Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

First and foremost I am so extremely proud to bleed green and white! Men's basketball is going to the Championship!!!!!! It is so rare that your schools team go to the championship while you are attending. Campus has just been crazy since we won last night! There was some peaceful rioting (No tear gas this year! (yet)) and a few couch burnings, but mostly everyone was just in awe!

Back to my week leading up to that. On Thursday I had all my classes and whatnot and then went to a free sneak peek of "Observe and Report" with Seth Rogen. I was a little hesitant because it was about a mall cop... but it was pretty descent I suppose. After the movie Allyssa and I made signs for our friends who were gonna be in a track meet at MSU. I spent the rest of the night talking to randoms online and being lazy because it was pouring outside.

Friday morning I got up and went to campus to work on some homework and then came back and hung out with Erin and her sister Katie just watching some Arrested Development and getting Katie addicted to coffee. Around 5 Jane got here and we spent the next hour congratulated her on her engagement and deciding where to eat.

We ended up at Los Tres and then went the Quality Dairy to buy some drinks for the night. I was wearing super flat shoes with no grip whatsoever so I grab two 24 oz Mike's Hards and start walking away. But being the awesome person that I am I completely fell on my ass practically doing the splits. Jane, Erin, Laura and Maria are laughing at me and some jackass kid walks literally 3 feet up to his friend and says "I just saw a drunk girl fall." In my head all I'm thinking is "This does not bode well for the part of the night when I am drinking."

After that embarrassing episode we went back to the apartment and a bunch of people came over to celebrate Jane's 21st/engagement. When everyone got to the apartment we walked over to Harper's and spent the rest of the night hanging out and toasting Jane. Around 1:30 a.m. Jane, Erin, Katie and I walked to Taco Bell and had probably one of the funniest interactions with a drunk person I have ever experienced. We are sitting down and this super drunk kid comes up. I'm just going to type some of my favorite quotes from him.
  • "My name is Mark of Marines"
  • "Dial 2353449 of Marines"
  • "Let me just pull this chair up" (trying to pull a chair that is bolted to the ground
  • "Indubitably" (35 times) "Indeed" (35 times)
  • (To Erin) "You are by far the most beautiful person I have seen, those three are just sub-par" (referring to myself, Katie and Jane)
I could go on forever, pretty much everything he said was hilarious. Anyway, so we pointed him in the direction of his friends house (who we had to call) and then headed back to our apt. I had to get up super early to be ready for Allyssa to come pick me up Saturday morning which didn't go over well. Also, no one informed me that it was approximately -285 degrees outside, therefore, I pretty much got hypothermia while watching Aaron throw jav. After he threw jav we had a while until he threw discus so we went and tried to warm up in Munn (an ice arena, that was warmer than outside). No one was in there so we went out on the ice and played around for a while. After Aaron threw discus and little Aaron ran I went home and tried to take a nap to no avail.

A bunch of us got Bdubs and brought it back to the apartment for the game which was extremely exciting and nerve racking and amazing. After the game we rushed over to Cedar Village to join the riot. No tear gas this year, so go us! When I realized there would be little more excitement than a few couch burnings I headed back to my apartment to play some beer pong/Rock Band. After a while we ran out of alcohol so Allyssa and I walked back to Quality Dairy (yes, the same one I fell in the day before). While we were in the store one of the shelves broke a glass broke all over the floor (read: me and QD didn't get along this weekend.) The funniest part was what some kid yelled after I broke it. Allyssa is well known on our campus because she plays basketball and is 6'9". After the glass broke some drunk kid yells "It's alright! She's with Allyssa DeHaan!" Everyone started laughing and I was just kicking myself for being an idiot.

Today I did a whole bunch of nothing other than catching up on work. SOOOOO excited for tomorrow! I hope we can pull it off and be National Champs.

Sorry about the excessively long post! How was your weekend?!

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tkb17 said...

Hey remember when the spartans made it to the final four and blew it??? Cuz I do.