Saturday, March 28, 2009

MSU Shadows / Fight Song

MSU mens bball is in the Elite Eight!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was such a great game, we were down by 13 at one point and came back to win by 5!!!

I'm so happy, no one thought we would win.

In honor of all the drunk college students outside I was singing with on the walk home tonight the title song is a combo of MSU shadows and the fight song. They are drilled into my brain, and I love it!


dshan said...

grrrrr. you're killing my bracket!

Krystal said...

ohhhh i like it! so nice and airy. i was totally going for the office roast in that post, haha!

tkb17 said...

When you said no one thought you guys would win, I was indeed the first to doubt =) GO BLUUUUUEEEE