Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Are Broken

Title says it all: We Are Broken... and by we I mean my iPhone, more specifically it's screen...which is more shattered than broken. I suppose a more appropriate title would be "iPhone is shattered" but somehow no one has produced that song yet.

Before I get to that story though I will just sum up the rest of my week. Monday, pretty much nothing. Now you are basically caught up to today. So I went to my classes as normal and then went out to eat at Charlie Kang's. On the way back we stopped at Barnes & Noble and listened to pretty much every musical card they had. Erin and I were dancing like Gob in Arrested Development to "The Final Countdown" which was one of the musical cards. Ally bought some cards and we headed out the door. And then it happened, it was pretty much just like the scene from Kill Bill with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart technique, except not at all other than the fact that I took five steps before I dropped my phone.

At first I didn't think anything of it... I have probably dropped my phone about 80 times. And up until this point nothing has happened at all. Well no such luck this time... it is shattered, however, it does still work, which is good until I can scrounge up $199 and go get a new one.

Anyways that is pretty much all that happened other than Allyssa and Aaron coming over for a visit to play some Rock Band. Since then I've done nothing except find this picture. Haha, enjoy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I was feeling some Fleetwood Mac today... although I'm pretty sure Stevie Nicks is legitimately crazy. She was on Jimmy Fallon making no sense whatsoever.

I had a pretty fabulous weekend, Friday I worked on my group project for a while and then headed over to RetroDuck to pick up some t-shirts. I spent the rest of the day trying to accomplish things but getting nowhere. I took a nap and then around 7:00 p.m. a few of my friends came over and we were just having some drinks and playing Rock Band. Around 8:30 p.m. we headed over to my friend Stephanie's for a little party (the one the t-shirts were for.) She's not old enough for a bar crawl so we had "bar" crawl shirts made and on the back they said "Because 30 yards between drinks is just way too far." I don't know what was up with me, but I was pretty drunk (read: stumbling) by approximately 11:45 p.m. I grabbed my friend and walked home and was probably be in bed by midnight... ridiculous.

I woke up the next morning and spent the expected 3 hours recuperating. Then I worked on our dumb group project for the next 4 hours. I'm in college building a balsa wood bridge, I mean I suppose we had to do more than we did when I did the same project in 7th grade, but it's still a little ridiculous. After Abby left my old roommate Jessica came over and we watched a DVD and then we decided to go see "Obsessed" with Beyonce. I was a little skeptical about how it would be, but I'm so glad we went to see it. It went far and beyond my expectations, I mean it was as "campy" as you would expect, but it still was funny and suspenseful and full of action, and Beyonce kicked some ass. And it is now my conviction that Ali Larter does "crazy bitch" better than anyone else.

After the movie we just came back and I read for a little while then headed to sleep. And as far as today goes I was about as unproductive as any one person could be, woot! Go me!

I hope you all had amazing weekends. Oh and before I forget, I stumbled across some great comics and after going through every single one have saved my favorites and will be posting them periodically to give some good laughs.

Haha so great. I'm gonna have to space these out so I don't burn through them all in like a week. Oh and before I forget! I love you all for reading my babbling! (I'm declaring April 26th: National Follower Appreciation Day) Muah! You're all appreciated.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This week has just been a ridiculous amount of homework and projects and whatnot, not that I mind, I know... or I guess I hope it will pay off in the end. Today I had a super annoying start to my day. I spent all of Wednesday night studying for my test, because the last one I did bad on, and I went to bed early-ish, like 12:30. I fell asleep thinking this is gonna be awesome, I'll wake up go pass this test and continue with my day.

Little did I know that my alarm would decide not to go off. I woke up, looked at the clock saw it was 8:55 a.m. and thought to myself, "Perfect....my effing test started at 8 effing 30 a.m." Needless to say I got dressed as fast as possible and sprinted to the Engineering Building. I ended up having about 30 minutes less than everyone else, but I think I did alright for the circumstances. After that I went about my usual Thursday of class after class after class.

As soon as I got home Allyssa came to pick me up and we went to Meijer to get her some groceries, she's like super sick so hopefully I don't get that, but she needed to get out and hang out with someone other than her bed. So we went to Meijer, which always takes longer than normal with everyone stopping her to meet her, but we did make a pretty fast time of it. Then we came back to my apartment and watched some Arrested Development while Allyssa made cupcakes. I ended up with batter all over my arm and she ended up on the floor with it all over her leg. It got out of control quickly to say the least.

