Thursday, March 5, 2009

High of 75

I know what you are all thinking, "I wonder what Jeanette is up to tonight, her being the amazingly awesome person that she is." Let me tell you the answer my friends. Maria and I are watching Land Before Time (and possibly 2 and 3). What else would someone as amazingly awesome as myself be doing?

Man... this is such a great movie and to prove it i have two exhibits.

Exhibit A: just watch it.

Exhibit B: A little script excerpt from the movie (Little foot talking to Rooter about his mother's death).
"It's not your fault, it's not your mother's fault, it's nobody's fault. The great circle of life has begun, but, you see, not all of us arrive together at the end. "
"What'll I do? I miss her so much"
"You'll always miss her, but she'll always be with you if you remember what she taught you. You'll never really be apart for you're still a part of each other."

So true! I mean I guess I never really understood the deepness of the movie... I mean I think I got it when I was like three. But it is like a very relevant movie, regardless of the half hour it took to rewind it (that was an exaggeration... but it was a really long time.) I just finished a 40 oz. slurpee of mountain dew mixed with cherry limeade... and man was that limeade strong.

Anyways, since the last post I feel like I have been super busy, but it doesn't seem like it when I think about it... I'm pretty sure it's because I had massive amounts of homework this week, overkill for sure. On Tuesday I went to Los Tres for my friends birthday and then at midnight a bunch of us went to the Breslin to welcome back the mens basketball team. Why you ask? Just the really small fact that they ARE THE BIG TEN CHAMPS!!!!! It's the first year it has happened since I've been attending the fine institution and it is awesome.

Wednesday Allyssa came over after her basketball game and we just watched a movie and hung out. They had to leave at 7:00 a.m. so she left around 10:00 and Maria, Erin, Ally and I headed to Bdubs for my friend Amber's birthday. B dubs was hilarious because of a couple different things, a) Amber was wasted by the time we got there (oh, 21st birthdays) and b) there was a group of about 7 old guys all who were also drunk and very talkative.

One guy was sooo funny, he was just making voices and telling us not to date guys named Mark. Nicole and I played two of them in pool and won, which rarely happens. I could go all night with quotes from these guys, but I'm sure everyone has good enough imaginations haha. I'll just give you one to start with: (to my friend Nicole with a huge purse) "Hey, when's your flight leaving?" Such a great night. Today I had class all day and have been trying to get my life together.

I really should be packing right now... instead of watching this movie... but I can't look away. Ducky has always been my favorite. My friend Allyssa has never seen any of the Land Before Time movies and now I am deciding that she needs to soon.

Anyways, I have a test tomorrow morning and as soon as I'm done, my friend Amber and I are off on our trip to Florida. We are driving so wish me luck haha!

And everyone enjoy the Reliant K song in the title! OOO and go rent Land Before Time, you won't regret it


Krystal said...

that's a long drive!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Why is it that whenever I leave you a comment, it never shows up?!?! Weird. I don't want you to think that I never comment back! I do! I do!

Have fun in Florida!!! I was only there once when I was 16. I was weird and during my spring breaks in college when farther north to places like Toronto or Montreal. In March. Very cold. Yet still fun.

Cecilia said...

Yay, a roadtrip!! I've done the Fort Lauderdale to Toronto drive a few times now and I absolutely love it. Something about being a car for 20+ hours appeals to me. haha I'm jealous. Safe travels, and enjoy the heat! :)