Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chain Me Free

I apologize for leading an unexciting life lately that leads to unexciting posts. But hey, at least I still post a song to keep you semi-entertained! Right, right, okay... I'll just go ahead and get this over with haha. (Today's song was my jam a few years ago though, so give it a listen).

Anyways, as far as I can remember I haven't done much since the last post. Played some Rock Band, did homework, watched movies, the usual. OOhhh and I bought the ridiculous number of books I stated before and here is what I ended up with, let me know if you've read any/want to.

1) Harry Potter box set (been meaning to purchase these for a while now, don't judge. Ha!)
2) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (super excited about this!)
3) The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas (have a feeling I'm gonna cry!)
4) Like the Red Panda (someone suggested this, don't really know what to expect.)
5) Firefly Lane (Amazon suggested it... what the hell, I was on a streak!)
6) My Sister's Keeper (my mom wanted to read it, and I wanted to reread it before the movie came out... my main movie concern is Cameron Diaz, can she pull it off?)
7) Atlas Shrugged (always wanted to read it, still pretty intimidated.)
8) Please Excuse My Daughter (was on Twitter today and @responded to Emmy Rossum and she responded back with this. Also made my day, I mean, she's Emmy Rossum!)
9) Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Amazon said I would like it... and I gave into it's peer pressure.)
10) A Thousand Acres (old teacher's suggestion.)
11) The Shack (roommate liked it, seems to be pretty good.)
12) Skinny Bitch in a Box (for my mom, but I should probably borrow it at this rate!)
13) A Wild Sheep's Chase (looked interesting.)
14) The Book Thief (another Amazon suggestion.)
15) My Horizontal Life (already read it, had to own it, I love Chelsea Handler!)
16) Blood Meridian (another teacher suggestion.)
17) Five Quarters of the Orange (another Emmy Rossum suggestion.)
18) My Point... And I do Have One (Ellen's book, read several times, just now owning.)
19) Lolita (I don't remember why I picked this one, but I'm pretty excited for it.)
20) One Hundred Years of Solitude (old teacher's suggestion.)
21) The Funny Thing Is (Ellen's other book, same description as other.)
22) Life of Pi (been hearing about it, wanted to read it.)
23) The Screwtape Letters (Meg & Dia, band from last post, have it on their site.)
24) The Kite Runner (read in high school, ready to read it again!)
25) A Thousand Splendid Suns (I really don't know who said to read this, but I'm gonna!)
26) Chocolat (heard it was good, also at this point a couple books really made no difference haha.)

So yeah, that's my list, let me know your thoughts on any.

Other than that, the only big thing I did today was take my old DVD player that was broken (read: a big piece 'o crap) out to a field and beat the crap out of it with a bat. Great times, I love smashing things! I need to find more things to smash immediatly, but I can probably post a picture of that soon, my roommate took some.

Well I have class in about 7 hours so everyone have a good night, and I recommend smashing something if you have some anger to take out.


Krystal said...

tell me you acted tough and went all office space on that dvd player?!

Alanna said...

haha, smashing things, good times.

As for the books... that's quite the list! I've only read a few of them (Life of Pi, The Kite Runner and One Hundred Years of Solitude) but I would recommend all of them. Very international too. I also really want to read My Sister's Keeper, everywhere I go I see people reading it!

Be one with the Fro said...

i read all those books and loved them all!!!!

also i TAGGED you in my blog titled "my first tagging"...check it out!

Be one with the Fro said...

Oh gawd! I won't be to 500 in a long long time...I'm at 142 right now...*sigh* its hard work!

Can't wait to read your list!

*uncorked said...

oh my gosh! so many books - and i've read a few of those that are great...especially the book thief. easily one of my absolute favorites. thanks for the link to your page here - i have a feeling i'll be adding a bunch of these to my to-read list!