Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Revenge Is Sweeter Than You Ever Were

In an effort to further procrastinate my studying I'm going to write a quick blog post because I know that later I'll be freaking out about said studying.

First off I'd like to congratulate my friend Allyssa and the rest of the MSU Women's basketball team on beating the 1 seed Duke team and making it to the Sweet 16! A little back story makes the win even better, the Duke coach is a former MSU coach. Two years ago she resigned her contract with MSU and then one week later decided she'd rather be at Duke so she just took off. So for the Junior/Senior class on the womens team this was a great revenge win (hence the title song). So huge congrats to them.

Also in reference to the Veronicas, my love for their first cd is on a whole different level than my love for the second, but this song fit perfectly.

That's all that has gone in my life lately, tonight I might go see I Love You Man, but probably not since I have so much studying.

Hope everyone else has something better than studying to do.


Krystal said...

sadly i don't have anything but studying to do now :(

Amy Walter said...

found you on 20SB. Not in school but still not doing anything better than studying tonight :( unfortunately can't sleep... which is good because I found your blog! Your post about things you've done looks like fun so I think I will do that tomorrow!!

tkb17 said...

"I Love You Man" made me want a puggle real bad. And then one of my senions brought her puggle in to class after school, which she named Peanut Butter. Cutest thing ever. My puggle and Tubby can be friends someday