While she was making cupcakes I was talking to all the crazies Facebook chatting her and now I present you with one of the conversations that took place.

Crazy: "Can Speak to you please."
Crazy: "Are you really 6'9"."
Crazy: "I am 4'9" can speak to you."
Me: "This is actually Allyssa's bodyguard, she's not here right now."
Crazy: "I like her height. Can speak to her please when she's free."
Me: "That will not be anytime soon, sorry."
Crazy: "Can speak to her. I want to be friend."
Me: "I'll pass the message on to her. Bye."

We then proceeded to unfriend him immediatly, the craziest thing is she has about 200 people like this who will Facebook chat her at any given time. It's gonna be a long process. Other than that I haven't really done much, this weekend should be super exciting, I'm pumped.

Oh and the title song is by NeverShoutNever, enjoy! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Meant To Be

Before I get on with the official purpose of the post be sure to check out the Theory of a Deadman video, it's got Kara DioGuardi (America Idol judge). I would also check out some of her other videos, especially her version of "Walk Away" she originally wrote the song... and I really like her voice, her crazy movements when singing kind of bug me but whatevs.

Anyways, I have been tagged by Tiffany (Caress the Fro), so now I'm doing the obligatory sharing! Woot!

Eight things I look forward to:
1) Summer concerts w/ my friends (Jack's Mannequin, The Fray, Paramore, No Doubt, Warped Tour.)
2) Getting a puppy when I graduate (I want this one.)
3) Having more time to play guitar this summer.
4) Using my Rosetta Stone: Russian more this summer, and actually learning more than a few key phrases.
5) Weekends on the beach.
6) Possibly a new guy finally? This could be a long shot.
7) A trip to Cali with my mom. Much love for my mommy!
8) Getting more blog followers (anyone wanna help me with this one?)

Eight things I did yesterday:
1) Went to class.
2) Learned the first part of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah on my guitar.
3) Played Rock Band for an unnecessary amount of time.
4) Ate some Milk Duds.
5) Took a nap.
6) Drank two cups of coffee.
7) Watched Arrested Development.
8) Told my aunt I would be living with her this summer/made plans to move some stuff home.

Eight things I wish I could do:
1) Have free Best Buy for the rest of my life.
2) Fly and/or teleport everywhere I wanted to quickly.
3) Find that perfect guy everyone looks for.
4) Go on tour with one of my favorite bands, even if as a roadie.
5) Own every single version/colors of Converse ever.
6) Eat all the junk food I want with no consequences.
7) Take in all stray cats and dogs (I love them.)
8) Dive (like swimming dive, I can't even do the basic one, FAIL.)

Eight shows I watch:
1) Arrested Development.
2) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
3) One Tree Hill.
4) 30 Rock.
5) Desperate Housewives.
6) Reno 911.
7) The Office.
8) Heroes.

Eight people who should do this!
1) Amy Walter
2) Mer
3) Mandy
4) Cecilia
5) Amanda
6) For the Love of Pictures
7) Alanna
8) Mary Evelyn

I also got tagged by Mary Evelyn in the take-a-picture-of-yoursef madness going around. And my great luck led me to this when I look like a hot tranny mess. Then I decided to step it up a notch and post multiple hot tranny mess pictures, so without further ado...

As you can see I am currently covering my ridiculous hair with an It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia hat. And I also dragged my roommate Erin and Mr. Zac Efron into the photo shoot (don't ask why I am not pointing directly at him... I clearly have bad aim haha.) Anywho, I wish you all better luck in not looking like a tranny mess when you take your pictures! Night!

Chain Me Free

I apologize for leading an unexciting life lately that leads to unexciting posts. But hey, at least I still post a song to keep you semi-entertained! Right, right, okay... I'll just go ahead and get this over with haha. (Today's song was my jam a few years ago though, so give it a listen).

Anyways, as far as I can remember I haven't done much since the last post. Played some Rock Band, did homework, watched movies, the usual. OOhhh and I bought the ridiculous number of books I stated before and here is what I ended up with, let me know if you've read any/want to.

