Monday, June 29, 2009


Let's see... what have I done since the last post???? Oh that's right, I went to the Jack's Mannequin concert, even though they were technically the opening band I'm going to just say it was their concert because Andrew McMahon and co. owned, hence the title song. "Swim" is probably one of my favorite songs of theirs, right up there with "Mixed Tape". If we are adding Something Corporate into the mix (Andrew's other band) that adds a few more songs like "I won't make you" and "Space" (Go check all of those out... IMMEDIATELY).

So let's Tarantino this post and go back to the beginning shall we? Saturday I woke up a little earlier than I would have liked and we got the car packed up and headed out to take my cousin to the airport in Detroit. After we dropped her off at noon Alison and I had about 6 hours to waste until we had to meet Ashley and Brett for the concert. So we just headed in the general direction of the concert and ended up eating lunch at Red Robin then heading off to find a Target and a movie theatre. We got off at the Great Lakes Crossing exit (big mall with movie theatre and a Target) and we headed for the Target first. Let me set this up for you, Target on one side of the freeway, mall on the other. So we go to Target, get the stuff we wanted and then head off to the mall, which is visible on the other side of the freeway. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I'm about as bad as you can get with directions. We didn't think we'd need the GPS because we could see the mall. Long story short, by the time we finally pulled out the GPS we were about 7 miles from the mall. I'm such an idiot.

When we finally got to Great Lakes Crossing for a movie and some shopping, we ended up seeing "My Sisters Keeper" and I made it through with just one solitary tear. I don't know why I cried though, in my opinion the book was much more sad. They changed the book quite a bit, well the ending at least. Alison was sobbing, she hadn't read the book, but let me tell her all about it afterward, what a great friend haha. We drove to the meeting spot and I gave Ashley as big of a hug as I could muster and we all sat down for some Corona's before going to the concert. Once parked we finished off the rest of the six pack and headed inside. Right at the door we saw Ashley, Maria, Lauren and Kiera so we chit chatted and then headed to our seats.

We all got some drinks along the way and sat down with 2 songs left for the opening band. Like I already said Jack's killed it as per usual. At the break I went to hunt down some more friends then went to the merch booth. I already have a Jack's shirt among my collection of 50+ so I decided on a wristband that said SWIM (click the title if you haven't already). Alison by this point had more drinks than I could count and was feeling great. The Fray came out and did their thing, they were really good too. We had a crazy old lady who I can only describe as "feeling the music" she was crazy. We left before the encore in hopes of beating the crowd. I said goodbye to Ashley, I wish she didn't live in Cinci so we could hang out more.

This is the point in the night where Ali's drunken shenanigans went from funny to not as funny. Eventually on the 2 hour ride home she fell asleep and I just rocked out. Not much has happened since then. Just some sleeping, reading, laying out, the usual. Today I went to visit one of my old teachers and she didn't recognize me. Apparently I've changed a lot since she saw me last year? I don't know. Anyways, tomorrow my cousin is supposed to have her baby, so I'm trying to get loose ends tied up so I can spend time with her.

And now for the picture I promised of Maria's dad's Corvette. Yep... that's him in the background thinking "What the hell am I doing?!" Oh yeah... I drove that.

And just for funsies a comic!

I had a few more things to post but this is getting super long. I'll post again soon! Hopefully with a picture of my new baby 2nd cousin! Oh and if you saw/read My Sisters Keeper let me know what you thought! Also I took some videos at the concert so I'll post those soon and post the link.


Natalie said...

I read "My Sister's Keeper" and blubbered like a baby. I'm sad to know that the movie changed the ending. The ending is what made it a great book. A sad book, but a great book.

for the love of pictures said...

Three things :)

1) Glad you had fun at the concert;
2) Beautiful car - wow; and
3) Those comics are hilarious!

the girl said...

Thanks for posting about "My Sister's Keeper" - I'm not sure if it's coming out in Australia for a little while, so it's good to have a heads-up. I read the book quite a few years ago and enjoyed it, although it was a bit of a tear-jerker. Not sure how I feel about the movie having a different ending, but if you say it's good then I'll trust to your good taste and see it when it finally hits our shores.

Oh, and that cartoon? Hilarious.

jeanette said...

@Natalie: yeah. I was a little disappointed about the ending. I read that Jody picoult didn't want it changed either. But I guess they didn't care.

@for the love of pictures: 1) thanks! 2) I wish it was my car haha and 3) I love this comic

@the girl: I'm so jealous you live in Australia. And as long as you go in expecting the ending to be different and expecting it to be sad it is a pretty descent movie. I don't think I'll buy it, but it's good to see once.

Mr O said...

I feel teased. I saw the pic of you and a car and I thought it was a documentation of pics from the concert. I was ready to see Andrew McMahon and all his pianoness. Guess I will have to wait...

Things that made me laugh in this post:

*the cartoon
*the guys and your expression in the pic
*your target/mall story

P.S. This post made me search iTunes for any acoustic stuff, (every now and then I try to be legal) and I found the live from SoHo cd. It sounds pretty good.

SassyGirl said...

Sounds like you had a good time! I haven't seen My Sister's Keeper yet - seems like there are a lot of movies I need to catch up on!
When I read this line "This is the point in the night where Ali's drunken shenanigans went from funny to not as funny." I thought the story was going to be similar to mine, but luckily she just fell asleep.

jeanette said...

@Mr. O: New post has pictures you requested and nice find with the live from SoHo... I'll have to look for that.

@SassyGirl: Thank goodness my night didn't get as out of control as yours, I don't think I would have handled it as well as you did!

tkb17 said...

Cameron Diaz is old. (I want to see My Sister's Keeper, but I'm pretty sure I'll need to smuggle in a box of kleenex)