Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guest Post #3: There's No "I" in Team

When Jeanette announced that she was doing a blog contest and the winners would get guest posts on her blog, I immediately started thinking of what I would write about. That may sound cocky, haha, but it was a music contest and we have a pretty similar taste in music. She has shown me some new bands and I hope that maybe I have or one day I will show her some as well. So when it turned out that I not only was a winner, but came in first place, I knew I had a few weeks to prepare because first place posted last. This was good and bad because it gave me time to think, but time to stress, especially after the first two posts were so great. But when I got the date I realized that it was on the day of my best friend’s birthday. So this is what I came up with. A post that combined my love for music and a shoutout to my bfff. This is the story of how I discovered what would become my favorite band and how my best friend was involved.

I had always heard of Taking Back Sunday, especially among my friends. There were kind of a “scene” band at that time I guess, as they weren’t on the radio or getting played out on MTV, but somehow all my friends were quoting their songs on aim and live journal and the such. I’m trying to think of what other bands my friends were playing at the time but for some reason all I can think of right now is The Early November. There were plenty of others, but right now their song “Ever So Sweet” is the only one I can think of. Anyways, Jme’s (that's how I spell it) birthday was coming up and I wanted to get her something. If I remember correctly, and I could be wrong, there was a cool cd holder at Wal Mart she wanted, so I got that for her. But I thought to myself to step it up and give her some cd’s to put in there. I knew she liked Taking Back Sunday so I bought her the cd “Where You Want to Be” and I believe I also got the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, haha. (side note: that is a classic soundtrack).

I had this act I used to pull when I bought my friends cd’s: I would open it and rip it to my computer before giving it to them. I figured if I was paying for it, I at least wanted a copy for myself. So before I gave her the cd’s to put into her holder, I played “Where You Want to Be”
in my car -- for about two weeks straight. I feel in love with the opening to the cd with the repetitive “say yes say yes say yes” in the opening track “Set Phasers to Stun.” I listened on and in the second verse and when lead singer Adam Lazarra sang:

“Well theres a secret I've been perfecting, I swore I wouldn't but you let me I'm comfortably confused (and you...) You've gotten so removed You know I, I could take the place of those pills Ocean blue, paint it white Now who ya gonna call tonight?”

I knew I was hooked. I later saw the video for the cd’s third song, “A Decade Under The Inlfuence” and TBS was ultimately catapulted to my favorite bands category. I ended up being really late in discovering the songs “Cute Without The ‘E’ (cut from the team)” and “You’re So Last Summer” but after hearing them on a friends computer I recognized the lyrics as the ones that everybody had been posting. I went out and got the first cd “Tell All Your Friends” and a copy of “Where You Want to Be” for myself.

Over the years, my love for them began to grow as I could not only rock out to them, but I actually listened to them. In “New American Classic,” Lazarra sings:

we could live through these letters or forget it altogether,
see the months they dont matter its the days i can't take
when the hours move to minutes and i'm seconds away,

My freshman year of college, TBS came out with “Louder Now” and suffered the wrath that all bands usually face. The yells of “changing their sound” accompanied their debut on a major record label. Personally, it is one of my favorite cd’s ever. It been put into it to make it sound so. The cd produced probably their most popular song, as far as radio play to reach to the masses, to date with “MakeDamnSure.” That was in 2006. It wouldn’t be till June 2009 that a new cd by the band would come out. Until that time, I found myself going through a big breakup and latching on to their songs. Especially “One Eighty By Summer.” It’s not so much the actual lyrics, but the way he yells them at the end when he is saying

“She says live up to your first impression (Come on, just say it), Well my best side was your worst invention (Come on, just say it), Why can't you live without the attention (I need you defenseless, dependent), Why can't you live without the attention (alone).”

And that bring me to why I have always loved them. It’s the emotion they display in their songs. And I just realized a few months ago that in most of their songs, they don’t even rhyme.

Bringing this story full circle, when “New Again” came out in June, they announced a tour to support it. Seeing as how I had to give credit to Jme for helping me discover them in the first place, and because we needed something to do that summer, I asked her if she would want to go see them with me in Atlanta. She said of course and a couple months ago we, together, saw our favorite band. And while, thanks to the crowd, I wish some things would have went differently, it was definitely a memory to have the two of us watching a band that we have grown up with through high school and college.

So now, some thanks.

Thanks to Jeanette for giving for the love of pictures, Natalie, and myself the opportunity to do these posts.

Thanks to Jme for being born on this day 22 years ago and for showing me the music that would change my life.

Thanks to you -- for reading :)

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And that completes my guest blogging, all my contest winners did a fab job and all brought their own unique styles to share on here, Worked excellently. Head over to Mr.O's blog for more posts as great as this. I don't have work tomorrow so I will be sleeping haha. Still haven't seen 500 Days of Summer and it's driving me mad. Need to get pretty much everything for my room next year. Ugh. Real post from me coming soon. Have a great weekend!


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