Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Are Broken

Title says it all: We Are Broken... and by we I mean my iPhone, more specifically it's screen...which is more shattered than broken. I suppose a more appropriate title would be "iPhone is shattered" but somehow no one has produced that song yet.

Before I get to that story though I will just sum up the rest of my week. Monday, pretty much nothing. Now you are basically caught up to today. So I went to my classes as normal and then went out to eat at Charlie Kang's. On the way back we stopped at Barnes & Noble and listened to pretty much every musical card they had. Erin and I were dancing like Gob in Arrested Development to "The Final Countdown" which was one of the musical cards. Ally bought some cards and we headed out the door. And then it happened, it was pretty much just like the scene from Kill Bill with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart technique, except not at all other than the fact that I took five steps before I dropped my phone.

At first I didn't think anything of it... I have probably dropped my phone about 80 times. And up until this point nothing has happened at all. Well no such luck this time... it is shattered, however, it does still work, which is good until I can scrounge up $199 and go get a new one.

Anyways that is pretty much all that happened other than Allyssa and Aaron coming over for a visit to play some Rock Band. Since then I've done nothing except find this picture. Haha, enjoy!


Krystal said...

ummm, that picture terrifies me! that sucks you broke your phone! i'm def loving the blackberry...would be devastated to hurt it :( i have to already conciously distance myself from it or i will quickly turn into one of those people who go through life holding it in their hand and reading it constantly.

Alanna said...

I say it's a lemur.

That sucks about your phone... I don't think I can even count the number of phones I've broken on one hand anymore, maybe even two. And dancing like GOB to the Final Countdown... That is GOLDEN, my friend. You sound like my kind of fun.

Chatabox Girl said...

Callphones suck. I wish the made an un-breakable phone. Oh and it has to be waterproof!

Loving the picture. No clue what it could be!

insomniaclolita said...

I seem to always break my phone these days , either I dropped it or not. They're so fragile!