Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Man... I know I say it every time, but for real... listen to the title song. Kate Voegele is da coolest (da is cooler than the, for future reference).

Anyways, as requested I have photos to offer of my adventures as an employee of MDOT.

1) My work station for 8 hours a day. Note my squishy plane and hard hat along with orange cone.

2) And now, what you have all been waiting for, the reflecty vest/hard hat/safety glasses combo. I know... you're jealous. Look at me... just standing in the middle of I-94 doing work.

There you have it. Other than getting those pictures my life has been pretty good. Friday I visited Allyssa in Grand Rapids. 'Twas great fun, we played some lacrosse, went to see the new Terminator with her mom and the Aaron's, and went to our friend Anna's for some hanging out. I left Saturday afternoon because she had to pack for a basketball camp and I was headed back to Lansing to get the last of my things (read: my tennis racket I forgot there). Sunday I did some laundry then went to the movie theatre I used to work at and saw 17 Again for free. It was funny, I'm not the biggest Zac Efron fan but I can respect his talent.

Monday was great, I went to Tyler's 2nd birthday party. Ty Ty is my cousin James's son, and probably one of the cutest kids ever (okay maybe I'm biased). I also got to see Peyton, tied for cutest kid ever, who is my cousin Nicole's son, he is turning 2 on June 6th. And I'm so excited because Nicole and Jenn (Ty Ty's mom) are both pregnant again! Due in 6 and 3 weeks respectively, with girls. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get them to agree to name one Jeanette but couldn't get even a middle name out of it. And because I love them both I am going to post pictures even though you probably don't want to see them haha.

First we have the birthday boy himself, Tyler, trying to figure out why I am interrupting his meal. Next up is Peyton looking terribly distraught that the presents are not for him haha.

While I was writing up the beginning of this post I was watching Yes Man with my bffaeaeaeae (yes, it's that serious) Nicole and have since renewed my love for Zooey Deschanel along with an apple soda from the ethnic foods section at Meijer. In more exciting news, while doing all that I put my busted iPhone (see post from a couple weeks ago to see how it happened) on Ebay and it sold for my Buy It Now price of $100 in less than 3 minutes! Woot! Now that's what I call a good night.

So all-in-all everything has been going good other than the fact that Prop 8 was not overturned, live and let live is what I say. Hopefully this fight will be over soon. Well that seems to be about enough for now.


amillionmilesfromeverywhere said...

awwwwe, what cuties! i love baby cousins. you can play with them when they're all cute and cuddly, and then hand them back to their moms when they start to cry and get fussy :o)

krystal said...

haha i love the pic on I94!! you rock!

krystal said...

i know we're such intellectuals! i've read anna karenina and i loved it. i love russian lit!

Mr O said...

so i'm pretty sure your blogs are going to be a good read. And having links to songs in your title? Nice touch. I try to keep people guessing with mine, haha. I saw that you put No Doubt and Paramore in all caps in your profile. Just wondering if I could score cool points if I told you I was going to see them next Friday...

tkb17 said...

If I saw you working on I-94 I would run my car into your construction zone just so I could stop and say hello =) hahaa