Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Oh how I've missed you followers (now if only there were more of you... I kid I kid)!

I hope everyones fourth went well and the rest of the weekend (if you had a four day like me). I played golf again on Monday. I improved from last time so that was great. Yesterday Tyne came over and we were gonna play wii but somewhere in the move I lost a cord and just now realized it. Instead we watched some Reno 911 and ate candy. She splurged and bought me .99 cent breast cancer M&M's... she really knows how to treat a girl. Last night I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. I hate nights like those, you know where you just can't turn your thoughts off? I just lie awake wondering if I'm making the right decisions and if I'll be happy when all is said and done.

I finally fell asleep at 2 a.m. and got 4 hours of restless tossing and turning. As you can imagine work was a schedule. After work I went to visit one of my old teachers and her daughter I used to babysit. I also pre-ordered Paramore's new album, the website was going soooo slow. I was going to post thier new song but 1) Mr.O beat me to it and 2) I thought I'd change it up for you guys. Instead I posted a song of All Time Low's new cd. I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet so I just went for the first single which has been stuck in my head all day.

I think tomorrow I'm gonna go buy Kath and Kim (American version not Austraillian) first season dvd's. It never got great reviews and did get cancelled, but I always loved it. Plus it has one of the guys from David Blaine Street Magic (Go click the link over on the right if you haven't seen it, part 2 is my favorite but they are all good) so that's a win in my book.

Does anyone else feel like this summer is flying by? It's more than half over!! Eek!

And just because I love you all so much, here's a comic.

Don't forget to watch the David Blaine skit


Mr O said...

challenge: comic in every post. I know that's two things if you add the title/music video, but I will come up with a second thing if you do.

I was thinking of you when I was listening to that song, hope that's not creepy. But only because you said you have seen them six times. That is awesome. The most I have seen a band is three times, so you def have me beat.

I would pre-order the cd too, but I'm most likely going to get it on iTunes. I have switched over to the digital age. I don't mean to be all cool or anything, the point was to say that we shall get said cd on same day and race each other to post thoughts about it. GO!

Last two things:

Reno 911 is an awesome show

I'm feeling the ATL song

Just Add Walter said...

the summer is definitely going by way too fast!!! as always, the comic is hysterical! ps: 24 followers is awesome!!

Cube Girl said...

Pink m&m's rock. Anything pink rocks for that matter and being able to get pink m&m's that aren't Easter themed is even better.

jeanette said...

@Mr. O: I can post a comic in every post. But I'll run out in about 30. But until then you got it!

That's not creepy. I'm glad to be associated with Paramore. As for the race to post reviews I answered that on your blog.

I love Reno 911. Having them on DVD brings me happiness.

Hopefully the whole cd is good.

@Just add Walter: thanks! Let's boycott summer and tell it has to go slower.

jeanette said...

@Cube girl: I think I have a pink addiction. I'm glad you do to. We should start a club haha.

Natalie said...

My brain wouldn't shut off last night either. This has led me to be quite cranky this moring. I even tried that counting sheep thing, but because of my over-active imagination the sheep just formed a band and rocked out on the farm. I think I watch to many cartoons.

jeanette said...

@Natalie: that would be kind of entertaining. I'm just imagining some Jonas sheep haha

Lola Lakely said...

Ugh, I HATE the restless tossing/turning thing. That has happened to me fairly often in the past few weeks.

So I am forced to stay up and watch Friday Night Lights- my new tv-on-dvd-obsession. Sigh.

jeanette said...

@Lola: Friday Night Lights is probably the one show I don't watch. I've got to check it out. A guy I dated for like a week loved it, but clearly I didn't stick around long enough to get into it haha

tkb17 said...

I splurge on the people that I love. I'm glad I made you feel special. You owe me a Wii session soon!!!!!!! Luv u