Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Love's Not A Competition (Cover)

So I know by now that those of you who have been reading for a while are probably getting sick of my constant Paramore posts, but I just can't help it. They did this cover of Kaiser Chiefs for a radio show and I just love it. But in an effort to not be biased (because I do love the Kaiser Chiefs) here is their version as well :: Love's Not A Competition :: So check out both of them and let me know your opinion. But the real reason I'm posting them as a title song AGAIN is that I'm going to my 6th Paramore concert Friday!!! I can't wait, No Doubt and Paramore, I mean really? That's just ridiculous! Oh and if you aren't sick of videos yet, here is a video yours truly took of Paramore at one of said past concerts :: Decoy :: Enjoy!

Work has been work as usual, I can't believe I've already been there 8 weeks. Everyone at work today said I resembled Dakota Fanning... which normally I would shrug off but this is like the 5th or 6th occasion I have been told this. It's becoming a little troublesome. I'll let you decide (Posting picture with my lighter hair for easier comparison, sorry about the half of my face covered it's the only one I could find looking directly forward. Just imagine the other half of my face):

Today Carey was super upset with Alltel and decided that she wanted to switch to AT&T so we got her an iPhone and added her to my family plan, just working on building the iPhone army. Tomorrow work will be dead and hopefully I can cut out early and head to Detroit for the 3rd weekend in a row. Oh and my last big announcement for the day. August 23rd I will be heading to Florida, woot! Hopefully we get to play with the manitees like last summer :)

That it my foot and those are manitees. Yep.

Anyways, I just thought I'd post this quick post before heading out for the weekend and just to appease Mr. O here are some pictures of Jack's Mannequin, but for future pictures Mr. O (and all fellow bloggers) feel free to friend me on Facebook

At one point he jumped directly on the keys, pretty sure that's not good for them. But he's a bad ass.

Well that was a good time indeed. Now I want to hear from you, what were your favorite memories of the summer so far? I know I've most likely read them and commented already, but who doesn't need another time to tell thier favorite story. I definitely need to finish packing now, such procrastination, can't wait to hear your stories!


the girl said...

Manatees! No way. Too funny :)

Oh, and is that a foot tattoo? Me likee ink - tell the story!

jeanette said...

@the girl: Yes, good eye! I have 4 tattoos, hopefully a new one or two this summer, I have that on my foot which is some stars and a heart, I have a cross on the left side of my back, a hibiscus flower on my right hip and my moms initials in Russian on my left ankle (got it in Russia). Maybe I'll post pictures someday :) Do you have any?

Natalie said...

Meeting my nephew. Although that was in May. Does May still count as summer?

Mr O said...

so much to say:

1) I was going to ask if you that was a tattoo but the girl beat me to it. I love tattoos, I have always been too scared to actually go through with getting one.

2) Your videos are always awesome. I didn't even realize Paramore would do a show like Radio One. Learn something new every day.

3) Speaking of them, saw that show last month in Atlanta. Watch out for the opening band, The Sounds (if they haven't changed bands yet). I was going to post pictures the other day but then I just, didn't. haha

4) Dakota Fanning? I kinda don't see it. But at times, with the right facial hair, i have been compared to the dude from the notebook, which isn't bad, but I just never saw it

5) Hope you have a good time in Florida. I am getting ready to hop over there today actually. I hope the south treats you well

6) Finally, since you put it out there, and I want to see more pics and all that jazz, I think i'm about to cross the blogging/facespace barrier and you should get a request here soon

jeanette said...

@Natalie: may definitely counts. And babys are the best.

@Mr. O: woo here we go. 1) I love tattoos. Nothing to be scared of, get one.
2) thanks. I try to find the best videos I can for those that watch them.
3) is that a watch out they are great or watch out they suck?
4) I don't see it either. I'm unsure how I feel about looking like her. Ryan gosling ey? I suppose if your gonna be compared to someone that's not too bad.
5) I love the south. Specifically southern accents.
6) request accepted :)

tkb17 said...

Dakota Fanning is your mom

Organic Meatbag said...

You have 2 right feet??!! Hehehe.,..

jeanette said...

@Organic: Wouldn't it be awesome if I did?! Sadly that would be my friends.