Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Junk

I'll just say what everyone is thinking... it's been too long... I know, I know. Let's see if I can remember half of the things I did.

On Wednesday I woke up and went to church and then to a little show at the Union with the cast of "Spring Awakening" (more to come about the play later.) They performed a few songs and then just answered some questions. We actually talked to one of the cast members, Sarah, for a while and she was really cool. We were discussing our Ash Wednesday crosses and Facebook. So now we are facebook friends OBVI!

Thursday night after I finally got all my homework done I went to the MSU women's bball game to support my friend, I sat by her mom which was great, she's hilarious. After the game I cam back and made some food to stop my stomach from eating itself. After eating I went across the hall to my neighbors after a really long/hilarious chat with my friend Ally. We played some flip cup and talked some more about the previous conversation, normal college stuff. I came home and pretty much fell asleep immediatly.

Friday I went out to lunch with an old TA and luckily remember that it was Friday before we picked a place so that I didn't pick like a hamburger place on a day I couldn't eat meat. Instead we went to Sushi Ya and had some delicious sushi. I realized I still don't understand why you can eat fish, but not meat... someone please tell me! After lunch I went to the Engineering Building and applied for the Study Abroad program I went on last year.

I really would like to go again, however, I'm a little unsure as to whether it is a good career move (read: it might hurt me getting a career.) And I know what you're thinking, you're thinking "How could a study abroad program hurt your chances?" Well good question! The thing is, an internship would be more helpful, but I really don't want to work! haha.

After applying I came back and worked on homework for what seemed like an eternity. After permanently disfiguring my spine from crouching over my homework I went with Ally over to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late snack and some drinks. We got in trouble when the drink special was 3 dollar margaritas haha. We were sitting by the window and saw about 3 kids completely wipe out on the street. I actually didn't drink to much as my mom was coming to visit Saturday. After B dubs we walked by her apartment and I picked up her copy of "My Horizontal Life" by Chelsea Handler, because I'm pretty much addicted to Chelsea.

After a very awkward encounter with some people at her apartment I came back to my apartment and kept my roommate up for a while with some stories and then hit the hay.

This morning my mom and aunt came around noon and we went to eat at Applebees and did some shopping for a little while and then they headed home so I could try to get more homework done (I think I have more than humanly possible.) After doing some more homework I decided I was going to go to the 8:00 show of "Spring Awakening" so I bought some tickets for that and while I was at it I bought some tickets for the "Lion King" in March.

I met my friend Jason and we headed to Wharton for the show. I recommend "Spring Awakening" to EVERYONE. I put a quick clip of one song as the title so check that out and then definitely browse around to find more... totally worth it! The show was amazing awesome and done fantabulously (real words just can't express it.) Go see it if you get then chance if not, just experience it as much as you can!

Now I'm just sitting in my apartment watching TV, I feel like this weekend has gone on forever! And it's still going strong. OOOO before I forget I found this online and it sums up my life for the past few days.

It has been tortuous staying true to my Lenten duties. Tough times.

Okay I have been rambling a lot. Enough. Adios.


Amanda said...

I'm a 20 something acting like a 13 year old emo child as well. Let's definitely be friends!!!!!!!!

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