Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Dear

Where is my time going, like really, someone tell me. It seems like the last time I posted was a few days ago when in fact it was Friday! I was planning on posting several pictures from my weekend because it was awesome but I haven't uploaded them yet, so I'll do that some other time.

Saturday I went to the Tigers game and they won, it was a lot of fun (what I remember of it, I drank two really tall daiquiris in the first inning, so the next four were a little fuzzy). Getting to hang out with everyone was great though, I miss them all, it sucks they all graduated! After the game Kevin picked me up and then we went to a grad party down the street from their house for someone I didn't know. After making a quick stop there we went to Target for fun and this crazy guy came up and started talking all sorts of stuff. "I've never been convicted of a sex crime, I just want you to know that" UMMMMM what?!? Only in Farmington Hills. After those shenanigans we went back and watched Role Models and I begged Maria's dad to let me drive his Corvette.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to breakfast at Denny's and I'm happy to announce that after some persistent questioning Gary let me drive his 6 speed 2008 Corvette! It was awesome, he and I rode in it to Denny's while Maria followed and after more begging he even allowed Maria and I to ride in it back to their house while he followed in her car. Right after we got back I drove to Grand Rapids for Allyssa's 21st, I felt bad because she has mono and is on medicine and couldn't go drink! But the extra detour was totally worth it because her mom gave me brownies and they were sooooo delicious.

Other than that work has been work as usual. On Monday Nicole and I attempted some of my new p90x workout videos, we didn't get very far though, apparently just watching the workout video doesn't count as working out, who knew? I blame it on her new puppy, it's so cute it's very distracting. After each of our barely there workout sessions we watched some Arrested Development, I'm trying to get her hooked. Today I didn't workout, instead I went to see the new Transformers, I'm such a nerd, but it was awesome. I'm always amazed at the kinds of effects they can do. I have such a busy week ahead of me, I hope you guys all have some free time, let me know if you see/saw Transformers and what you think/thought of it!

Oh and the title song is my jam right now, I love New Years Day, but she must have been scorned hard core. Probably some of the most bitter songs you will ever hear, especially "You'll Only Make it Worse" Check them out!


the girl said...

Two things about this post made me pee my pants a little from laughing:

"I drank two really tall daiquiris in the first inning, so the next four were a little fuzzy..."

That guy saying "I've never been convicted of a sex crime, I just want you to know that." Good to know.

Oh, and Transformers 2: BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. (Sorry). But if you like watching Megan Fox's compact boobies bouncing all over the screen for like HALF the movie, then you'll love it!

jeanette said...

The girl: I should clarify I did not like the story line or the movie better than the first. I am just a sucker for robots haha, I love the ghett ones. But I do agree with you about the focus on Megan Fox. Her boobs have better acting chops then she does. I can only hope he goes the road of Lindsey Lohan and stops being in movies haha. I was in such a hurry writing this post last night I didn't elaborate as I should have.

Lily said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Also, I tagged you in my blog. GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

Mr O said...

so i clicked on the link, as I usually do, and realize I need to check out New Year's Day. They sounded good.

A Tiger's game AND Denny's? That sounds like an awesome weekend (can you tell I don't have a Denny's near where I live)

I haven't seen Transformers yet (the midnight show was sold out) but from what you and the girl said I should be in for a good time, haha

Lola Lakely said...

Dude, I saw Transformers with 14 of my friends (same ones who went to opening night last time!) and I had a blast. It's a Michael Bay Movie so obviously it's not going to have substance. But if you like fun, robots and explosions- it's definitely a yay in my book. Plus Optimus Prime has the coolest voice EVER!

tkb17 said...

1. P90X kicked my @$$. I made it to day 35 and have been taking an 11 day hiatus from it (it's a love/hate thing). But I fully intend to pick it back up when I get back from vacation so I can be a hott bride.
2. Maria's dad must really like you cuz I wouldn't let you drive my Corvette, no offense.
3. I love puppies.
4. I have a crush on Megan Fox