Monday, May 18, 2009


Ahhh, quick update. The rest of the week was good, I'm really liking my internship (and for those of you interested I will post a picture of the uniform soon.)

Friday Maria came up and we got ready and went to Fazoli's for dinner then to Brian's for a party. The party was so much fun, normal ridiculousness that goes on and so many great stories. They got two warnings that if they didn't quiet down they would get evicted so everyone slowly left and or fell asleep. A few of us decided we were going to go back to Lauren's apartment and chill. When we were all sitting around Jon grabbed the iHome remote and started messing with Maria and Jordan... it went on for about 15 minutes before they realized it, it was awesomely hilarious. After that we just sat around for a while then went to bed at 5 a.m.

Saturday I went to a grad party then watched Knowing with Nicholas Cage... is it me, or is his acting getting worse and worse. After that we went to Kalamazoo and watched Angels and Demons. Before I say how I felt about it let me just state that I have read both that and DaVinci Code and the DaVinci Code movie made me super angry. Anywho, this movie was much better, at least as far as sticking to the book. It was fun watching my mom try and figure out everything as she has not read the book.

Sunday I did some laundry and read some. I FINALLY finished Anna Karinina after starting in in December. I really liked it, but it just took me forever! I just started Please Excuse My Daughter and it is a very fast read like I had hoped for... very funny book.

Today I had work then went for some ice cream with Brian... I love summer and ice cream :) Now Alison and I are catching up and watching NOW AND THEN... can I just tell you guys how much I love this movie, more and more everytime. Ali has never seen it... she's loving it!

Man so great... I'm gonna have to watch this more. Also I need to update more so I don't have these crazy long ones.

If you have just been skimming I'll post a picture I found that pretty much sums up my life right now.

Yup... that's about it haha. Hope your summers are going fabulously! Oh and I had this great idea to learn about my followers. So if you read this, and feel comfortable, post a fact not many people know about you. Mine: When I was 4 I won Little Miss Michigan... got the trophys/crowns/slashes/gowns in my basement to prove it! Your turn!

Oh and I love the kind of new All American Rejects c.d. so listen to the song!


D C said...

You definetly left out the best part of the ice cream, and that was the sweet dog we played fetch with.

And for the fact, I sleep with my eyes open.

Andhari said...

Now and Then reminds me of good old days with my girl friends back in junior high school. We used to go crazy over the 90's hotties like Devon Sawa and Matthew Lawrence lmao.

Glad you had a good weekend :)

~Linds~ said...

Hey there!

Girl you have no idea how much I charged to my credit cards when I was in college. I'm paying for those choices now...literally! But ohhhh well. Live and Learn right?! I hope you have a FABULOUS summer!

Just Add Walter said...

ooh.. I love fazolis!! they closed ours down.. I used to love their breadsticks!

PS: I nominated you for an award.. check it out on my blog!

Alanna said...

Now and Then... good times, indeed. I was (okay, am) so jealous of their clubhouse. It is ah-mazing.

And I know what you mean about keeping different hours because of work. People told me I get used to it, but I still spend the first few hours in a bit of a zombie-state.

Jessy said...

Yeah, I did not like "Knowing" with Nicolas Cage. Haven't seen anything else that he's in lately, but "Knowing" was just... bad!

Mr O said...

& I promise not to go comment crazy, but this is my second favorite song on that cd next to fallin apart

tkb17 said...

Nicholas Cage's acting was as good as Hilary and Hailey Duff's acting in Material Girls. I truly mean that. And the ending of the Knowing was as entertaining watching hair grow. Also, I love the Now & Then poster.....I own the DVD....pretty much one of the best movies ever!

jeanette said...

Those are very accurate comparisons I would say. lol

I have the DVD too! Twins :)