Monday, October 26, 2009

Deep South

Almost another week! I swear I'm trying to post more, but at the same time waiting for something good to write about. And do I have a story for you! Life was pretty unexciting up until the weekend (isn't it always). So Friday night I went to see Zombieland FINALLY! And it was totally worth the wait, I want to watch it again, like right now. Anyway, I went to the movie with my old roommate Jessica and when we got back I met up with a friend from high school and we all went to the bar.

Well someone (aka me) was an idiot and didn't eat all day. And you know when you don't eat and your blood sugar is too low and then your hearing gets muffled and your vision goes black. Yep... that happened not once, but twice at the bar. The sad thing was that we left after that and I wasn't even buzzed. Waste of the cover charge. I'm alright, just a few bruises from the ground haha. This used to happen a lot when I was younger, but it hasn't happen in a while. I guess it just thought I needed to be reminded haha.

So I stayed up for a while being all embarrassed and assuring Jessica that I ate and was fine. Saturday morning I woke up and Maria and I went to the Halloween store around 11:00 I found the last piece I needed of my costume as did Maria. Then we went to Sam's Club to get large pops, they have the best ice there. We came back, got ready for the day and then headed out to tailgate around 1:00 p.m. The weather was terrible and alcohol can only keep you warm for so long so we all headed back to our townhouse. Once everyone was ready 12 of us piled in Maria's Explorer and I dropped 11 of them off at the game. The game was heart wrenching for me (happy for Krystal). We lost with 2 seconds left in the game.

Saturday night Maria and I watched some HIMYM, she is almost caught up and loving every minute of it. I slept until noon on Sunday and then did a whole lot of nothing productive. EXCEPT for my trip with Jessica to campus to take some beautiful fall photos. Examples below.

Just playing in the leaves.

I love East Lansing in the fall (summer, winter and spring)

Trust me, this is one river you do not want to fall into.

Anyways, after this little adventure I had some delicious pizza and called it an early night. Class all day today, super sucky, I'm so ready for this semester to be over! I was sitting around playing guitar when Allyssa and I decided to go see Saw 6 so we had to hurry over. It was pretty crazy, the usual gore and twists and turns. They left it open for another, but I kind of wish they'd stop. The movies are entertaining, but enough is enough. I'm so excited for Halloween!!! Can't wait to see everyones costumes.

Oh and the title song is by Cartel, I'm really digging their new cd, especially this song, makes me want to live in the south!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It has been a week?!!? Where did the time go? Truth be told I was waiting to update until I went to see Zombieland but apparently that is never going to happen and I don't want to keep anyone waiting haha. But I have one more exam tomorrow so I'm going to keep this short, with another installment of "You might be Jeanette if..."

-You've watched one to many late night movies on cable this week.
-You saw "Where the Wild Things Are" and loved it.
-You got some possibly great news (Waiting until it's confirmed to share it!)
-You watched Drag Me To Hell not one, not two, but 3 times.
-You went to Midnight Madness for the last time to support your friends on the team!

And that is my life in a nutshell. It was a pretty chill weekend in general. Thursday I made the mistake of watching "Primevil" until 3 a.m. it's pretty much just a movie about a huge killer crocodile that lives in Africa, but as a plus I learned some sweet defensive strategies. Friday I had a test, was long, but went alright. Friday night I went to Midnight Madness, it's pretty much a "get to know your basketball teams" get together. They fill up the Breslin Center and introduce the MSU men's and women's team. I have a few friends on the women's team so I went and hung out there with my friends parents, good times haha.

After that I stayed up watching "Team America" until around 3 a.m. again, needless to say I didn't wake up for tailgating on Saturday. The game was good, we won woot! I worked on homework all day until I went to see "Where the Wild Thing Are" with my friend Danny. It was different from the book but it was still pretty amazing and extremely beautiful. After the movie I hung out until Allyssa came over, she brought over cupcakes and candy, and we had some ice cream. I think I gained about 5 pounds. Sunday was pretty lame, I watched "Halloween:
Resurrection" until 2 a.m., my sleeping schedule is so out of whack right now. Anyways, hopefully by the end of the week I can come back having finally seen Zombieland and confirmed good news.

Oh and the title song is by Hayley Williams of Paramore. It's off of the Jennifer's Body soundtrack, it is an amazing soundtrack!

OH AND!!! I can't forget, the Tegan and Sara album "Sainthood" leaked and it is amazing, AMAZING I tell you!

OH AND! I got an award from Ana it is the Awesome Post Award, I would like to pass it on to:

The award is over in the left column guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Since the last post life has been fabulously great. I have no complaints. Saturday morning I went and took that practice GRE, didn't do as well as I'd hoped... but hey, what is practice for? After the GRE I was 100% team serious study time. Other than the shopping break my roommate and I took.... a girl needs a break, you know what I'm saying? So I studied all day made some pretty awesome note sheets if I do say so myself, real high quality stuff.

