Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Perspective

So I'm sitting here getting ready for Thursday night tv to start (SNL weekend update: Thursdays, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Community, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) I love all of them, especially It's Always Sunny haha. Anyways, I figured I better write today because this weekend I will be participating for the fourth time in the Izzone camp out. Which means I will probably also be getting sick for the fourth time. The campout is a requirement if you want to get basketball tickets in the lower bowl.

It's so great sitting right there practically on the floor, it's like being in the game. So the camp out starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning and goes until 9 a.m. Sunday morning, with random checks throughout the day. It's not really all that bad, it's actually pretty fun hanging out with everyone until it gets dark and freezing outside. So that is my plan for the weekend, it should be awesome. Might hit up the comedy club tomorrow, who knows. Here is a picture of the campout from my sophomore year.

I'm somewhere in there. But yeah, just cause I know you all were extremely worried... only 17 days until the Paramore concert :) Who's excited and has two thumbs? This kid!

Have a great weekend! Oh and I've been in a Panic! at the Disco mode lately, enjoy the title song.


Mr O said...

that is insane in the membrane to be chilling (literally) out there. But I guess it's one of those "when in Rome" things, cept "when in college..."

i like panic with the !, glad they brought it back

for the love of pictures said...

Have fun at the camp out :) Stay warm and enjoy those tickets!

I also love the song choice, btw :)

Jenni said...

When my best friend went to State she did this every year. She used to always say how much fun it was. Hopefully you didn't get sick (I have a cold now and it sucks).
I must say though that if you're going to support a MSU sport, basketball is the one to do so. ;) Jk. GO Blue! :)

Anonymous said...

wow. now that's dedication. good luck and have fun!

Lola Lakely said...

I feel that you, Mr. O and I should all exchange music.