Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I went to see Pink Panther 2 tonight... and Steve Martin can make the dumbest things funny. There were only 3 people in the entire theatre, me my friend and some random old guy.

On a more serious note I played basketball earlier and my legs are killing me! I'm so out of shape it becoming a problem. That probably factored into my decision of... get ready... big news coming...


Now for those who don't know me personally you are probably thinking, "Was the caps and exclamations necessary?" But if anyone does know me they also know that I probably eat more ice cream than actual food. I just finished off the last of my ice cream in the freezer and in 2 minutes I will be off the stuff for 40 days! The hardest part of this is that McDonalds has Shamrock shakes right now, I'm going to have to skip them for the year. Luckily I had one last week. Oh man... I'm getting a little worried already, I guess we shall see.

I might go see "Spring Awakening" on Sunday which I am pretty pumped if I can. Also they just announced the tour dates for the No Doubt/Paramore tour... which I am probably about as excited as can be about.

I didn't do much else today, but the title song is from Something Corporate. I really wanted to put up "I Won't Make You" but I couldn't find the video, so go try to find that. Andrew, the singer/pianist/end all be all in Something Corporate is also the singer/pianist/end all be all of Jack's Mannequin, so if he sounds familiar that's why.


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- kimmy - said...

whaat?? I did not know that about Andrew. i learned something new today. hahah I still haven't seen Pink Panther 2... I think i'll watch it tonight. steve martin is hilarious :) good luck with lent! you're just like my roommate, she craves ice cream all the time like no other. you can do itttt.