Sunday I woke up got ready and headed to my friend Cara's so we could head to the D for the Paramore concert. OUR PLAN was to get to the concert early and wait and get right up front as it was Cara's first concert. However, this plan was foiled when we got there at noon and there was already a line, instead we drove around the ghetto of Detroit until we found our way out. We ended up hanging out at target for a while and then going to see a movie.

I wanted to see Zombieland, Cara refused, we saw Couples Retreat, it was not funny-->I was sad. I was pretty disappointed in it because I love Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell. It had so much promise, but I feel like all the semi funny parts were in the previews, AND I still need to see Zombieland! Anyways, then we went to Applebee's (which was oddly mentioned a lot in the movie) and I had the triple chocolate meltdown. MMMMMM. Then we headed to the concert.

We ended up getting an alright position and the concert was AMAZING as always, don't belive me? Boom goes the dynamite, watch that right there.

So concert was great, even if it was my 7th Paramore concert. We made it out of downtown Detroit pretty fast and I was back to my place by midnight. Didn't end up going to bed until around 2 a.m. even though I had two tests on Monday. You'll be happy to know that I had my way with both tests, yeah, I'm that good. So all in all it was a great weekend.

The title song is the first single off Tegan and Sara's new album "Sainthood" and it has been my jam lately so you're gonna want to go ahead and click on that title. OH! Speaking of Tegan and Sara... I may or may not be FINALLY seeing them March 27th... and by may or may not be I mean I totally am!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows that this is about the one band I really, really want to see and haven't seen. They are definitely in my top three and they are rarely on tour around here, but my luck has done me good and I couldn't be more excited!

So that is my weekend in a nutshell! Everyone watch that video and then listen to the title song. That is your homework alright? Good.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Can't Go Back Now

This whole blogging more often thing hasn't been going as well as I'd initially hoped for. I blame it on my lack of social life. School is really killing my rep, anybody else getting this? And being the smart person I am I thought to myself "I can barely find anything to write about in my blog so you know what I'm gonna do... I'm gonna get one of those Tumblr things." And that is what I did so if any of you have one lets be friends :)

Needless to say I did not see Toy Story 1 or 2, I can't find that extra 3 hours. So other then studying for the 4 tests I have next week not much has been going on. Oh wait! I made some major life decisions in the last few weeks. There was a career fair at school this week which means I had to decide if I wanted to get a job or go to grad school. After some intense thought as to what I wanted to do with my left I.... signed up for the GRE and skipped out on the career fair. That's right everyone, I am delaying being an adult as long as possible. Now I only have to pass the GRE and then apply for schools and you know... graduate. I've got a few schools in mind for grad school but more research must be done. One thing is for sure, I'm leaving Michigan... time for a new state.

So that's it in the life of me. Follow me on Tumblr if you're interested... or Twitter. Or friend me on Facebook if you feel like it (All the links are up at the top!). Oh and listen to the title track by the Weepies... if you haven't heard of them you are missing out.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fuct Up Kid

First of all. Today has been a fabulous day. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you. We beat scUM, sorry I mean, the University of Michigan. It's always fabulous to beat them. When I was looking at schools I considered U of M and went to the campus, but as with most of my friends who did the same we quickly realized that 90% of the people who attend that school have some weird superiority complex. I get being proud of your school, but there is no need to act superior to everyone else. Example: Last year I was at my friends house in Ann Arbor for the game and we were winning, by a lot actually... my friends and I were cheering but not bragging to them excessively, and as soon as the game ended and we had won every U of M student in the room turned to us and said "Well... our academics are still better so whatever." I mean really?!?! It's alright to lose sometimes. So beating them is a good feeling, makes me feel all warm inside.

Enough on that subject though. Yesterday I saw Whip It! with some friends. For those not in the know Whip It! is Drew Barrymore's directorial debut. And it was pretty excellent, really funny script, great cast, all together a good movie. It had pretty much everyone in it; Drew Barrymore (obviously), Juliette Lewis, Ellen Page (Juno), Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Marcia Gay Harden, Landon Pigg (Check out his c.d.'s if you haven't already), Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Wigg, Eve, Ari Graynor (Norah's best friend in Nick and Norahs), and a few others including Daniel Stern (Home Alone!). I would definitely recommend it, we were all laughing so much!

So all-in-all it has been a great weekend, I think there is some beer pong happening tonight and Toy Story 1&2 in 3D tomorrow. So excited Paramore in 8 days! Life is good. Oh and I posted the video of the stair incident on Facebook so check that out.

Oh and title song is an old Mest song, I've been burning through all their songs over and over, it's great to rediscover a band.