Sunday, March 29, 2009

Always Attract

First things first MSU men's basketball going to the Final Four in Detroit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I bet everyone is ready for this tournament to be over so I'll stop talking about it.) No one thought they would make it but they did! It is a great time to be a Spartan :)

I'm supposed to go see Bo Burnham this Saturday but now that we are in the final four our game is that day. Decisions, decisions.

So I was sitting around today just thinking about my biggest fears in life. And I came up with two major ones right off my head.

1) Losing all of my friends, either just drifting apart or losing them through deaths. I actually find this one a little weird actually, because today some of said friends were in bitchy moods so I was hanging out and realized that sometime I just love to be alone with my music and my thoughts. I guess my fear is just not having the option? It's hard to describe.

2) I am petrified of dying a horrible death. When I was in a psychology class one time our teacher asked us what we thought about all the medical breakthroughs, and how they affect us. He then pointed out that if we found a cure for all diseases and old age everyone would be guaranteed to die a horrible death (fire, drowning, shooting, etc). I think I would much rather die in my sleep than die in some unnatural way.

This is a pretty morbid post, sorry about that. I'm not even in a down mood right now things have been going great. I don't know, what are your biggest fears?


Krystal said...

geez...death is my fear and i had never even thought of that longevity thing and how we'll pry die a horrible death, that is awful!

Edith said...

I would say two of my greatest fears would be:

Living a life I hate and not getting any joy out of what I do (ie - working in a cubicle)

Getting old and not being able to take care of myself anymore. I really don't like the idea of getting old, it terrifies me.

tkb17 said...

here are my biggest fears in no particular order:
1. Grasshoppers
2. Smelly people
3. Crickets/June bugs/bugs in general
4. Dark water/seaweed
5. Miley Cyrus (if there was an order she'd be at the top of the list, followed by grasshoppers)