardest even on my worst days to treat everybody like a human instead of a piece of shit.

The even sadder part of this whole situation is they are a good friend and I'm too non-confrontational to say anything, I always think of things to say but never say them. Ahhhh I wish he could say something.

Well I'm not paying much attention right now because I'm watching the men's basketball game and they are dominating.



Mandy said...

Love that song! I first knew the Jeff Buckley one, but have sooo many versions of it. Love OTH!!! And Kate Voegele is pretty awesome too.

In answer to your serious question, I've known quite a few people like that. Mostly in my high school/university days when I would see my friends practically every day. And, it annoys the hell out of me when people are like that! Even a few people who were quite good friends of mine (not BFFs), I ended up not wanting to make the effort with anymore. It was really frustrating to deal with their mood swings. That said, the people that were the worst had depression issues, it was quite obvious. SO maybe if she's a close friend and you think she might have something like that going on you should try to talk to her?

jenziebenzie said...

Why is OTH so great?

And you are probably right about trying to talk to them, I did try once but we had both been drinking (that was the only way I got up the guts to do it :( ). Maybe I'll try again.

Thanks for the advice!