1) Harry Potter box set (been meaning to purchase these for a while now, don't judge. Ha!)
2) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (super excited about this!)
3) The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas (have a feeling I'm gonna cry!)
4) Like the Red Panda (someone suggested this, don't really know what to expect.)
5) Firefly Lane (Amazon suggested it... what the hell, I was on a streak!)
6) My Sister's Keeper (my mom wanted to read it, and I wanted to reread it before the movie came out... my main movie concern is Cameron Diaz, can she pull it off?)
7) Atlas Shrugged (always wanted to read it, still pretty intimidated.)
8) Please Excuse My Daughter (was on Twitter today and @responded to Emmy Rossum and she responded back with this. Also made my day, I mean, she's Emmy Rossum!)
9) Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Amazon said I would like it... and I gave into it's peer pressure.)
10) A Thousand Acres (old teacher's suggestion.)
11) The Shack (roommate liked it, seems to be pretty good.)
12) Skinny Bitch in a Box (for my mom, but I should probably borrow it at this rate!)
13) A Wild Sheep's Chase (looked interesting.)
14) The Book Thief (another Amazon suggestion.)
15) My Horizontal Life (already read it, had to own it, I love Chelsea Handler!)
16) Blood Meridian (another teacher suggestion.)
17) Five Quarters of the Orange (another Emmy Rossum suggestion.)
18) My Point... And I do Have One (Ellen's book, read several times, just now owning.)
19) Lolita (I don't remember why I picked this one, but I'm pretty excited for it.)
20) One Hundred Years of Solitude (old teacher's suggestion.)
21) The Funny Thing Is (Ellen's other book, same description as other.)
22) Life of Pi (been hearing about it, wanted to read it.)
23) The Screwtape Letters (Meg & Dia, band from last post, have it on their site.)
24) The Kite Runner (read in high school, ready to read it again!)
25) A Thousand Splendid Suns (I really don't know who said to read this, but I'm gonna!)
26) Chocolat (heard it was good, also at this point a couple books really made no difference haha.)

So yeah, that's my list, let me know your thoughts on any.

Other than that, the only big thing I did today was take my old DVD player that was broken (read: a big piece 'o crap) out to a field and beat the crap out of it with a bat. Great times, I love smashing things! I need to find more things to smash immediatly, but I can probably post a picture of that soon, my roommate took some.

Well I have class in about 7 hours so everyone have a good night, and I recommend smashing something if you have some anger to take out.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Black Wedding

When I said I was in love with that last song, I didn't even know what being in love with a song was like. I am fully in love with this song, and I CANNOT wait for their new cd to come out!

It was soooo nice out the last few days I love it. I don't know if I could deal living down south where there are no seasons. I love the changing, and as much as I get sick of winter I can't wait for it to come every year.

Anyways, the rest of me week since last post was pretty lame. Other than the fact that I have been on a book buying streak on Amazon.com and so far my bill is pretty close to $300.00, I should probably work on getting that down. Any suggestions of books (read: the bill will most likely be over $300.00.)

How about some recaps? Friday was the CE bar crawl (civil engineering if you didn't know.) aka a bunch of over homeworked nerds relaxing for a weekend (read: getting sauced). So that's exactly what I did! I might post a picture because our shirts were hilarious, the front said the Trans Lab (which is the CE lab) but it was in writing like the old logo for Cheers. And then the back said "Where everybody knows your name," which is cool in and of itself, before you realize that it is so true. I can walk in at any time of the day and name 99% of the people in the lab.

Anyways, the bar crawl "technically" started at 4:30 p.m. but we decided to start at 2:00 p.m. instead. We went to Crunchy's and got a bucket 'o beer and some burgers and then headed to meet the rest of the group at Lou Ha's. At Lou Ha's I had a daiquiri l and a few shots and some more beer, it is at this point that I stop remember what I had to drink. All I know is that I spent $40 in 7 hours and I was ridiculous. When I got home I could not fall asleep for the life of me because several of my drinks had Red Bull in them, I remember that much. So as soon as the initial tiredness wore off I was wide awake.

