Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guest Post #1 : Umbrella

This week has been full of rain and thunderstorms. When I was trying to think of something to write, I glanced over at the enormo-puddles outside my door and was reminded of the time I almost fell in the Delaware River. When I was about 13 years old, I had the opportunity to go to the Poconos with my best friend’s (bf) family for a week. It was amazing – the area was simply stunning, and there were loads of activities to do.

^^Enormo puddles outside of door^^

Everyone in my bf’s family knew how to ride a bike. I, however, hadn’t truly ridden a bike in years, and that one probably still had training wheels on it, but I decided to go with the flow. I mean, it didn’t look too hard. Pedal, pedal, pedal brake – right? I was going along fine until I saw a speed bump coming up in the distance. I remember hearing my bf’s dad say that I should pick up speed so that I could ride right over it. I picked up my pace, hit the bump, and fell off the trail. That’s right – off the trail.

You see the bike trail in question had woods on the right and an almost sheer 20 or so foot drop to the left. I, of course, fell to the left. I remember screaming and crying while I clutched to a tree trunk a few feet down. I had my legs wrapped around the bike to keep it from falling and just kept alternating between staring at the river and waiting for someone to pull me up (all the while screaming, of course). After what seemed like hours, but was actually only about 10 seconds, I saw my bf and her dad looking down at me. He was on his stomach trying to reach me, and my bf was holding on to him to give him some leverage. Over my screams I remember hearing him tell me two things: 1) stop screaming; and 2) drop the bike. There was just no way that either of those things were going to happen. 1) I felt as if my mouth and lungs were screaming all by themselves – the fear had to be released; and 2) well, I’m not really sure about this one. It was a combination of two things. My legs were pretty much locked. I was clutching the tree for dear life (did I mention that I can’t swim? A lifeguard tried to teach me once and gave up after about an hour as I couldn’t even float. I remember her shaking her head as she walked away and told me to stay in the shallow end of the pool) and wasn’t going to even twitch until someone was pulling me to safety. The second reason was purely financial. Even my 13 year old self was concerned about having to pay for a lost bike. I was 13. I didn’t have any money, and I didn’t want my bf’s family to foot the bill. I realize now that my rationale was crazy, but give me a break. I was hanging from a tree remember?

Anyway, they managed to pull me up and calm me down. It took a while, but the screaming stopped (that actually stopped as soon as I was pulled up), the tears stopped flowing, and my heart stopped racing; and then I got back on the bike. I got back on the bike, finished the trail and went on to enjoy another activity. It ended up being a really great week :) I had fun, left with wonderful memories and some funny stories, and learned some things. I learned 1) you should never discount the benefits of good upper body strength; 2) you should always ride bikes fast to get over speed bumps; and 3) I really like the Poconos :)

Thanks to Jeanette for having such a great contest and allowing me to share a little tidbit in her part of the blogoverse. Now you all know something about me. What childhood mishaps can you all laugh about now (you know, now that the necessary time has passed and the healing has begun)?

**For the Love of Pictures


Note from your loyal blog operator, me, Jeanette, I loved this post and I hope you all do as well! It has laughter, suspense, and a great title song to go with it, everything you need. Thanks to For the Love of Pictures for taking part in the contest and writing this awesome guest post complete with a cover by Vanilla Sky of Umbrella. Back to your regularly scheduled blogging after the weekend! Have a great one!

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for the love of pictures said...

Hey Jeanette :) I'm so glad that you like the post (thanks for having such an awesome prize for your contest). I got your package today, btw. I absolutely love Nerds so Yea! Thanks for the letter too :) That was great - I'll answer your questions in another comment soon.

Thanks again!

Badass Geek said...

I totally wouldn't have had a fast enough reaction time to grab for a tree. I would have been in the river, there is just no way around it.

Good story!

Natalie said...

Loved it!

I wouldn't have grabbed the tree, I would've plummited down into the river. Kudos to you!

Natalie said...

Also as a side thought...Since I'm guest blog poster number 2 I have large guest blog poster shoes to fill. I should get cracking!

Ana from far away! said...

After a few years of not riding one, I couldn't remember how to do it... I forgot how to keep balance and everything! I'm scared of them now

for the love of pictures said...

I don't know how I managed to grab that tree but thank goodness I did. I've only ridden a bike once since then - and even then it was only for about 2 minutes :)

Anonymous said...
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