Friday, June 5, 2009

Leave the Pieces

Is this summer flying by or is it just me? I feel like I do a lot but every time I sit down to write I realize that I was wrong and I am in fact really lame.

I don't think I did anything terribly exciting this week. The usual shopping, movies, etc. I am now taking part in Office Wars 2009 (read: I started it). We have those air cans to clean your keyboard with and if you turn them upside down (which it cautions against, so why wouldn't I?) they spray out like super cold moisture that freezes your skin. So I'm sitting cleaning my bosses office (my job for the day, which coincidentally led to me totally breaking the paper shredder.) and we decide we should surprise spray someone with the super cold air. Obvious choice, Kerry, mainly because we get along, plus she's cool like that. So I go over and she's on the phone, I carefully direct the air nozzle at the back of her throat and spray a little bit. This simple action resulted in probably the funniest thing I have seen in a really long time. She falls out of her chair, in the process hanging up on her husband and starts making sounds like a hairball for approximately 2.5 minutes.

Immediately upon pulling herself together she starts talking all about revenge and whatnot, this is Tuesday. Flash forward to the next day, late afternoon. Allison (another co-op) comes in from out in the field and says "so your car has about 25-30 magnets on the right side." Of course I know who did it, so when Kerry, Jason and Steve went across the street to McDonalds I quickly maneuver the magnets (which were for septic tank cleanup, lovely really) onto Kerry's car and drive away laughing as they realize what has taken place. I went to work Thursday and my wireless mouse was gone, but upon a quick search of Kerry's office it was retrieved, all-in-all, a great week at the office.

Thursday was Kevin's birthday, it brought out all those memories again. His facebook is still up and judging by the outpouring of love on his wall he had truly had an impact on so many peoples lives. To this day I still have great memories of hilarious things that Kevin did and it's so sad that he is not still with us. I texted his brother Bill, who is one of the nicest people ever, he is so concerned about everyone else when we are all just worried about him! I guess it makes for a great support system for all. Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday Kevin! I hope you had some Boskey bombs and dance your heart out.

Man, this post is super long, but I still have to talk about one very exciting thing! One of my great friends, Tyne, who has now discovered my blog and commented on almost every post, bless her little heart, is getting married in December. AND, I am, wait for it... a bridesmaid. I'm not sure why this hasn't come up before now because I'm so super pumped about it. I have already volunteered my services to be "That Girl" at their wedding so that's exciting. Anyways, this brings me to my other point about how awesome Tyne is and how I could not be happier for her. I don't know if she remembers this, but the title song, Leave the Pieces by the Wreckers just reminds me of her every time.

She used to work at the ice cream shop with me and she had been dating this d-bag forever (to her credit he wasn't always a d-bag, just at the end). Anyways, one day they broke up and all I really remember is just wanting to be there for her. Breakups are the pits and it's great to just get distracted from them. So we are going to a movie and I had my iPod hooked up listening to music and this song comes on and she started like, sniffing and crying a little. One part of me thought "I should probably change this, I don't like when people cry around me." The other more helpful side thought "Although she is crying, she needs this to get through it and move on." I kept the song on through the awkwardness and eventually she got over it and then met Doug, which brings us back to the wedding taking place in December. Great example of that saying "Sometimes things must fall apart so that others may fall together."


krystal said...

that is a faaabulous saying!

tkb17 said...

You are the BEST!!!!! I loved what you wrote, and I seriously almost cried. I'm so excited for you to not only be "that girl" at our wedding (which I am highly anticipating), but I'm so excited for you to be a part of the wedding as well. I was going to make you the awesome title of flower girl, however, my niece probably would have kicked me in my shins had I given away her title. Yes, I certainly do remember that song, that's why I almost cried. Love love love you (in a totally platonic way). =)

tkb17 said...

One more thing, I had no idea about those computer cleaners....I will have to try that on Doug. hhahaha

Just Add Walter said...

hehe... i just looked at your links... that one about jasmine and aladdin was so funny... and poor little tink tink... rofl! thanks for the laughs

LiLu said...

Oooo... I think I am going to have to start some Office Wars of my own today... ;-)

Natalie said...