Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You're So Last Summer

I'm totally getting two posts in this week, ohhhh yeah. What have I done, I feel like there was something. I couldn't have been lame all week could I have. OH WAIT... that's right, I went to see Anberlin/All American Rejects/ Taking Back Sunday on Tuesday. Yep, I'll give you a second to get over your jealousy, because you're only going to get more jealous as the post goes on. While you're getting over your jealousy check out the title song by Taking Back Sunday. Seeing them play it live renewed my love for the old TBS.

So concert was good. It was my second time seeing Anberlin, they played a free show here two years ago and they started the concert off with a bang. My friend was really only into All American Rejects but I saw him getting into Anberlin. There was a quick set change and AAR started they played a really good mix of old and new songs, and they played for almost an hour which was awesome. I was a little put off by Tyson's insistence on using the word fuck in every sentence but hey, what can you do. A ton of people took off after AAR played and the set change took forever but finally Taking Back Sunday started playing. The show was great. They played for just over and hour, took a request from a guy in the crowd, but oddly did not do an encore.

Here comes the part you're gonna be jealous of: My friend left right away because the concert went from 7:30-11:30, I decided to stick around and do my usual thing of meeting bands (I'm oddly lucky when it comes to that). First I headed over the what turned out to be the Anberlin bus, While there I met Joseph, Nathan, and Deon of Anberlin. They said Stephen wasn't coming out so I headed over to the other two buses.

Me, Joseph, Nathan, and Deon from Anberlin (I love me some Nathan!)

When I first got there security was shooing people away but I kind of just hung off to the side and eventually they went away. This is when I proceeded to go ahead and meet Tyson Ritter of AAR, the rest of the band was on the bus so I headed over to the TBS bus.

Me and Tyson Ritter (seemed pretty cracked out... but I like the peace tattoo in the web of his fingers)

All of the band was chilling outside except Adam so I talked with the rest of the band while waiting for him to come out. Everyone was really cool, they just hanging out talking about touring and stalkers, etc. Eventually Adam came out and I talked with him for a little bit. Now for those who don't know I talk music with Mr. O all the time so I know his favorite band is TBS, so I thought it'd be a nice little surprise to call him up and put him on the phone with Adam... and man, it turned out to be a great idea, Adam couldn't talk long because he was getting swarmed by fans, but it's the thought that counts right? So there you are all caught up on my life!

Top to Bottom: Me and Matt. Me, some random girl, someone I don't know, another Matt. And lastly... myself and Adam Lazzara.

So there you have it... that is how I spent my Tuesday!


Mr O said...

*that had to have been the greatest Tuesday ever

*that WAS the greatest phone call ever


Lola Lakely said...

Honestly, you are adorable and one of the best friends ever for calling Mr. O. You rock Jeanette. You really do.

I'm excited that you got to meet all of them!

P.S. I'm so into T&S now!

Jeanette said...

@Mr.O: Yeah, not much happens on Tuesdays so this takes the cake. Yes! That was my goal... yeah Flava Flav! Love him

@Lola Lakely: Thnaks! I'm so glad you're into T&S that's awesome!

____j said...

so insanely jealous. but you already know :)

Short White Coat Notes said...

Lucky, lucky!

for the love of pictures said...

So lucky! Glad you had such a great time :)