Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thriller (cover)

Hello all, before you get all excited thinking I posted a MJ song it's just a cover, but a pretty awesome cover. It's a small band called Nineball and they are pretty legit, found the bassist on Twitter and off and on we will @reply about music, so check them out!

Anyways, it has been almost a week yet again. This year is flying by, so let me get you caught up real fast:
Tuesday: Worked on costumes and homework.
Wednesday: Finished Lolita good, but super creepy.
Thursday: Homework and Thursday night television.
Friday: The festivities began.

So Friday we were going to go out but it was raining and my roomies were having a rough time recovering from the night before so we decided to just stay in and have people over to so we didn't have to leave, ingenious I know. We got our sink full of candy ready (really, a sink full of candy!) and we all got in costumes. It was a pretty chill night, I didn't even drink we just played games and had a grand 'ol time.

On Saturday I was going to go to my friends Rugby game but we couldn't find it so I ended up doing a whole lot of nothing during the day except playing some Sporcle with the roommates and preparing for Halloween at 139 Stoddard Vol. 2.

Volume 2 was a HUGE success, we had a ton of friends show up, lots of drinking games and pictures, the usual Halloween stuff. Needless to say it was a great time and there are tons of pictures. If you'd like to see them all they are on Facebook and the link is above just friend me! But here is a teaser:

Here is the turtle clan!

My best friend in the whole wide world, Alison, visited!

Group photo: Tay, Me, My BFF Allyssa, Danny, Aaron and Danny's cousin David.

Good times were had by all, the group from the photo above played a pretty amazing game Thumper. Anyways, the time change threw me off a little I was playing beer pong until almost 3 which was really almost 4, but we had to do it big, we celebrated a 21st birthday! Happy Birthday to Jordan! I didn't have much recovery time today we had to clean up and then it was the first men's basketball game of the season, which they won of course. We are ranked #2 in the nation so it's super exciting.

Allyssa (from the above picture) just came over and brought Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, interrupted my writing. The movie was good... in my opinion Land Before Time will always be the animated dinosaur movie closest to my heart :) Now I'm sitting here deciding which book to read next and watching some Futurama. Enjoy this comic, I've got big things happening this week Taking Back Sunday/All American Rejects concert on Tuesday!


Mr O said...


*that girl is SO tall

*i wish I would have dressed up as turtles when I had three roommates

*that comic was pretty hilarious, im beginning to wonder about my sense of humor...

*ranked #2 in the nation... nice

*the concert is Tuesday??? You better have a good time

Mr O said...

my bad for leaving two comments, but I forgot one note:

The Ice Age triology is one of my favorites. But I must agree with you, Land Before Time is a CLASSIC

Jeanette said...

@Mr.O: Responses: Yes, yes she is... but I love her regardless, next Halloween, be a turtle, haha no it really is a funny comic, I will def have a great time

and: I'm glad you agree... Littlefoot is my homie!

Brent said...

MICHELANGELO? He is LE BEST. My favorite pizza lovin' turtle of them all. Awesome choice. The party looked fun. And I'd have to agree, Land Before Time was the best, and will always be a classic. It was epic.

Just Add Walter said...

oh my gosh I love your ninja turtle costumes!! they are so cute!!!

glad you had such an awesome halloween!!

Jeanette said...

@Brent: Michelangelo is obviously the coolest. And I've decided to add Land Before Time on DVD to my Christmas list. I just love them so much haha

@Just Add Walter: Thanks! Just stopped over at your blog looks like you had a great time too!

Jenni said...

I was a turtle one year for Halloween, when I was like 6 or something. Seeing you're friends brought back lots of laughs. Glad you had a good time!

Jeanette said...

@Jenni: Thanks! If you ever make your way into East Lansing... Lunch is on me :)

SassyGirl said...

Great costumes!

The time change meant I had an extra hour to get over my hangover. Daylight savings should ALWAYS be on the day after Halloween.

Short White Coat Notes said...

Brilliant costumes!