Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hold the Door

I made it! I'm done with finals! Ahhh this semester seemed so long, too long really. But this finals week was one of my least stressful ever, although I think that's because I stopped caring weeks ago. I'm just relieved I made it through unscathed. Now I just have to survive the craziness that is my life over the next few weeks. Care for a taste of my schedule (this is for me as much as for you!)

17th: Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
19th: Day of rest for my sanity
20th: Same as the 19th
21st: Lunch with a bunch of friends, work
22nd: Visit Allyssa in Grand Rapids
23rd: Friends Christmas party
24th: Mom's side Christmas
25th: Dad's side Christmas
26th: Best friends birthday
27th: Maybe skiing, snowboarding
28th: Work, resting
29th: Work (I have a lot of concert debt to pay off)
30th: Back to East Lansing
31st: New Years Eve party(ies)
1st-3rd: My actual break
4th: My birthday blowout
5th: My birthday!
6th-10th: Going back to Paw Paw to work and relax the rest of the break

Exciting times, I know, I know. Sorry I had to write that all out, I definitely would've forgot something if I hadn't. Anyways, the week was great, I made a roomie dinner on Sunday and we opened presents, I'm taking pictures of everything and I'm going to do a Christmas post. But the dinner was great and a much needed break to studying. Since that dinner on Sunday night I was a studying/cheat sheet making/test taking machine. Finished up this afternoon and spent the day being a packing machine and then hung out with Allyssa for a while.

Today I've been on an Armor for Sleep kick, so check out the title song. But if you're taking some finals make sure to listen to Tegan and Sara and only Tegan and Sara... for real, they got me through exams for sure. I'll be back hopefully Saturday with a wedding post!


for the love of pictures said...

That is one seriously busy schedule :) Glad that you are done with finals and able to take a little breather though.

Have an absolutely amazing holiday - I can't believe it's Christmas/New Year's time already!

Can't wait to read about the wedding :)

Mr O said...

So i've already told you, but I got really excited about the title/song for this post. One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands.

Your schedule is insane, but looks like it will be amazingly fun.

You better have fun at the wedding and during your resting days keep up with us and let us know you're alive

Jeanette said...

@For the Love: Haha thanks! You have a great holiday too!

@Mr. O: I will be sure to have fun and update!

Kris said...

You are BUSY!!!! May January will pick up so I'm hoping December will go by slowly...

Jenni said...

Woah girl do you have a busy couple weeks coming up or what? At least it sounds super fun and all leading up to your BIRTHDAY! Hooray! :)

krystal said...

haha concert debt :)