Saturday, February 14, 2009

You Outta Know

As it is Singles Awareness Day and I am becoming more and more aware of my single-ness I felt that some good old fashion Alanis was a good representation of my feelings haha. But instead of going with Alanis I decided to go with a cover by The Killing Moon. I personally like it better than the original (you have no idea how tempted I was to write "orig"). Also if you dig cover songs check out any of the "Punk goes.." series (Punk Goes Pop, Punk Goes 90's, Punk Goes 80's, etc)

Anywho... last night I went out to a little burger joint/bar called Crunchy's with my friends Jason, Meagan, Ashley, and Brett. We had to wait in line which was ridiculous, but whatever. We had a few drinks to drown out the horrible karaoke that was going on (read: 4 drinks in an hour). Needless to say I was loving life haha. I also saw a bunch of friends there, I love that about Michigan State; it's big (40,000+ students) but it always seems small I feel like I always see people I know.

At around midnight we called my roommate to come pick us up because it started snowing again. When we got back to my apartment we played about 3 games of beer pong, which was a horrible decision haha. I woke up around noon today and have proceeded to be very unproductive (read: done absolutely nothing). Well I did finish "Hello Vodka, Are You There, It's Me Chelsea" which is a great book I recommend to everybody. I pretty much love Chelsea Handler haha.

I also bought some things in honor of Single Awareness Day courtesy of Vickie Benzie (my mom). Delias has a sweet sale on right now. Here are my purchases:
Both were only $14.99 each, go Delias! I love clearances they are the greatest I pretty much do all my shopping from the sale sections.

Well I'm going to do homework and get ready for SNL with Alec Baldwin I heart him.

BYEEEE, Jeanette

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tkb17 said...

Good fashion sense. I'm very impressed. Can I borrow your dress sometime?? =)