Sunday, February 22, 2009

Living Room

FINALLY! I have made a Tegan & Sara song my title. It took way too long I know... I was waiting for the appropriate moment, which came when I was writing in my living room. So click on the title and enjoy.

Yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing. Played some more Harry Potter Scene It, did some homework and watched "My Best Friends Girl." That movie was horrible, at least in my opinion. There have been NO Dane Cook movies that were good, which is sad because his stand-up is good, soooo disappointing.

Today there was a men's basketball game, and it was great. For those of you not familiar with Michigan State University basketball it is pretty intense. There are technically two student sections, one way the eff up in the nosebleed and one right on the court, they cost the same amount so of course everyone wants to sit in the good section. In order to sit in the lower bowl you have to complete a 24 hour stay outside on a field with a couple other hundred people. The camp outs are not always scheduled in the warmest of conditions so sometimes they are a little sucky.

Anyways, sitting in the Izzone is totally worth it, especially on games like today because there was so much emotion. The refs were horrible for a majority of the game and for a while it seemed like it wasn't going to go our way. But the last 8 minutes were amazing. Plus at half time they brought back the '79 team to honor them, so Magic Johnson was there. Great day when we win.

Since then I have been playing Scrabble on Facebook, I'm addicted, and I'm not even that good. Well, the Oscars are about to start and then I'm going to hang out at the Peanut Barrel with some friends.

Happy Sunday!


Cecilia said...

Why would they charge the same amount for both sections? What you have to go through to get those great seats just sounds like torture!

jeanette said...

It is only torturous when it's really cold, otherwise it's like a big sleepover outside.

But they are totally worth it if you like basketball!

And thanks for all the comments Cecilia! I feel honored you are reading about my ridiculously mundane daily activities!