Friday, May 1, 2009

Bittersweet Symphony

I have been waiting to post today's cover song forever! Just had to find a good video for it, it's gonna make your day... maybe change your life, who knows. Guess you just gotta click on it and find out. :)

On Wednesday we smashed our bridge projects we've been working on for class. Our balsa bridge weighed 19 g and failed at 90 lbs, so not too bad. Hopefully we get a good grade. The rest of Wednesday was spent studying for everyone of my classes. Thursday I had class all day and then played basketball with Allyssa. Keep in mind she's 6'9" so we should have one... but I have no defensive skills whatsoever, never had never will. I can however offer some awesome 3 point shooting skills, apparently not enough though because we lost every game we played. But they were all relatively close so it wasn't too bad.

Today I woke up sore from playing basketball because that's about the most physical activity I have had in forever. I didn't do much other than study, get 100% on a final, and go to see the new X-men movie which was AWESOME. I loved it, there hasn't been one I haven't loved so I don't know why I was worried. But everyone should go see it if you like X-men and seeing Hugh Jackman run away naked.

Tomorrow is a bar crawl so I'm pretty excited! Last week of school coming up! Oh and recently I found this. WTF?!?!?! Why would I want to wear my sleeping bag? This cancels out the possibility of snuggling in a sleeping bag, total fail in my book.


Andhari said...

I loveeee xmen.I think origins is one of the best, definitely :) gambit is hooooottt..

tkb17 said...

I LOVED Wolverine.....I have not done a bar crawl in over a year, which makes me feel old and totally lame.