Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do Better

Sorry it's been a while... again. Do you ever get the feeling everything is just hitting you at once? That has been my life lately. I can't even remember everything that has gone down since last Thursday but let me see if I can do the highlights. Friday night after class got out I headed home to go to Tyne's bachelorette party... I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding on December 18th. So many hilarious things went down, as I'm sure you can imagine. Here's the best of the best:

1) Tyne wearing underwear on her head throughout dinner.
2) Tyne running up to the 15 ft santa yelling "I'm gonna grab his balls" while families walked around haha.
3) Her asking the bouncer who looked like Chris Daughtry for his autograph.
4) Her getting kicked out of not one, but 2 bars.
5) Her approximate drink total (I wasn't around her all night) 2 cosmos, 1 martini, 4 shots, 7 cranberry vodkas.
6) "Jeaneffe, do nov poosg fach picturesh... faceboocc" Translation: "Jeanette, don't post fat pictures on Facebook"

As you can see it was a great Friday night. Saturday afternoon however was not so good. My cousin had called earlier in the week to tell me that our great grandma had been given 2-5 days to live so Saturday I stopped over to see her. She was always a tiny person, like 5'2" tallest, but when I went to visit my great aunt Louise said she weighed less than 69 pounds and she obviously wasn't talking or anything, it's always tough to see someone like that. So I said my goodbyes and headed back to East Lansing, and sometime during the hour and 15 minutes it took to drive home she passed away. At least she's at peace now. She lived a great live:

Mary Amelia Brand, 97 years old, 4 children, 16 grand kids, 14 great grand kids, 4 great great grand kids.

So I went back up for classes and tests Monday and then headed home again yesterday to attend the funeral and whatnot. After the reception I went to see Blindside I probably would have cried had I not spent all day crying. It was your typical feel good, warm the heart, sports movie. I love Sandra Bullock, I believe I said it before but she can do no wrong in my book.

Today I found out that after December 9th Glee will be on hiatus until April 13th because of American Idol... I have NEVER been so pissed at American Idol haha. Now I really have a good reason to start watching Modern Family because Glee was keeping me from watching it.

Anyways tomorrow is Slapsgiving (Never again will I call it Thanksgiving, thank you HIMYM) I'm so excited for food and Black Friday shopping. My best friend Alison and I always go out at 3 a.m. for shopping. Good times. What else... oh the title song is by Say Anything, I love them. Oh and thanks everyone for checking out my first article on EGB!

If you get that comic then we're on the same page haha.


morrownow said...

Can I come for Slapsgiving? I brought "DISEASES"! Modern Family is a great show too, and I love Ed O'Neill in it.

Sorry about your great-grandmother. Age 97 ain't too bad. Not bad at all.

About what you said about the 1st song in our video, lol yeah it's a catchy tune, but Jason was just mocking the generic pop-punk acoustic songs out there. Maybe we'll see it later as an encore song.

Ana from far away! said...

Bachelorette parties are the best, specially if the bride gets super drunk... Enjoy your slapsgiving!

____j said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE modern family, food, and black friday shopping!

Jeanette said...

@Morrownow: I'm sure this is actually Brent by your excellent use of HIMYM. I need to watch it... soon enough! Haha maybe they should take the first song, Add some sweet riffs to make it less generic and then make it a full song.

@Ana: Yeah it was good times! Enjoy your thanksgiving!

@____j: I'm glad you agreed with most of my post then haha.

k. said...

hah - sounds like a good time. you know it's a great night when you get kicked out of a bar ;) but TWO bars? damnnnn. haha!

& i was thrown in to a deep depression with glee on hiatus.. really, american idol? really?

hope you had a good thanksgiving!

xox. K

amillionmilesfromeverywhere said...

i hate it when it feels like everything is happening at once. that's been my life for like the past month or so. you're not alone!