Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ain't No Rest For the Wicked

I'm watching the MTV Movie Awards right now and I just want to throw it out there that I'm afraid for younger generations. When Robert Pattinson wins an acting award the world is in some sorry, sorry shape. I get the excitement he's pretty nice to look at (when I say this I mean very randomly, usually he looks super dirty and high) but his acting is not even acting... it's pure ridiculousness.

On a whole different note, Eminem looked pretty pissed about having Bruno's junk in his face... I don't think that was planned at all. He looked realllllllll angry. Haha he's always the target of things at award shows, you think he'd be used to it by this point. Also I'm not the biggest LeAnn Rimes fan, but her singing Jizz in my Pants is pretty high up on the outrageous scale.

Anyways, I can pretty much sum up my past week by saying "How I Met Your Mother" that's pretty much all I've been doing is re-watching all the seasons, exciting I know, but it's so good! Alright, I've done more than that but it doesn't seem like it. I have been buying some scrapbook stuff because my friend is going to help me make a scrapbook about my Russia trip/backpacking last summer. All-in-all I spent like $175 (and people wonder why I think scrapbooking is dumb?!) but I suppose it will be almost worth it to preserve the memories haha.

On Saturday morning I went to the hairdresser and got my hair chemically straightened, I'll keep you all updated on how that works out... so far so good. I also got like an inch and a half cut off. It didn't seem like a lot at the time but now I feel like I'm missing a ton of hair, weird. I saw "Up" that night and it was good, it was a lot more emotional than I initially expected, but I want my very own Dug now because he was awesome!

Well I keep getting distracted by these dumb awards so I will stop for now, but I'm going to post a picture and a comment to keep you all thoroughly entertained. :) I do what I can!

Enjoy! Oh and check out the title song... good stuff, click on it!


Chatabox Girl said...

Totally agree on Robert Pattinson winning awads. I can see the looks... but only when in the Twilight movie, or doing a photo shoot. Otherwise he looks like a hobo.

I got my hair chamically straightened about a couple of years ago. It has grown out now, but it made my hair so brittle and dry. DEEP CONDITIONING!! But my hair was super curly, and so it didnt go straight. It made my hair wavy, and I hated it! even now my hair is nowhere near as curly as it used to be. so gutted!

Hopefully your scrapbooking goes well!!

Andhari said...

I agree 100% with you although I adore the sexiness that is Rpattz. The dude cant act. He shouldn't win.

jeanette said...

I knew there was a reason I loved my followers, they are so wise in recognizing good acting! Thanks for the support in the "Rob Pattinson can't act to save his life" campaign, I should get buttons made or something!

Also, Chatabox Girl, I'm sorry you had a terrible hair straightening experience! I hope mine goes better, now I'm worried! But my hair wasn't curly, only wavy to the point it is annoying to straighten all the time. Ahhh! Fingers crossed!

amillionmilesfromeverywhere said...

yeah, i wasn't sold on leann rimes singing 'jizz in my pants' either. i'm glad it wasn't just me.

Mr O said...

Even more of a travesty? Denzel Washington handing movie of the year not to Iron Man, Slumdog Millionaire or The Dark Knight, but to Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I'm not downing the books, but that movie was the worst two hours of my life.

Two more things:

1) The Barney thing was hilarious

2) That is one of the few songs from today that I liked it the first time I heard it

jeanette said...

@Mr.O (I'm going to use twitters form of replying from here on out haha) Yeah I want those two hours back and I really liked the books. Robert Pattinson ruined my night lol. But yeah, our generation is screwedddd I mean really, a movie that won now Oscars or Golden Globes won Movie of the Year?!?! Denzel should've shown them what's up haha. Glad I could provide good songs :) If you're ever bored I would go back and click on old titles. Don't read them, just listen to the music haha.

Just Add Walter said...

I LOVE THAT SONG!!! and that Barney picture is so funny

Jessy said...

I wouldn't be too worried about the younger generations... the MTV awards are just that, the MTV awards; the awards are mostly worthless and stupid, and the two hours I spent watching (yeah I watched it! haha) it was for entertainment. And maybe I did watch so I could look at Robert Pattinson. Now if Robert Pattinson was winning Oscars THEN I would be worried.

tkb17 said...

1. I agree with you about R. Patts...I think he looks like he's always high. I guess snuffing paint is the thing to do in Hollywood.
2. Eminem did indeed look pissed off....I would be too if Sacha's butthole and balls were in my face
3. I agree with your take on may be fun and document important events, but it's definitely pricey!
4. I'm excited about your hair being straight. Now we can look like twins! =)
Luv ya

jeanette said...

haha I don't think my hair will ever be THAT straight Tyne. But I do think that not having to straighten my hair will give me more time to kick your ass in mini golf!

tkb17 said...

Ok, can we NOT use my name?? I'm trying to be incognito!! Haha. And I do not remember you ever kicking my ass in mini golf....

for the love of pictures said...

Nice song and great cartoon :)

Now they are saying that Eminem was in on the whole thing. I figured that he must have been or he (or one of his bodyguards) would probably have beaten Bruno down instead of just pushing him from side to side. Oh well, it was still entertaining. Gross, but entertaining :)