This turned out the be a good thing, as I'm laying there I hear someone walking on the roof of the apartment complex. Keep in mind we live on the third floor, so I think to myself "I should probably go close our balcony doors (all three of them were open). I walk from our bedroom to the living room and see a kid out on our balcony, on his way in. So I just go "Ummmmmm" and he gives me some mumbles about his friends locking him out, so I let him in and direct him to the door. As soon as he left I locked every door in our apartment and began to realize how ridiculous my life truly is haha.

This morning we went to the vet clinic because you are able to check out dogs and walk them around, and then bring them back. However, when we got there they didn't have any dogs available, I don't even know how that is possible. So we ended up going to get some Dairy Store Ice Cream, best ice cream everrrrr (made right here on campus.) I then spent the next hour or so out on our balcony reading some Anna Karenina, getting some sun. Then I got some groceries so I could have a real meal.

That was a lot longer than I intended. I apologize, but if you haven't already LISTEN TO THE TITLE SONG! and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who's Got Your Money

Listen to the title song! Now! Do it... I can wait.
Aren't you glad you listened... I can't take credit for finding the song, Perez Hilton did it. I find him incredibly annoying, but he knows what's up, most of the time... actually I don't really agree with 80% of the stuff. Why do I continue to read it?

I should be working on homework, instead I'm getting my roommate addicted to Arrested Development and blogging, you lucky readers you.

Today was great, I stopped working on my massive amounts of homework for awhile and played Rock Band for about an hour, now my hand hurts and my eyes are really dry, but it was totally worth it. Then I had a Popsicle, I should probably try doing something with my life at some point.

The big decision in my life right now is where to live this summer. Right now I'm debating between living with my best friend Alison (Pros: bff, nuff said. Cons: $250 a month, 30 minutes from internship.) My Aunt (Pros: love her to death, big room, right down the road from Alison, free. Cons: They go to bed early, it's a very "quiet" house if you know what I mean, 30 minutes from internship.) My dad (Pros: free, 10 minutes from internship, big screen tv, my dad doesn't care what I do. Cons: far from my friends, I have never really spent more than 8 hours at a time with my dad, might not be able to bring my cat.) Ahhhhh, big decisions. I'm not even going to be whereever I'm living that often as I will be working 7:30-4:30 everyday and I want to try and get a job at Barnes and Noble. I'm also helping babysit my second cousins (2 that are already here and 2 more coming in June).

They are the two cute ones on the outside, I'm not related to the not-as-cute one in the middle. Tyler is on the left and Peyton on the right.

They are so adorable can't wait to babysit them. I'll keep you updated on the decision, let me know if you have advice! I can't make decisions to save my life!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mario Kart Love Song

Before you continue reading click on the title right now... classic, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to post it, my priorities are all sorts of crazy! Anyway, just consider that my little Easter gift to all of you, along with this picture.

I want to know a) if it's a real book, and if it is b) who would actually look at this book and think "I definitely need to reed this." Oh man, crazy super religious people freak me out.

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone, hope you get some awesome baskets :). Headed back home to Paw Paw to visit the family for the day tomorrow. If anyone gets anything sweet in their baskets let me know!

Also on a side note Zac Efron is doing a pretty good job on SNL, not his biggest fan but I'll give credit where credit is due. I love the celebrity blogger charecter they have had on a few times "Bitchhhh pleaseeeee."

Alright I'm going to pass out at my computer. Peas out.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Waste of Paint

I love naps. I took a 3.5 hour nap earlier and other than the fact that I'm wide awake and it's 1:05 a.m. it was great! Does anyone else feel like they sleep 10,000 times better when taking naps as opposed to actually sleeping?

How many people reading this have tattoos, and if you don't are you against them or just haven't found the right one yet. I have 4 at the moment, much to the displeasure of my mom, and recently I've been thinking about getting a few more. It's not that I can't stop, I don't really have the desire to get them unless I find something meaningful I want (with one exception), however, I do think that they are fun to get. The only thing that is stopping from getting a few more is the fact that now, all of mine are pretty easily hidden (read: rib cage, hip, ankle, foot), and I'm starting to run out of places to get them that they will be hidden. But I'm sure one day this summer when I'm bored I will go get another, it's inevitable now that I have it in my head.

