Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guest Post #2: 1,2,3,4



Once again, I would like to thank my guest blogger, Natalie, for a fabulous guest post. Head over to her blog for more greatness (Natalie has some wicked paint skills). Working on a new layout, can't decide on which one I like, I should be done with this madness soon I hope. Then I can get around to writing a legitimate post.


Mr O said...

two things:

1) to natalie: that picture slideshow was awesome. And I promise I said that before I saw my name/person. I have no idea what I am going to come with next week

2) to jeanette: i'm feeling the new look of the layout, but can I make one suggestion? I always liked the pictures on your page. It gave your blog a random/happy feel. So my request is more pics of you smiling or in random places with random people. That is all

____j said...

awesome post!!

Ana from far away! said...

Hi!!! I´m tagging you with "20 things about me"!

Jeanette said...

@Mr. O: I will post more pictures as soon as I decide if this is what I want. Got to appease the masses haha, just kidding, I like my pictures too, but I don't want to put them up and then have them disappear when I change the layout.

@_____j: I agree, Natalie did a great job!

@Ana: Just read and commented on yours, I will get to it ASAP thanks!

for the love of pictures said...

Great job Natalie :) Excellent guest post!

Just Add Walter said...

haha... that was too cute... great job natalie!!