Saturday, July 4, 2009


So far this weekend has owned. Thursday after work (which I left early so I wouldn't die of boredom) I headed straight to Farmington Hills. As soon as I got there Maria, her parents and I went to a car dealership to look at cars for her. She ended up making a deal on one, but while we were there her dad managed to break a light off a Jeep... that was pretty hilarious. I tried naming the car Jose but it was a no go... I'm now rooting for Barney haha.

Friday morning Maria had to work so it was decided that Gary (her dad, owner of Corvette mentioned previously) would go golfing. Long story short I ended up buying new golf clubs. Previously I had just used my dad and decided it was time to get my own... plus they were pink, and I'll buy anything if it's pink!

Golfing went better than I expected, I haven't golfed in a year, so I was concerned, but all was well, I had a 62, Gary's friend had a 58 and Gary and a 53 so I didn't make a complete fool of myself. Although after one of my swings I did just let the club go so it went flying behind me, I guess I did make a fool of myself.

After golfing I hurriedly changed and rushed Maria out the door so we could meet Ashley and Megan for the Paramore/No Doubt concert. After driving 40 minutes to the Palace (where the concert was) I realized I had forgotten my camera battery. Here's a little backstory for you, the last Paramore concert I was at my camera decided that I didn't need those pictures and deleted them so I wasn't about to not take pictures at this one. So much to Maria's dislike I sped back to her house making it in 25 minutes, sprinted up the stairs and set off back to the Palace. All in all I was only 15 minutes late for our meeting time, but still on time for the concert (Maria was grasping for life at anything she could find).

So we get the concert and go to our seats, which were awesome thanks to my lovely Washabaughs! As we are heading down to row D the ticket guy says "Do you know how to get to row D? Just follow the letters down reverse alphabetically" NO EFFING WAY Captain Obvious! Later on same said ticket person asked if the Washabaughs and I were together, seeing as two of them look exactly the same (twins) and I'm talking to both I'm gonna go on a limb and guess we are together. Haha ridiculous. On to more important things....

The concert was SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUS!!!!! Seriously, up there in my top two or three, if not my favorite ever. Bedouin Soundclash opened up the show, we missed a majority of their set, but what we heard was good. Then Paramore came on and rocked as usual. I seriously have never seen them perform anything less than amazing. They did so good I think that even Maria (saying she's not a fan could be an understatement, they are just not her cup of tea) admitted that they did awesome, "It was eye opening." After the Paramore set we went to the merch booth and I bought a severely overpriced No Doubt shirt.

Another backstory, I now have upwards of 30+ concert tshirts and 2 or 3 sweatshirts. Yes, I'm aware I have a problem, but I'm definitely a jeans and tshirt girl so I wear all of them. Once I have passed this phase in my life I plan having all the shirts made into a quilt so that they will not be a huge waste of money. I can just imagine giving my kids the quilt and telling them that's those bands are the ones they should listen too haha.

Anyways, so we sat back down and No Doubt came on and left no doubt (pun intended) in anyone's mind that they ARE in fact back and more fabulous than ever. They definitely still have what it takes to just make you feel great. I caught myself just smiling uncotrollably and singing along at the top of my lungs. Meagan and I were concerned that they weren't going to sing Bathwater (click the title now, you know you want to) and we discovered that it was both our favorite song. Simple Kind of Life (go ahead and click that too while you're at it) is a very close second. It was really cool because when she sang "I always thought I'd be a mom" she had this huge grin on and everyone was cheering.

While singing Just a Girl, another favorite (who am I kidding, No Doubt were my idols growing up, I love every song) Gwen took a little intermission to talk about her dad who is from Detroit and who's birthday was today and she had everyone sing Happy Birthday to him and then told people to post it on YouTube so she could show him today. It was just an overall great concert. Especially cool when all three bands performed Stand and Deliver, which has never particularly appealed to me until now, it was so cool to see 15+ people working together. At the end of the concert Gwen pulled a girl up on stage who had a Gwen Stefani face tattooed on her thigh. She signed her leg and gave her a hug. That girl probably about died.

"I've had it up to here"

After the concert we watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother (I'm getting Maria addicted) and then fell asleep. I left for home this morning making a stop to see Public Enemies. It was good, but it was long, and felt long, I definely felt like I watched 2 hours and 30 minutes if that makes sense. But I do love Johnny so I can't complain.

Alright, I feel like this post is long enough (read: too long) for any of you who stuck with it thank you! And for those who did Facebook friend me in hopes of seeing more pics I will get those up shortly.

Happy fourth 'o July!


tkb17 said...

1. I love pink things too.
2. If you find your pink golf clubs stolen it probably wasn't me.
3. Captain Obvious sounds like a real douche.
4. My mom could probably make you your concert quilt.
5. My next tattoo is going to be a portrait of your face on the inside of my lower arm.
6. I'm having Johnny Depp's bastard child.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Laughed so much at so many things in this post... Can't even list them, just too many little laughs.

Sounds like the concert was unbelievable - loved the story about Gwen Stefani telling people to YouTube clips of her singing 'Happy Birthday' to her dad :) What a birthday present! Loved No Doubt so much when I was younger and I still listen to Tragic Kingdom all the time. Sad, but awesome.

You rock!

~Linds~ said...

I'M BEYOND JEALOUS!!! I love No Doubt!!! I bet that was incredible!!!

I hope you had a great 4th of July!!!

Ana from far away! said...

I love the pink "golfing-set"!

Mr O said...

your pink golf clubs are awesome, haha

I'm sad you didn't see the sounds, but the other band seemed interesting. We were pretty excited to see Paramore do their new song, it sounded pretty good. And yea, overpriced No Doubt shirt is right on the money. But at least they pretty much did all their hits. The only song we didn't get was Stand and Deliver, so you are cooler than me.

Oh, and I hate your ambivalence about Public Enemies. I couldn't tell whether it was good or not from what you said, now I am still curious about it, but I should see it Tuesday (college movie night)

Hope to see more pics!

jeanette said...

@Tyne: We will discuss all of this when we hang out tomorrow.

@The Girl: I'm glad I can get give some laughs back to you. Your blog makes me happy :)

@Linds: I have some videos I may post. I'll let you know so you can watch them if you're interested in.

@Ana: thanks :)

@Mr. O: You're comments are always my favorite :) I'll have to download the Sounds and see what all the fuss is about. Just go see the movie and let me know how you feel about it!And pics are coming, I'm just lazy!

Organic Meatbag said...

Has Adrian Young learned to play drums yet since the long No Doubt hiatus? hahahaha, I kid, I kid, just a drummer joke here from an old fart...
Glad you had fun!

jeanette said...

@Organic: Yeah, I think he has ;) Thanks!

SassyGirl said...

Wow, sounds like a great concert!
P.S. I was soo addicted to How I Met Your Mother when I first started watching. I think my friends even discussed an intervention, haha!

Anonymous said...

Great review! Fun to read. Your writing style is great; in fact, if you ever write a book i'd defenetly read it :D

I was on one of those No Doubt concerts last years and I must say Gwen has a great body (especially for a mommy of two). And I remember she was wearing her white pants so low I wondered if she went commando, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

cool review!