Sunday, September 6, 2009

I've Got You (When I Get Up)

Annnnddd I'm back. I'm kind of starting to get into the whole school routine, and when I say kind of I mean that I'm still adjusting haha. I am almost jumping out of my skin waiting for this Britney concert, only 3 more days! Speaking of concerts... I wasn't going to go to the Paramore fall tour, what with they number of times I've seen them and the fact that one of those was just a few short months ago. That being said, my friend Cara came over the other day and I gave her a few c.d.'s (Charlotte Sometimes, both Paramore, and Rocket to The Moon). The very next day I received a text informing me she had a huge lesbian crush on Charlotte Sometimes. I then jokingly asked if she wanted to go to the Paramore concert and she did. So guess who's seeing Paramore October 11th? This kid *points at self*

Other than that though I have been just getting adjusted to my classes like I said. I have 17 credits which kind of sucks, but whatever. I only have classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but because of that I have classes all day on Monday and Wednesday.

The other night I played the most intense game of Mario Party ever. Imagine MMA mixed with Wii playing and you have pretty much imagined our game of Mario Party. It was pretty awesome. OH! And MSU won their first game! They showed up to play and it rocked, can't wait for the rest of the season. We decided it would be a good idea to play beer pong Friday night and that turned out to be a horrible decision before an early morning tailgate, but good news I'm still alive, so Go Green!

I am super excited about new c.d.'s, as is Mr. O, obviously I'm most excited for Paramore's new album, but right after that I'm most excited for Tegan and Sara's "Sainthood". So check out the title song. Probably one of my favorite Tegan and Sara songs ever, and that is saying A LOT. Alright, I'll be back with a Britney post soon, and a Welcome to my house post.


for the love of pictures said...

Man, I haven't been to a concert in too long. I have to try and get to at least one before the end of the year.

Good luck with settling back in to the school routine! I'm trying to do the same, and it is slow going :)

Mr O said...

I love how you just couldn't stay away from Paramore. TBS is coming to my rival university in two weeks, and I am still going, haha.

I'm glad you won your first game but even more glad you're still alive

Jeanette said...

@For the Love: You are in serious need of going to some concerts. Good luck with settling back in to school.

@Mr.O: What can I say, I love me some Paramore. That's great you're going to see TBS. I'm glad I'm still alive too.

Nic said...

I am so jealous that you are going to see Britney!!! But.. I guess so happy for you as well hah have so much fun!

Jeanette said...

@Nic: It was awesome... see new post, Ahhh I love her!

Caley Brown said...

Looks like a cool house!