Friday, June 26, 2009

Faces in Disguise

Still no pictures yet (big surprise) I just haven't got around to it. And for those of you who still click on my links I apologize for the anime video, I just could not find an actual video for this song that wasn't the Paramore cover. This band is a must though, his voice is haunting, I love it!

So Thursday after work I did some quick shopping then went home and finished reading "Firefly Lane" let's just say I was a blubbering mess. And I don't cry easily... I can name only 3 movies I've cried at my entire life.
1) My Dog Skip, isn't it weird how we can watch people get blown up all day but the moment an animal is hurt we are all "oh no you didn't" *waves finger sassily in the air*
2) Lilo & Stitch, this one I can't explain, only happened the first time I saw it. I blame it on allergies.
3) P.S. I Love You, man, I don't think I stopped crying in this movie. I think it was my reaction to have Gerard Butler and his accent taken from the world haha.

Anyways, back to the point, I was cruising through the book then got to the end and lost it. I wasn't just crying I was sobbing in my bed. Luckily no one was there to witness it, Thursday evening, 11:00, Jeanette is a blubbering mess. Anyways, after wiping my eyes several times because they were too full of tears to read I finally made it through and went to bed.

I was exhausted all day today, Fridays at work just aren't my thing I guess. I did probably 15 minutes of work in the last 2 hours, mostly I just stared at my computer screen and talked with everyone about Michael Jackson stealing Farrah's thunder. It was so crazy that both died on the same day. I posted a Facebook status about it and no one believed me. I love Michael Jackson's music, but the predominant memory I have containing him is visiting the hotel in Berlin where he held his baby, Blanket, over the balcony. I was gonna post a video of his today but struggled so much to pick just one that I quit. And who really didn't love Farrah, I mean, best selling poster of all time?! I was a huge Charlie's Angel's fan growing up. My grandparents had old shows recorded, so after watching cartoons I would watch old episodes of Charlie's Angels, Golden Girls, and Gilligan's Island. Such a tragic day.

Man, I cannot stop yawning, it's getting real annoying. I suppose I should go to bed soon anyways so I can wake up early and take my cousin to the airport. After that Alison and I are going to waste a few hours (possibly seeing My Sisters Keeper, which I read, and didn't cry, that's how sad "Firefly Lane" was... more sad than My Sisters Keeper). After wasting about 5 hours we are going to meet up with Ashely and go to The Fray/Jack's Mannequin concert *squeee* I'm so excited this will be my second time seeing the Fray (met Issac the first time) and my 4th time seeing Jack's Mannequin!

In honor of Farrah Fawcett and all her achievements (including this, one of the number one selling poster of all time):

And in honor of Michael Jackson here is one of my favorites, I love when he was young, he was always passionate about his music, but I think even more so when he was young.

Michael Jackson- Beat it

So there you have it. I wasn't initially planning on writing of the deaths, but clearly I don't follow plans haha. Have a great weekend and I will be back with pictures hopefully Sunday!


Mandy said...

I do think it is very sad about Farrah, and I don't mean to disregard her and her life and the loved ones she leaves behind. But I had barely seen anything she was in. I knew who she was, but that's about it. That's why her death has not had such an impact on me. Also, she had been sick for quite a while.

Michael's death was such a shock, because it came about more suddenly. I am so sad about the fact he was so young and had 3 young children who I am hurting for soo much right now. I loved his music, and was obsessed with him for a while. He has definitely had an impact on me... that's why I feel worse about his death. And, the shock of his death as well as how popular he was around the world is why coverage on him is overshadowing Farrah's death due to an unfortunate coincidence...

Farrah was in really bad condition and was expected to die soon, and the media had already covered that a lot. Michael just dropped dead. Both deaths are of course sad to those close to them and their fans though. :(

Be one with the Fro said...

I didn't realize they died on the same!

Mr O said...

yet another band that I have heard their name a lot, but never checked them out. So once again, thank you.

Oh, and I'm probably the unmanliest heterosexual ever, but I sorta teared up at the trailer for "My Sister's Keeper" I know for a fact I will probably cry watching that movie.

Little triva: first movie I can remember crying to? Free Willy, (ironic w/ the Michael Jackson thing)

Natalie said...

I just finished "Firefly Lane" too!

Nic said...

My Dog Skip, oh my goodness, the second he hit that dog on the ball field I cried hysterically and didn't even want to finish the movie! haha

jeanette said...

@Mandy: I suppose that's true, Michael was a very influential person.

@Be One With The Fro: For real, it is not the time to be a celebrity right now! The oxy clean did died today.

@Mr.O: I made it through My Sister's Keeper with just one single tear, the book is way more sad. Also Sunny Day Real Estate rocks my world.

@Natalie: Did you cry too? Or am I alone in that haha

@Nic: Yeah, I haven't watched it since that first time... it was too traumatic!

Lily said...

I love how Farrah doesn't even have to wear a 2-piece to sell posters.

Her beauty was classic. RIP

Alanna said...

When you were talking about the movies that you watched and you wrote "PS, I Love You, Man" I thought you were talking about I Love You, Man. Like, with Paul Rudd and Jason Segal. And I COULD NOT figure out why you cried the whole movie... because of how damned hilarious it is? And then I figured it out: PS, I Love You, with Hilary Swank and that really sexy (dead) Irish guy. Ohhhhh, now it makes sense.

Hope you had a great weekend!

jeanette said...

@Lily: So true! Those were the good days.

@Alanna: How crazy would I have to be to be crying at I love you man. Haha I would be scared for my mental health.

krystal said...

i must read that book now!

jeanette said...

@krystal: Yes, yes you do! I can mail it if you'd like... I'm all about saving people money!