Saturday, December 5, 2009

Music Again

This song on Adam Lambert's c.d. is straight out of the 80's and I love it! As much flak as the 80's got for having cheesy music, I still love it. I hate so the weeks leading up to final so much, especially when my professors decide it'd be fun to give us a project a week and a half before the semesters over. I'm not letting it get me down though, I've had quite the interesting week despite that.

Tuesday I went to see a double feature with Carly, we started with Ninja Assassin. My summary of the movie, cheesy plot, cheesy lines, AWESOME action! The ninja assassin was such a badass as you can imagine, and having his shirt off most the time did not hurt matters. It was pretty entertaining. We waited around and went to see New Moon afterward, but we didn't want to give them money so we bought tickets to Planet 51 haha. My review of New Moon; 100 times better than Twilight, but still not a good movie by any means. I was bored out of my mind, although the New Moon novel is pretty boring so I don't know what I was hoping for. At least a few of the actors learned to act better. Kristen improved a lot, Robert, not so much.

The rest of the week was spent doing classwork and whatnot, does anyone else watch 30 Rock? This weeks episode when Liz was filming her Deal Breakers promo makes me crack up every time I watch it. Last night we had an Engineers without Borders bar crawl and it was a great time despite (or because) our shirts said "Touching People All Over" on the back. I'll post pictures on my Facebook soon, but let me just say this: I AM NEVER DRINKING AGAIN (this weekend) I had way more than I initially planned on haha. Here's
the tally from what I can remember, in order:

1) Shot of tequila
2) Pineapple and Vodka
3) Dirty Girl Scout
4) Cranberry and Vodka
5) Kamakazi
6) Pineapple and Vodka
7) Irish Car Bomb
8) Jagerbomb
9) Irish Car Bomb
10) Jagerbomb
11) Pineapple and Vodka
12) Something my friend got me that was pretty much straight Vodka

As you can imagine I was feeling wonderfully this morning. When I got home last night I was eating a cookie then changed and couldn't remember where I put my cookie, this morning I found it.... in my purse. SHENANIGANS. Once we finally started functioning around 2:00 we went to see Brothers, that was one intense movie, not like intense action, but intense subject matter and emotions. Here and now I'd just like to profess my love for Natalie Portman, I almost used The Natalie Portman Rap for the title song today because she's one of my idols. Intelligent, beautiful, hilarious, all the things I want to be. One of my goals is to make a rap video this awesome.

Now all I have to do is pass finals and I can relax! Hope everyone is having a great time prepping for the holidays!


Mr O said...

*Not sure how I feel about Adam Lambert. His music isn't really what I would listen to, but I'm not sure how I feel about him the person. More on that later.

*I can't believe you bought tickets to Planet 51 but saw New Moon. I would have seen Planet 51. Even if it's just a voice, I will see anything with the rock in it

*your drinking story was great, it was awesome getting a random text from you, haha. But finding a cookie in your purse has got to be the greatest part of a story ever

*I love the humor in your comics. Right up my alley

*I am questioning our friendship after your facebook comments concerning Bama. Not really, but watching that game with a bunch of Bama fans and then having to read it all... all i'm saying is if they win in January, I might have to move

Jeanette said...

*I think he's alright... he is just getting a lot of flak right now but he seems legit.

*We should've seen Planet 51 I probably wouldn't have been bored.

*It was a good surprise.

*I love them as well.

*haha Roll Tide Roll :)

krystal said...

you can pass finals, you're jeanette!!!!

Brent said...

wow that's a lot of alcohol. SHENANIGANS!

Jeanette said...

@Krystal: Thanks for the support!

@Brent: Yes... it was legend wait for it Dary

for the love of pictures said...

Good Luck with your finals :) That's a lot of alcohol - I am such a lightweight that I know I would have been done after 3 of those!

k. said...

Good luck on finals girly! (:

xox, K

prashant said...

Not really, but watching that game with a bunch of Bama fans and then having to read it all... all i'm saying is if they win in January, I might have to move

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