Friday, July 31, 2009

No Rain

Don't worry dudes and dudettes, I'm still alive (it was touch and go for awhile there I know). Sadly this is gonna be a short post with hopefully a longer one either Sunday or Monday. Title song is from Meg & Dia, I saw them perform this last summer at Warped and it was awesome. I'm going to Warped tomorrow and they are playing again! And hopefully there will be NO RAIN (pun intended) even though there is a 30% chance.

I'm so jazzed for Warped. I'm too excited to sleep... but I'm gonna because I need to have energy for the marathon of concert watching. Anyways, I'm working on the blog layout, but I suck. It's taking way too long and I really just want to go back to 3 columns, so this will probably change whenever I can get around to it. If anyone wants to do one for me you are more than welcome. I would love you forever!

I am attempting to gather the stuff I need for school, pretty unsuccessfully if I do say so myself. I need to get new bedding (not to mention a new bed) and I'm really feeling these:

But I'm getting mixed reactions on them, which is causing me to doubt myself. I really like them, but my cousin says it looks like a 5 year olds room. But I would get black sheets, not those bright ass blue, I don't do fuzzy purple carpets or bed skirts, and my walls are not bright green. Taking all those factors into consideration I don't see the bedding looking too childish, but I can barely match my clothes, lets be honest.

I don't know what to do... opinions?

Oh and here's a comic so this post wasn't a complete waste of your time!


____j said...

That bed set is awesome! I would just think the comforter would get dirty quicker because it's white. lovve the cartoon! ha

Chatabox Girl said...

I agree! I love the set!!

Jeanette said...

@____J: This is true, and I'm such a messy person haha.

@Chatabox: Thanks! I'm so torn!

SassyGirl said...

I agree with J, the comforter might not look as good when it's not as white. But it's def a cute set!

Just Add Walter said...

i have a white comforter and have never had any problems with keeping it white... but who knows... I think its cute