Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Save Ginny Weasley

So I wasn't going to post a blog tonight, but I had a 2 hour and 3 minute conversation with my friend Carly... about Harry Potter. I feel like it was alright though, because we were discussing very serious matters like it's longevity, and which houses our friends and ourselves would be in... the whole phone conversation I was going through my Harry and the Potters albums on iTunes, I don't listen to them often, but if you are a HP fan they are awesome. The title song is one of their songs, so click on it if you want a good laugh.Anyways, after a very intense discussion we arrived at several monumental revelations.

1. Harry Potter will be around forever. Our kids will read them, their kids, etc. Where as we think Twilight is gonna fade out. I mean personally I wouldn't really want my kids to read Twilight until they were old enough to not think that Edward is the perfect guy. They need to know that his obsessive controlling behavior around Bella doesn't = true love. Don't attack me, I like the books, but I'm at an age where I can differentiate true love and crazy. Also, we know for us and a majority of our friends, given the option of one series for the rest of our lives HP would be an easy answer.

2. Carly can see me marrying Harry... err, Daniel Radcliffe (what can I say I have a type, and that type is nerdy, I won't hide it).

3. I will forever and always love Taylor Lautner, this stems from Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Carly hasn't seen this, but might possibly love him more.

4. We put most of our friends in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, possibly because there is a vague difference in our minds.

5. We of course put ourselves in Gryffindor (if you knew us you would understand). The only other girls making the Gryffindor house were Kiera and Ally. However, all of the cool MSU athletes along with Mark Dantonio and Tom Izzo made the cut (MSU Football and Basketball coaches). This is mostly because they don't talk to bitches.

6. After putting ourselves in Gryffindor, the decision was made that Carly would be Quidditch captain, I would be a good goalie, and we would both be prefects. We started a Polish Mafia MSU chapter so it only seemed reasonable that we would be the best and brightest... not sure how we made that connection, but we did.

^^Carly and I attempting a P for Polish Mafia, or prefect, whichever you prefer.^^

7. I may or may not move to England to find Harry...err... Daniel and marry him.

8. I (along with several other thousands of people) could have made a better Twilight cast
. Alice=Rachel Leigh Cook, Emmett=Tom Welling, Edward=Hayden Christiansen, Jasper=Orlando Bloom, Carlisle=Brad Pitt, Esme=Angelina Jolie, Rosalie=Gisele Bundchen, etc, etc. Ignore the fact that all of those are spelled wrong.

9. We discussed several more things but it basically boiled down to use running that joint we call Hogwarts. How it took 2 hours+ to come to that conclusion is beyond me. But here is a little visual enhancement for you (Myself and Carly in our Gryffindor robes, yeah I did):

Anyway, so I just needed to get the fact that I am in fact a huge nerd out in the open and help make my friend Lizzie know she isn't alone! Mostly because her reaction of "ummm. NO" to the Twilight movie made me realize we are on the same brain wave. So feel free to mock my intense nerd status, I can take it, and remember, guest post tomorrow! woot!

Last but not least, comic. I feel like I may get called retarded after this post so this is strangely appropriate.


Lizzie Hoeksema said...

Bahahaha. I love this post :]
It makes me sooo happy, so for this I am going to respond accordingly...
1. I love this fact. Edward is a creepy ass. And I would much rather have my kids fall in love with Harry then Edward!
3. Shark Boy and Lava Girl is possibly THE best movie of all time, Taylor is so freaking adorable in it and I will always love him. Even if New moon sucks, and when i say 'if' i mean 'when'.
6. Can I be the beater? I like to hit big scary balls as stupid people (a.k.a. the slytherins...)
8. Much better Cast :]

And I would like to say thank you for being a nerd with me :] I am so happy that we both decided the come back to the states on that blessed day!!

Jeanette said...

@Lizzie: 1. Team Harry! 3. I LOL'ed hardcore at this response, plan on seeing this together. 6. Of Course you can be a beater. 8. Thank you!

Ana from far away! said...

Brad Pitt: Carlisle!! wow! I agree... Orlando: Jasper!

Natalie said...

1. Harry Potter is better then Twiligh. I still read all the Twilight books in a week to only be disappointed in the last one.
**TWILIGHT SPOILER** I wanted a big mother f'ing vampire fight and was left unsatisfied without it.
2. Angelina Jolie scares me with her bony body and big teeth.
3. I have a degree in physics, went to 5 of the 7 mid-night HP release parties, one more for the dork table please.
4. I call seeker but only if I can steal Harry's Thunderbolt.

Mr O said...

this post is beyond me, but I feel I must comment anyways. You totally gave away your nerdness and I love it. Kind of encourages me to do the same. But who would want to read a whole post about wrestling?

Jeanette said...

@Natalie: 1. Yeah the last book was weird. 3. I've been to all the midnights... Set your place at the dork table, welcome! 4. Our Quid team is gonna be the shit.

@Mr. O: You just read a whole post about HP. I would return the favor with a post about wrestling haha

Lola Lakely said...

Love, love this Jeanette!

Just Add Walter said...

haha... love those pictures! love harry potter.. have read the books like a thousand times each...

after this past movie came out I immediately went home and reread book 7 because I needed closure on everything... haha

Jenni said...

This post cracks me up! I adore Harry Potter and your passion for it.

Jeanette said...

@Lola: Thanks!

@Just Add Walter: I need to reread them all again, they are so in depth I can't remember everything.

@Jenny: Thanks! Another for the Harry Potter table!

Carly said...

These pictures are hilllarious :)

Danielle said...

Seriously love this post, thanks for linking me! The comic at the bottom is perfection.

Jeanette said...

@danielle: Thanks! I wish I could be this funny all the time, but I knew you'd like it!