Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Alright, this post is gonna be all over the place, fair warning.

First things first, so I'm sitting here drinking my Kook-Aid and I have a huge problem I need to discuss. So, I'm sure I can safely assume that Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade is everyones favorite Kool-Aid, ESPECIALLY mine. It's probably one of the most delicious drinks ever. When I'm home it's all I drink and there in lies the problem. Now I'm sure you are all aware of the options of Kool-Aid, it comes in the little packages that are like .10 cents that is semi-inconvenient (read: I'm probably the laziest person you will ever meet). And it also comes in a very convienent large tub of powder. With the large size you don't have to add sugar it's just like BAMM instant delisciousness.

My question to Kool-Aid, why in the eff do they not sell Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade in the large convienent tub?!?!? I mean really, I don't see how it couldn't be one of the top flavors, at least better than Grape and they sell Grape in the large size! Grape is so gross... I love grapes, but grape flavoring makes me want to go all exorcist on everyone around me (yes, it's really that bad.) But anyway, if anyone knows where I can find an answer to this please let me know. :)

Alright, after that shpeal (I don't think that's spelled right, for correct pronunciation sound it out like a 1st grader, because that's how I came up with it) I should probably just give a quick summary of my weekend.
1) Started working on the scrapbook (read: Carey had time to help me (read: She did it all)).
2) Broke several strings on my guitar.
3) Saw the Hangover. Very funny, but I have to stop seeing movies after everyone raves about how funny it is... get's my expectations too high.
4) Reading in bed and other like shannanigans.
5) I definitely feel like I'm missing something, but can't be sure.
6) Oh yes, now I remember... Wait for it.... Laundry, that's right, I'm awesome.
7) And last but not least on Friday I saw Land of the Lost (Not Ferrell's best work) but I took my friend home and she had kittens. They were sooooo cute, she named two of them Spock and Tiberius and I named the other two Hef and Holly. Adorable.

Well that's about it, I'm about to go to bed. Oh and hello to all my new followers, thanks for the love!

P.S. Comic, I couldn't resist.


Mr O said...

ok, so it's official. You come to my page for the lyrics and maybe every now and then I can get a "i love this song" or possibly introduce you to one, and I do the same for your blog titles. I really got into "ain't no rest for the wicked" after you posted it and i liked this song after being intrigued by this band when they were on Punk Goes Pop 2.

P.S. I loved the comic. And I will be seeing the hangover this weekend, thank you for reminding me to lower my expectations

Natalie said...

The comic made me laugh out loud at my desk. Which in turns leads people to believe that I may not be working as hard as I appear to be. Meh.

~Linds~ said...

I'm so glad that you liked The Hangover! I am not-so-patiently waiting to see it this weekend. Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my tile! I'm glad you liked it!

PS: I agree Summer is flying by. :(

for the love of pictures said...

I want to see The Hangover - it looks hilarious. Glad you liked it.

That cartoon is Hilarious, btw :)

Alanna said...

Agreed. Blue Kool-Aid is the best. In fact, I think that could be extended to all things blue-flavoured (don't you love how BLUE can be a flavour?)... blue freezies, blue candies, blue soda... BLUE EVERYTHING. I guess it's supposedly blue raspberry, but I don't think it tastes much like raspberries, plus raspberries aren't blue anyway so whatever. Blue is the best.

And that comic is amazing. Good work!

Lily said...

Holy freaking hell I love Cyanide and happiness. If you liked that comic, you should try


Just Add Walter said...

hehe.. that comic is so funny! I used to love the planeteers