Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Meant To Be

Before I get on with the official purpose of the post be sure to check out the Theory of a Deadman video, it's got Kara DioGuardi (America Idol judge). I would also check out some of her other videos, especially her version of "Walk Away" she originally wrote the song... and I really like her voice, her crazy movements when singing kind of bug me but whatevs.

Anyways, I have been tagged by Tiffany (Caress the Fro), so now I'm doing the obligatory sharing! Woot!

Eight things I look forward to:
1) Summer concerts w/ my friends (Jack's Mannequin, The Fray, Paramore, No Doubt, Warped Tour.)
2) Getting a puppy when I graduate (I want this one.)
3) Having more time to play guitar this summer.
4) Using my Rosetta Stone: Russian more this summer, and actually learning more than a few key phrases.
5) Weekends on the beach.
6) Possibly a new guy finally? This could be a long shot.
7) A trip to Cali with my mom. Much love for my mommy!
8) Getting more blog followers (anyone wanna help me with this one?)

Eight things I did yesterday:
1) Went to class.
2) Learned the first part of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah on my guitar.
3) Played Rock Band for an unnecessary amount of time.
4) Ate some Milk Duds.
5) Took a nap.
6) Drank two cups of coffee.
7) Watched Arrested Development.
8) Told my aunt I would be living with her this summer/made plans to move some stuff home.

Eight things I wish I could do:
1) Have free Best Buy for the rest of my life.
2) Fly and/or teleport everywhere I wanted to quickly.
3) Find that perfect guy everyone looks for.
4) Go on tour with one of my favorite bands, even if as a roadie.
5) Own every single version/colors of Converse ever.
6) Eat all the junk food I want with no consequences.
7) Take in all stray cats and dogs (I love them.)
8) Dive (like swimming dive, I can't even do the basic one, FAIL.)

Eight shows I watch:
1) Arrested Development.
2) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
3) One Tree Hill.
4) 30 Rock.
5) Desperate Housewives.
6) Reno 911.
7) The Office.
8) Heroes.

Eight people who should do this!
1) Amy Walter
2) Mer
3) Mandy
4) Cecilia
5) Amanda
6) For the Love of Pictures
7) Alanna
8) Mary Evelyn

I also got tagged by Mary Evelyn in the take-a-picture-of-yoursef madness going around. And my great luck led me to this when I look like a hot tranny mess. Then I decided to step it up a notch and post multiple hot tranny mess pictures, so without further ado...

As you can see I am currently covering my ridiculous hair with an It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia hat. And I also dragged my roommate Erin and Mr. Zac Efron into the photo shoot (don't ask why I am not pointing directly at him... I clearly have bad aim haha.) Anywho, I wish you all better luck in not looking like a tranny mess when you take your pictures! Night!


Be one with the Fro said...

awe thanks for sharing!!!!

i want to use rosetta stone, i heard the price and cringed...

summer concerts are AMAZING! getting more blog followers isn't too hard...just show some blog love on other peoples pages (it ain't fun, but you gotta do it...like hw ;0))

I heart milk duds. naps are great.

and finally...I wish I could dive as well...when I watched the olympics I was so envious of those guys!

thanks again!

Alanna said...

Hey! Thanks for the taggage! I will most definitely do this in the next couple of days.

Also- that's awesome that you mentioned Arrested Development TWICE in this post. Yes, I agree, it is THAT good.

tkb17 said...

Hot tranny messes are the best. I'm going to register for some when I do the bridal registry.

jeanette said...

Tyne, I cannot even find all the posts you commented on, but I read everyone and got many giggles out them at work.

You're the best, I love you if only for the fact that you read almost every entry haha, we both know it's because my blog is funnier than me in person ;)

The next post has your name on it... errr in it!

tkb17 said...

would you stop using my NAME?!!! Lol. How about refer to me as "Shaniqua" or "Lafawnda" or something inconspicuous like that.