I think I need to start selling things on Ebay or something, I'm going broke. Or maybe just stop buying things on Ebay. I'm pretty sure I don't have anything that anyone would want though :( . Soon enough I should be making money, maybe I can hold off, but I really want to buy the book "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" or whatever it's called, I guess it's like 85% of the original writing, with a zombie storyline written in... AWESOME.

Alright, now I'm just rambling, time for another nap... or maybe I'll make brownies. Decision time. Post pictures if you have tattoos!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bad Reputation

Just made the title song my ringtone, can't wait for my phone to go off. I love when my phone goes off or I get a letter or an email. I love pen pals and AIM buddies, I will also give my phone number to about anyone which is probably a habit I should stop (unless any of you who still read this want a texting buddy, unlimited texting CHYEAH!) Also title song is about as far from me as you can get. I think my reputation is actually too good, guys don't want a good girl and sadly, that is what I am. Ugh... guys make me frustrated, but then I get over it. Before I forget there are so many things I have stumbled across lately and need to post.

First off, what in the hell is this^^ that doesn't even look comfy for a dog... to me it looks like that dog is saying "heelllllppppp (in a weezy out of breath doggy voice like he just got sucker punched). Here's an idea... and this is going to sound crazy... but they invented these things called leashes. Crazy!!!

I saw a shirt with this on it once and I really wanted it. This just makes me happy.

Last but not least this picture, and if anyone knows where I can get this let me know. Because I want it. I've also been considering buying a leather jacket lately, I used to have one back in the day and it always made me feel like a bad ass. I'm really holding myself back from buying one. We'll see how long that lasts.

Monday night I went to the National Championship game, which didn't go so well for us (read: horribly) but it was a great experience to be there and we made it a lot further than anyone expected. After the game we got back around 1:45 a.m. and I went to our bathroom and saw that our fish, Sparty K, had died :(. I walked into the living room and this conversation took place:
Me: "Maria, I think Sparty is legitimately dead."
Maria: "What?! Why do you say that?"
Me: "Well he is on his side and I don't think they do that unless they are dead."

So we continued to be sad and then Maria went to pick up Erin and this is the convo and another great convo took place. Erin was talking about the song that goes like "How many times can I break 'til I shatter" and she was just discussing how this has been a crappy semester. So Maria goes "Erin, I have some bad news." Hahahaha, when they got back we said our goodbyes and flushed him, it was very sad. So I went to bed around 3:00 a.m. and woke up pretty early the next day and had classes and immediately after class Meagan picked Jason and I up and we headed to Grand Rapids for a concert. The concert was The Academy Is... acoustic show, which ended up being just William Beckett and a guitar, but hey I'm not complaining. Also we went to the bar for a few hours before the show which made it even better.

The last couple nights I've just been trying to catch up on homework, I think I may have finally accomplished that goal. Tonight I went to see "Sunshine Cleaning" and it was really good, but I was just expecting a happier movie I guess, like it was funny, but really sad at the same time. Still good though.

I'm really sorry to anyone who is actually reading these because I have been rambling a lot lately, I need to write more so that the posts aren't so long.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

First and foremost I am so extremely proud to bleed green and white! Men's basketball is going to the Championship!!!!!! It is so rare that your schools team go to the championship while you are attending. Campus has just been crazy since we won last night! There was some peaceful rioting (No tear gas this year! (yet)) and a few couch burnings, but mostly everyone was just in awe!

Back to my week leading up to that. On Thursday I had all my classes and whatnot and then went to a free sneak peek of "Observe and Report" with Seth Rogen. I was a little hesitant because it was about a mall cop... but it was pretty descent I suppose. After the movie Allyssa and I made signs for our friends who were gonna be in a track meet at MSU. I spent the rest of the night talking to randoms online and being lazy because it was pouring outside.

Friday morning I got up and went to campus to work on some homework and then came back and hung out with Erin and her sister Katie just watching some Arrested Development and getting Katie addicted to coffee. Around 5 Jane got here and we spent the next hour congratulated her on her engagement and deciding where to eat.

We ended up at Los Tres and then went the Quality Dairy to buy some drinks for the night. I was wearing super flat shoes with no grip whatsoever so I grab two 24 oz Mike's Hards and start walking away. But being the awesome person that I am I completely fell on my ass practically doing the splits. Jane, Erin, Laura and Maria are laughing at me and some jackass kid walks literally 3 feet up to his friend and says "I just saw a drunk girl fall." In my head all I'm thinking is "This does not bode well for the part of the night when I am drinking."

