Saturday, February 21, 2009

How I Could Just Kill A Man

Today was a pretty descent day as far as days go. Skippd class and slept in which was awesome and much needed after the horrendus Thursday of classes I had. I was at the Engineering Building from 8:15 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. As soon as I left the EB I went to the womens bball game because my friend plays and I have been a horrible fan this year, so I am trying harder. The game was awesome because they won against Michigan which is always a good time.

After the game we made a Target run and then I went out to Crunchy's to visit a friend who graduated and another friend from Canada. Karaoke was atrocious as always, but super entertaining. And then I feel asleep immediately upon my head hitting the pillow.

When I woke up today I got ready and went out to Best Buy and Target again (it's a problem... I'm well aware.) My old roommate came over and we watched "Baby Mama" because she has never seen it, and I'm always down for some Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. After the movie Erin and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, how can they do so many things with chicken?!?!?! Amazing! Then we made a quick stop at Barnes and Noble, because really, how can you not? They had some games on discount and I got Harry Potter Scene It for like 12 dollars. Great buy!

We came back to the apartment and watched an episode of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" which if you haven't watched it ever do it right now! RIGHT NOW! If you are just starting you can get some great laughs out of these episodes: Hundred Dollar Baby, Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire, Dee Dates a Retarded Person, and Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare. Actually all of them are amazing, so do it immediately... they have some episodes on

After "It's Always Sunny" we played some Harry Potter Scene It! Erin won the first game, I got the second win. Allyssa came over and we watched a lot online clips and just sat around. Today we also found out Bo Burnham was going to come perform at State so we bought tickets to that. And if you haven't heard of Bo Burnham you should go youtube him! And you should definitely try to keep up with things, geez!

Allyssa and I went to see "Madea Goes to Jail" after much convincing on her part, I didn't think I wanted to spend $7.50 to go see it. I'm so glad that I did because it was probably the funniest movie I have seen in a while. Soooo go see that as well! haha so many suggestions today.

Enough about my Friday, how was yours?


edit: As if this post needed to be longer, but the title song is by Charlotte Sometimes, very awesome girl, talked to her after several shows and she's very down to Earth. Soooo check it out! This post has a very large number of things to check out.


Parker said...

I'm going to see Madea today..glad to hear you approve!

Amanda said...

Is your Canadian friend cooler than your other friends? I find I often think of Canadian people as cooler. After all, the country produces THE BEST musical artists ever. Observe: Tegan and Sara, Metric (LOVE Emily Haines), STARS, Dinosaur Bones (check them OUT!), Shout Out Out Out Out, I could go on for days so I'll stop.

Cecilia said...

hah I love Amanda's comment. Go Canada! ;)

The way you described your day, it seemed like you had about 30 hours of straight activity.

Also, I've noticed from reading your blog that you seem to watch an endless amount of movies. Coming from a person who doesn't have the attention span to watch too many of them, I'm impressed.

jeanette said...

It does seem like non-stop activity... but I didn't feel like that throughout the day haha!

And you are correct, I watch an unhealthy amount of movies... it's a problem I should seek help for