Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blue Christmas

Here's my Christmas post... let's all just ignore the fact that it's a few days late. Oh and while you're reading enjoy this Christmas song from the A Fine Frenzy Christmas EP.

I can't believe it's almost a new year! This year is flying by... I'm not ready to be 22 and responsible for more things. Anyways, my car being broken has put a damper on some plans but I've still managed to have some good times. Tuesday I lounged around all day then drove to Grand Rapids to visit Allyssa/pick up my cousin and her fiance from the airport. Dinner was great (as it always is) and the roads weren't crappy so that's always good. I got back pretty late but kind of got to sleep in before going to meet an old friend for lunch.

It's weird seeing people when so much time has past. I don't feel like I've changed much, but then when you're talking about the past it just seems like another person altogether. After lunch I went shopping with my mom and she got me a little present (her main present is helping me pay to get my car fixed eek!). Before I go further here's a little recap of xmas presents:

1) Season 1 of Sonny With a Chance from a roomie (Yes it's a Disney show... it's great).
2) Awesome t-shirt from a roomie.
3) Two PostSecret books from a roomie.
4) Time Turner necklace!!! from an old roomie.
5) The Gwen Stefani perfume I wanted from my aunt.
6) NFL replica Peyton Manning Jersey (so legit!) from Carey.
7) Sweater I wanted from my cousins along with a necklace.
8) Replica Kill Bill Samurai Swords from Alison (Uber-legit).
9) Various monies and gift cards from various people.

All-in-all it was a great xmas! Seeing the family was awesome and I think I did pretty good getting everyone things they'd enjoy, especially the Bon Jovi tickets I got for my mom!

Christmas Eve we got a huge snowstorm and churches were closed so I just went to bed early so I could be well rested for Christmas with my mom's side of the family. We ate, opened presents, watched Elf, A Very Sunny Christmas, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (side note: my aunt looks identical to the mom in Christmas Vacation... it's awesome). After I left my family I went to my friends to play some Rockband then we went to see Sherlock Holmes, it was great! Very entertaining.

Yesterday was my dad's side Christmas celebration. I love seeing all the babies. They are adorable. When I asked Tyler (2 1/2) if he needed help with something he looked at me and said "No thank you... I got this." I could spend all day hanging out with those little kids. I left pretty early though because I could tell I was coming down with something. I can't believe I'm getting sick this close to New Year's and my birthday. So ridiculous.

Anyways, I just want to let everyone know that starting yesterday my Top Ten's of the Decade lists are being featured for a week on EGB so be sure to check those out! Seven days of knowledge being thrown at you, just look for my name in the byline. I hope your Christmas' were awesome what was the best gift you got?!


Mr O said...

that comic was GREAT, haha

your Christmas presents kicked ass. The Time Turner necklace you wanted, a Manning jersey (what a guy, even when they lose), AND Kill Bill swords? Pretty awesome if I do say so myself (and I just did)

My present for the next two years was my new car. Good luck with yours!!!

Brent said...

"No thank you... I GOT THIS." I want to imagine him saying that last part with tons of badass attitude. lol. Yeah, I like to make myself laugh imagining things going a certain way. Well, I hope you feel better soon! And boo, unlucky about the car. Kill Bill swords... How much more awesome can a gift get? Was your mom stoked about the tickets?

Jeanette said...

@Mr. O: It's one of my favorite comics... had to save it for x-mas time. Oh man! I think your new car wins the present battle... but Manning jersey... close second.

@Brent: That's exactly how he did say it haha! Well as badass as a 2 year old can be. Thanks for all the well wishes... I'm pretty sure they're helping haha. Mom was very stoked... hopefully I can get an update on here soon with soon to be taken video of me slicing fruit in midair with the swords (probably in the spring when I can stay outside longer than 2 minutes)

k. said...

Hah! Thank you for knowing what Sonny is! Even my boyfriend thinks the show is hilarious. 21 & proud to still be a disney fan! ;) Not ashamed!

Hope you had a good christmas & new years!

xox, K

Jeanette said...

@k: Pshh Sonny is great it's like the 30 Rock of Disney channel! It's good to know I'm not alone :)

krystal said...

that sucks about your car! :( i loooove a fine frenzy :)