After that embarrassing episode we went back to the apartment and a bunch of people came over to celebrate Jane's 21st/engagement. When everyone got to the apartment we walked over to Harper's and spent the rest of the night hanging out and toasting Jane. Around 1:30 a.m. Jane, Erin, Katie and I walked to Taco Bell and had probably one of the funniest interactions with a drunk person I have ever experienced. We are sitting down and this super drunk kid comes up. I'm just going to type some of my favorite quotes from him.
  • "My name is Mark of Marines"
  • "Dial 2353449 of Marines"
  • "Let me just pull this chair up" (trying to pull a chair that is bolted to the ground
  • "Indubitably" (35 times) "Indeed" (35 times)
  • (To Erin) "You are by far the most beautiful person I have seen, those three are just sub-par" (referring to myself, Katie and Jane)
I could go on forever, pretty much everything he said was hilarious. Anyway, so we pointed him in the direction of his friends house (who we had to call) and then headed back to our apt. I had to get up super early to be ready for Allyssa to come pick me up Saturday morning which didn't go over well. Also, no one informed me that it was approximately -285 degrees outside, therefore, I pretty much got hypothermia while watching Aaron throw jav. After he threw jav we had a while until he threw discus so we went and tried to warm up in Munn (an ice arena, that was warmer than outside). No one was in there so we went out on the ice and played around for a while. After Aaron threw discus and little Aaron ran I went home and tried to take a nap to no avail.

A bunch of us got Bdubs and brought it back to the apartment for the game which was extremely exciting and nerve racking and amazing. After the game we rushed over to Cedar Village to join the riot. No tear gas this year, so go us! When I realized there would be little more excitement than a few couch burnings I headed back to my apartment to play some beer pong/Rock Band. After a while we ran out of alcohol so Allyssa and I walked back to Quality Dairy (yes, the same one I fell in the day before). While we were in the store one of the shelves broke a glass broke all over the floor (read: me and QD didn't get along this weekend.) The funniest part was what some kid yelled after I broke it. Allyssa is well known on our campus because she plays basketball and is 6'9". After the glass broke some drunk kid yells "It's alright! She's with Allyssa DeHaan!" Everyone started laughing and I was just kicking myself for being an idiot.

Today I did a whole bunch of nothing other than catching up on work. SOOOOO excited for tomorrow! I hope we can pull it off and be National Champs.

Sorry about the excessively long post! How was your weekend?!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Best Laid Plans

I could listen to the title song all day, and I bet you could too! So check that out while you browse this seemingly pointless post.

This week...no mostly just Monday was like the luckiest day I've ever had in my life. My alarm went off at 9:30 and I kid you not my phone rang at 9:30:34. So of course I sounded tired (read: very dumb) but I had to answer. It was the lady from MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) offering me an internship for the summer! I woke up pretty quickly obviously and started talking to her about start dates and drug tests etc. So with that settled I set off to class a happy camper. I got a test back in my first class I was pretty sure I did bad on, but surprisingly I got a 94. Went through the rest of my classes and then prepared to try and get one of the 400 student tickets to the Final Four. And what do you know... out of thousands of people trying I got one! Such a good day.

Tuesday I don't remember what I did all day so it must not have been terribly exciting. But for some reason Erin and I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. giggling uncontrollably at everything, those nights are always fun. We began to make up moves to "Our God is an awesome God." You know the one from the commercial? It was quite exciting.

Today I rocked my first exam and then did horribly bad on the second. I also recieved a test back from last week where the average was 25/50... let's just say it didn't go so well.

Today I was wondering (all this crazy thinking... I don't know what's with me lately) if anyone else does this; I'll be having a convo with someone and go through a series of connections in my head and then blurt out the last of those things, thereby really confusing the person I'm talking to.

Example: Goran and I are sharing stories about Russia, in my head I go *Russia, stray animals, kittens, my cat, her recent surgery, animals getting tumors* Out loud I skip right to "Hey Goran, have any of your pets ever had a tumor? Why do they get them so much?" Then I just get a weird look. I feel like I can't be the only one who does this, can I?